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  1. is bad eternet now is no yet finish fix street is too much happen i no school 1 month now house go down water go up high i lucky i live up hill building my apartment but we can no go out for month flood water high but now is okay no more flood only bad is power on off day still they fix asahi net only back eternet yesteday but stil slow weeks ago we get food from helicopiter we can no go out
  2. How is APB now? my friends say me have new owner no more GamerFirst i hope i see them play later night Typhoon hit my city bad water flood street can no go out but now is okay
  3. I back game now I now download game APB is long is not play but i like play again I hoping Rising Phoenix still kicking o(^_^o) How is APB ? Is long time i not play. Typhoon hit my city bad. APB player plenty now? like before get district full?
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