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  1. jumpshooting with ntec while not missing 1bullets and shooting full auto with ntec on 70m and not missing a single bullet thats not hack i dont know what server you playing but i can surely tell you play on bronze district
  2. Well first thing first the game is filled with cheater who are snapping jumpshooting with ntecs and they havent been banned for 1-2months i have been reporting them everyday for the past month and nothing i even complain to some GMs but nothing has been done they just say ehhh i cant do that ehh use /report i doesnt excuse my french but it DOESNT FUCKING WORK and the hackshield excuse my italian now doesnt do SHIT fix your game because its gonna die in a few months if this continues because we the loyal players who have been playing this since the beggining are getting annoyed and about to leave the game soo listen to us for once because everygame that doesnt listen to its community dies fast for example when G1 had the company i dont even need to explain this you already know so @MattScott do smthing because we are really dissapointed...
  3. Yus tape want this :3
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