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  1. I'm glad you were finally able to touch on this game. I haven't played this game in ages, but right now its still pretty unique. It does sound like you are in quite the pickle with a lot of rebuilding to do.
  2. Not sure if this has been asked, but will there be a roadmap on something like Trello?
  3. EventideOne


    I was really hoping someone would say this. I’d like to see 1. Respawn times go down to 5 seconds after the deathcam 2. Give Crims the ability to stun and “take hostages. 3. Double respawntimes for people who get captured.
  4. You make a valid point but the mini games I had in mind wouldn’t be too complex. You’d still be able to finish them in time after you clear the area. Also keep in mind this wouldn’t be with the current matchmaking system. So take for instance the battering ram. The mini game I was thinking for that was charge and release the battering ram. Done in 4-5 smacks with starter equipment, 2-3 with maxed out equipment. Roughly the same, just you’d be doing the work. I’ll elaborate more later if needed, but they wouldn’t necessarily take too much time to do, they’d just add another level of gameplay. The only thing that changed gameplay is actually raiding and actually investigating. For investigations think LA Noire but not as slow and tedious with yellow markers.
  5. Heel Skates I was gonna put a description but the image of a kid wearing Heelys is cringy enough. Stats: Significantly increases Trolling Ability Significantly increases Toxicity Significantly decreases Self Respect
  6. So I was thinking this earlier and I was very hesitant to put it here, mainly because I know it would be a damn near insurmountable task for the new development team. But I've decided to put it here knowing its damn near impossible. As I was doing my missions, I realized how dull they must get after you've been playing the game for so long, and how repetitive they must get. Basically, loosely based off of Heists and Missions in GTA Online, the idea was to create more depth and make the mission more interesting by adding/changing the following: All mission related equipment start a mini-game. So Bomb Defusals, Arsons, Investigations, Hacking, Spraying, Crowbars, AND the battering ram would have their own minigames. This would require that teammates be adequately covered in order to complete the mini-game. Of Course, the equipment levels (I-IV) would improve your ability to successfully complete the mini-game. Adding Mission Only Areas that would only be accessible during missions. These areas would replace the Raid portion of the mission and require the battering ram or lock jimmy to access. This way, you wouldn't stand at a door, press F, and wait for a present to pop out. You'd have to go in and get it. Territory Capture Objectives would be extended to a realistic area. So if you were "taking turf" it would be things like a court yard, a street, something small but significant enough. Not an orange circle. And as a result of the borders being less defined, you would have to hunt the enemy blocking your capture. All of the following points would also make way for a user interface change that took the white progress bar away from your reticle, which can be quite irritating when you're trying to see your opponent. I did say I was hesitant making this suggestion, and here's why. The main reason I didn't want to post this is because I expected that even if everyone wanted this, it would require most likely long and arduous overhaul of not only several missions, but the mission system and more importantly the Waterfront and Financial Districts to accommodate for this change, which could in turn change the entire game that so many have grown to love. Sure it could add depth and bring more attention to the game but the cost seems higher than the outcome for this idea. And so I turn it over to you. What other ways can we make for more exciting money earning on the streets of San Paro?
  7. What some people haven’t realized is that Yesterday (at least for Jericho) we had the most almost full mission instances we’ve had in a while. At least 2 Bronze and 2 Silver for Each District with over 20players per faction. This game is already making a comeback and Little Orbit has barely done anything but a few public announcements to the community. This is our end of the bargain. Keep calling people in to the game get your friends to play the game again. With each bit of progress Little Orbit makes, it will increase faith in them and what they’ve said and more and more players will join. We are the best publicity. I know that if my new CPU solves my bottlenecking issues with streaming and playin high graphics games, I’ll try and start streaming, adding APB into the games I’ll be playing on stream if I feel It’s in a Good place to do so.
  8. In response to @Unclean I think people are going to feel cheated regardless. They do seem to want to adjust prices and overhaul Armas, so someone somewhere is bound to be pissed that they could’ve bought it for cheaper. I can’t count how many times I’ve bought a game and it’s gone on sale a few days after I bought it. But in terms of the micro transactions in this game, I think Little Orbit needs to research and have a real discussion about what microtransaction models make for a successful game and what’s worked for other games that were struggling and what is able to breathe life back into a game. I mean we can say to just do cosmetics but maybe that model doesn’t necessarily work in their favor financially. i personally don’t like that some weapons are behind a pay wall, would’ve rather bought something that gives me “free” access to those without Joker tickets or G1 credits. But again, its up to LO to figure this out and us to point them in the direction of things that have been proven to work.
  9. EventideOne

    Police Sirens

    I meant in game not at the kiosk. And as far as civies running from lights,They do, it’s just that the AI is bad overall. They will sometimes run in front of your car if you honk.
  10. This game needs a better UI, but it feel like Clothing, Vehicles, and Weapons need to change with it. I want the kind of user interface for where if you want to change a part, you click on that part or its at least organized on the screen to look that way. Same thing goes for clothing. Weapons I feel like they've been wonky for a while. I was thinking earlier today how it would have been better if each mod on a gun had a visual representation so you could tell what you were up against without looking at their loadout. So for example, The different reflex sight mods would change the sight on your gun to reflect what grade of the mod you were using. And "Cooling Jacket" would shorten the barrel and stock (considering it increases the Firerate and lowers the accuracy). This method however, would require the elimination of all of the variants. But in reality, I'd take the elimination of the variants if it meant players could create the variants and make their weapons unique to how they perform best and adapt to situations better without having to learn a new set of tendencies for a different gun.
  11. EventideOne

    Police Sirens

    So just have the option to toggle lights and sirens separately. Make lights and sirens actually work correctly instead of a glorified glow horn. Give them the blinding effect that newer police lights do and make them a lot louder. That way people can decide when they are using it and when they are not. Whether they want to go in as quiet as possible, or confidently tell the enemy "I'm here, come fight me."
  12. EventideOne

    [Game] Music

    So I remember in the old days you could link LastFm and people would allegedly be able to hear what you were playing. I'm going to take a wild guess that the reason it doesn't exist in the game anymore is because licensing a song is a nightmare and to use streaming service as a proxy for unlicensed usage is most likely a legal nightmare. Are there any plans to improve it? does anyone have any sort of suggestion that might make those boomboxes and speakers a little more usefuil? Because I know nothing on the current soundtrack other than the classical music. The obvious solution is to eliminate importing music and have "radio stations" with music that has been properly licensed. But I want to hear if anyone has any other ideas that are plausible.
  13. Little Orbit needs to deliver what they’ve said they wanted to in order to make the opinions on this game change. Only after UE4, Battleye, the Fairfight fixes, Netcode fixes, Armas market price changes, and the new content will it be ready to display on that scale again.
  14. Thanks to that one Crim that whispered Me “GG I think the silver on my team was aimbing” after I got pooped on so hard I didn’t even wanna K up. Good Guy Crims
  15. My friends have had this same perspective when I told them about the current standing issues. But I'm sticking it out. I'll take breaks when I need to, but if you're gonna be salty about a game that's been spinning in the toilet for this long and expect that an open letter and a Q&A makes everything magically better I think you need a realty check.
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