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  1. Apparently they're having issues with the provider~
  2. game is 3rd person, game by default is easy if you abuse this system. What makes it harder is how the people play around you, you can easily say this for any game... but how hard can a 3rd person shooter be? You literally need 1 to 3 guns to be able to play apb, ntec 2 slot, hvr 2 slot, and a cqc(oca,pmg,jg) 2 slot and you're set. Game isn't p2w, it's you just people trying to cope with them being garbage and not adapting. The closest that apb has ever come to p2w is yukon and true ogre, and even so they can be countered easily. Besides, the game doesn't even have a competitive scene. Whoever thinks APB is competitive is so desperate for ego, delusional almost.
  3. There is nothing left to do but wait for the new engine.
  4. ur cpu and ram, up those 2 up. Game is poorly optimized and it rapes your CPU, get a better cpu and you'll be good. I can stream, play apb and have black desert running in the background with 0 issues. Also turn off your pc every week or less, it frees up the ram. I also sometimes use razer cortex booster, it helps sometimes.
  5. I think playing with lag in APB is more interesting than reading all of this non sense. Back to it, not that anyone cares. Stop posting useless shiet so devs stop reading this barbaric threads and start to question their decision on whether they should keep the game alive or kill everything along with it. Behave.
  6. game needs content and fix the lag, as if inside game economy is gonna affect anything at all. Fix the god damn game.
  7. ntec double slot, hvr1-2 slot, pmg2 slot, carbine 2 slot, oscar 2 slot, oca 2 slot, L2P 0 slot. Game is easy, abuse 3rd person and you'll be god.
  8. Rosseau90


    Modify, update, add new weapons. LTL is such a cool aspect of the game that gets overlooked by almost everyone, would be nice for this thing to make a comeback.
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