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  1. yeah you clearly do not understand me, kiddo. just go be friend with those guys that has "better gaming chair" .I.
  2. yeah i understand you. thats why "IP Ban" exist and that moderators, admins or GMs (if its whatever you guys call) doesnt do. and thats the thing i pointed at. as long as you get feed, you not gonna do something against the feeder, yeah? tsk tsk tsk
  3. dude you kidding me? your cheap GMs are telling us that we should NOT GIVE THEIR NAMES, we are mailing the support with tons of videos and screenshots and you guys telling us that you have nothing to do with them. if you want i can also send that screenshots from the sUpPoRt team into here. im not even gonna keep talk about cheaters, its so obvious that who sells those cheats also also you guys wanna confess this secret to your users that "reporting in game" does not do anything already? just like a placebo effect xD
  4. So, im gonna talk about the same topic as it always makes us sad in this DEAD GAME. GMs sometimes coming around checking whats going on in servers etc. and when you give names to them telling that they are cheating; GMs saying that we shouldnt give names at district chat and we should record what happened :D there are bastards who always blocking other's missions with their cars, there are new characters that has gold rank and paid guns with cheats. there are racists always whispering bad things to you and NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM WITH BILLION OF REPORTS!! dude its so much bullshoot that you guys not banning the cheaters and toxic people just because they paid a lotta money to your dead game, and casual players stops playing this game. thats why you needed to close servers, yeah? just fuck it, perhaps we really need to stop playing it, so you guys can happily close all the servers already!
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