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  1. @MattScott Just out curiousity, are we allowed to know some specs for the new servers? I would like to know, since i like hardware stuff
  2. Arent you in WASP, your reputation went downhill for awhile now, you really gotta chill and actually think twice before u start typing a hill of poop, just an advice...
  3. B-b-b-b-b-but PINEAPPLES on Pizza bro, u cant just ban em
  4. I had 3 weeks of vacation into the new year, I can finally work again. It is my second week of work already, which is great
  5. God, with all the desktop icons next to each other, i wouldnt find anything at all anymore. On top of that, my eyes would start bleeding and give me monsterious headache
  6. Same as daily replies to what others create threads about^^ No offense, i like your replies. Also, have a nice day everyone
  7. Sorry, nvm. Just remove my question, i should have read the entire post :c
  8. Dear Matt, thanks for the headsup. You mentioned the Network coding, is there any chance to make the current server stats fully visible again, as it used to be? So we can figure again, if the servers starting to derp or if its on our own end. thx for reply in advance, Tom
  9. It would not make any sense to do the test with bad players ... Soooo, you consider yourself being a good play? Been able to dodge every bullet and being a super professional player knowing everything? Wow, i like your attitute..... not
  10. Hello, i am new here, by reading everyones story (well some of them, cuz Wall of Texts) i want to share my feelings too. 1. Unbanning someone (alooot of players) who were knowingly cheating, is a bad idea tbh. 2. I dont want SPCT back, open conflict districts should be replaced with the OTW servers instead. 3. Improve Rifleing 3 changes were not needed, it was fine as it used to be. 4. I like the NHVR changes. 5. I dont know, how the yukon is now, but never really bothered with it anyways. 6. In my opinion it is better to change / tweak weapons one by one, bring them to live servers and let people compare, how they perform towards other guns which didnt receive changes yet, then tweak them again either more or less, whatever is needed. It may take some longer, but it might makes weapon balancing easier. While doing so, u can keep those changed weapons live for like 2 weeks and work on other thing which needs more attention at some point, for example server performance / network coding, which leads me to the next point. 7. Server Performance / Network Coding: I like the fact, that u guys highered the max fps in the game up to 145 fps, but it seems like hitreg and general stability of any server in EU and NA became worse alot. I usually notice that while checking my fps ingame. On top of that, I would like to mention, that G1 started hiding the entire stats for showing how the servers perform for real back in the days. By that means, u wont see, if the server ms changes at all (33 ms no matter what happens to the servers). You cant even figure, if the server is having issues or if its on your own end. I believe it came to live, when they implemented the softlayer servers, not really sure. Or actually short after, cuz people were argueing alot, how bad the servers ran compared to the "GOOD OLD OVERKILL SERVERS" and to be fair, the Softlayer servers still run way worse since ever. Please change that again. 8. Battle Eye, much appreciated, seems to run better then Fairfight from the start. I also like the fact, that you guys stopped sharing, who gets banned, I dont really care who gets banned anyways. I gotta admit, I would like to be able to use /report again, guess you guys are working on it. 9. Feedback towards Little Orbit, all of your Members at the Company seems really nice and helpful, which is nice, even tho, mistakes happens every now and then, which is fine, nobody is perfect. I appriciate all your effort you guys did and keep doing. Hoping for you guys to succeed with the game. Thats it, i believe, thanks for reading /regards
  11. Thanks matt for the update, also, i would suggest to the community to not straight up overheat and escalte all the time when LO is trying to sort out things properly, give them a break and some time - PATIENCE, is the keyword. Enjoy your guys time in cologne, hope you guys get some nice impression of germany. /regards
  12. Just to add my 2 cent: "ich versteh nur noch bahnhof" to give it an accurate translation and the meaning of it "?????????????????????????" also, i hope, the weapon balances aint getting worse and worse, good luck on the tweaks, dear LO.
  13. Welcome back, game is okay, still needs alot to get better, maybe one day, glad u survived the typhoon, even tho i dont know you. have a nice weekend, enjoy your games
  14. MrEPicGoat, 2000+ acc bans, merge em all. Great idea All the players who have been banned and got unbanned, u got mercy already, stop begging for more.
  15. Yeee, not happy with a re-rework of the shotgun, quite sure even more people will mimimi after it. while i am not been allowed to enjoy my favorite gun again, i am hoping, they will rip your fav guns aswell, thank u. What a pleasent community, I dont appriciate you... Edit: i meant re-re-re-re- w/e how often re-rework of shotguns
  16. I think yes, did u ever play shotguns for a longer time? Then they literally ruined to death, adding tons of ghostshots on top of that, so noone really played it anymore, people started complaining about qsing, jumpscouting, ntec only mimimi and all those kind of threads. G1 ruined the weopons when they first nerfed ranges and did alot of other useless changes. When i first started playing the game, there was no meta really, people played all kind of guns and i got used to it, found my favorite weapon and practiced it a loot + practiced other weapons aswell to unlock the mods i wanted to use for my own sake. So i still managed to figure how to use different kind of weapons in different scenarios. Just take a look at the first page on social forum, i only see complains and pinned threads where people complain even more. i am not against constructive critism, but i am fully against all the silly complains i see literally every day i check the forum to see, if there is anything intersting, but there isnt, not at all. i hope noone gets offended by sharing my opinion. But for my point of few, we didnt really needed a new forum, if its the exact same attitute we had on the old forum.
  17. so does it mean u like changes? Never saw u creating a mimimi thread about ntec's
  18. I like my jg now again, its not like, i win every single time, it was also one of my very first guns i purchased back in the days, cuz iloved to play with it pretty much only. g1's thought was most likely to screw of the weapon, so i stopped playing it for soooo long, plz dont "rework it again" all i am asking for
  19. I dont know, why people get so mad over a mod really, nothing changed for me so far, havent bothered changing mods at all, besides having a more fitting playstyle for myself. I didnt had problems hitting my shots, got more fps as usual and guns working better. No issues for me yet.
  20. just because they lifted the ban, doesnt mean its a good thing to use them, if you ever join germany at some point, running around with an SS outfit including those symbols, good luck surviving the day
  21. Adding delay to switch pack to pistol is just to remove that mod entirely, this mod is balanced just fine as it is can we not create loads of threads for every mod please? They are surely aware of which mods need a tweak and which dont. also, give them time guys, let them work on things step by step... if I wanna play an entirely new game, i will just buy a new one. I dont want em to mess the game up, just saying...
  22. Setting up your triggerbot properly :Kappa:
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