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  1. In all seriousness though, if I was to have it my way cars would handle more similarly to those from NFS Carbon. They got it down perfect. Heavier vehicles such as trucks, vans, and muscle cars have high torque but slide like hell through the corners. Smaller vehicles like the Growl, Rapier, and Jericho would have a mix of straight line speed with good handling. And of course smaller cars would have incredible handling but in turn would sacrifice top speed. It would also provide a dynamic in what players choose vehicles based on what type of vehicle would be best based off the mission objective.
  2. How about forward+ Handbrake would do a burnout
  3. Man, I'm cool with high recoil weapons if they have high accuracy. Like Rust M249 recoil or M11 recoil from R6. Blistering high recoil relative to other weapons but also capable of landing consistent shots with practice. That's the ideal balance right there.
  4. Yeah, performance parts would be nice. If this was implemented, it should be done like NFS Underground 2. Three stages of parts and if you complete a unique challenge you get a rare part (These were found in stage 5 of that game). It would add a new layer of depth to car customization and make some of the early game vehicles more desired.
  5. yeah, every suggestion made is taking the engine update into account first. Without it, literally every suggestion on this forum would be a royal pain in the patootie to make.
  6. Was just thinking about them, since we have 8 balls and half bricks, Molotovs would be cool.
  7. Yeah, that does sound like a good bit of work.
  8. Yeah I was basing this on the whole no refund thing as well. Is it this problem something fixable? Or would this require a whole reworking of the Armas store
  9. Yeah, scamming is a big problem that would come from this. The topic of weapon trading itself is a double edged sword really. On one end you have Veterans who have spent money on the game and say that winning is based off the games learning curve (which is true). On the other you have new players saying that it is a pay to win game that doesn't take skill but money (which is pretty far from accurate). Even though the game isn't pay to win, it holds that stigma. This trade system would drastically lessen the argument that the game is pay to win. When writing the original post I was overlooking the fact that this would cost LO (Little Orbit) funds they would need. I don't exactly think that it would run the cash flow dry, instead I would think it would draw new player in with the mindset of getting a hold of permanent weapons without paying IRL cash. Then again, nobody really knows what would actually happen if this was implemented. Thanks for the response though.
  10. I created this account for the sole reason of this post. So lets get started. Permanent weapons are a big deal in this game. Whether they are Account Permanent and bought from Armas or Character Permanent and bought at the Joker Distribution store, we all have some or are attempting to get them. Over time we build quite a nice arsenal, but whats to happen to the couple of weapons we don't use anymore. Weapons cast into the shadow of our better weapons, bad drops from Gold Mystery boxes, low end loyalty rewards, or just weapons we've grown not to use anymore. They lay dormant in our lockers and very rarely, if ever, get to see the light of day. A way to not only solve the problem with these weapons but also maybe fix the miserable experience for new players would be a trade system. Okay, here are the details. I imagine players to literally trade these weapons like they would clothing, cars, symbols, etc. There is a couple of minor changes with these though. Account permanent Weapons and Character Permanent Weapons get their own symbols to help clarify what they are and to prevent scamming. For instance, Account perm would get a large red "AP" in the top right of the weapon symbol, while Character perm would get a "CP". With this addition, a new tab of the market place would be required. Legendary weapons currently occupy the "Weapons" tab, they would be moved to their own "Legendary" tab. I would add a new feature to the market, being bartering. This would work by the seller choosing to except other weapons in exchange for their own. Players could add multiple weapons to the "accepted payment" option. Also, when trading in the market, players would HAVE to trade AP (account permanent) for AP, and CP (character permanent) for CP. When trading person to person, this rule would not apply. Now, how could this help the new players? Simple, as previously mentioned there are many accepted payment methods for weapons. Allowing players to trade JT and in game cash to other players for their permanent weapons would open up opportunities for new players to get their hands on some pretty good stuff. A veteran might not see a one slot weapon as a useful thing to keep around, but to the bronze player who picked up the game a couple days ago it would be a god send. This also takes away the well known disadvantage new players have, gives them something to work towards, benefits the sellers, and allows for a more dynamic market withing the game. If you do have any ideas or things you would change, I'd really like to hear them.
  11. Yeah, vehicle performance and customization has been on my mind for a while. Personally Route A seems to be the more likely of the two options. Also giving the players the chance to custom build and tune their own vehicles adds a whole new horizon of customization. Expanding upon your idea, the "low" tier vehicles need some exterior parts that would also drive the incentive to own them up. I'd love to see wide body Varzugas and stanced Calabrias roam the San Paro streets. It would be hilarious, but would fit the theme of the game. Custom parts for these lesser cars are also another way to give new players a vehicle they can be "somewhat" proud of. Right now they are limited to some rim variants and whatever liveries the players can cook up. Now its time for me to attempt to list all the things I wish to see when it comes to vehicle customization. Keep in mind I do not expect Little Orbit to ever add these things, they have much more important things currently, these are merely fever dreams. First on this long list would be a suspension editor, its quite self explanatory, its would literally be just a slider to adjust height. Second would be a couple of kits for the "low" tier vehicles, nothing too insane, maybe just a Form Xtend kit like the Moiria has. Next would be rims, a lot of rims, also they would be rims that ALL in game vehicles could have. Finally, my last request would be the three tier system but for performance parts. Also make the Vegas sound like it has a supercharger.
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