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  1. to regularly update an anticheat, someone has to do it. For someone to do it, you have to pay him. To pay, you need money. To have money it takes an income. To have an income, it takes customers who buy or investors. The customers or investor, we are the community. So if we want this method we have to pay. The reason why I offered to put back premium paying in the past. If we send the message that paid for premium is used to invest in a better quality of anticheats and that we can see that several people invest with us. Inevitably it will be more interesting for everyone to also pay for premium. the more people there are, the more encouraging it will be for those who are not sure if they want to pay. The more efficient the anticheats. Of course there will always be cheaters who will succeed, but I believe that it is possible to reduce the quantity of cheaters by a lot. Obviously, the developers have to do their part too and really use this money on anticheat. Otherwise, no matter all the ideas that can be thrown around, unless there is an exceptional miracle, I don't think it's possible that there is another way to have a great anticheat. Also my other idea was of a campaign of a 100th of small missions that takes at least 30 hours of play. Players will have to prove that they are active at the end of each mission with a small puzzle of the genre, choosing images with an airplane to prove that you are not a robot. or enter the google authenticator code to avoid campaign bots. Reinstate Fairfight with this campaign. which seemed to work, other than players kept coming back. But since they will have to do a long campaign for each new account, i'm sure many of them will get discouraged. or even better both ideas togjeter. Youtubers are not something really reliable, you never know when they're going to get into it, when they're going to stop or not even if they're going to cheat themselves. And for the reporting method proposed by mrlek, it's the same as the idea of updating the anticheat. it takes an employee who must be paid. We can't count on volunteers, the developers are not millionaires doing nothing. I feel like people think they are just lazy sitting on their chairs waiting for a reason to do anything. They need to make money too, if apb doesn't pay enough, they have to take their time to make money elsewhere.
  2. Streamers/youtubera want view and to be famous, apb is dead. The odds to get more view and subs is to go on more popular games And even if one or many came. When we had fairfight, banned players just kept creating new accounts to come back. Maybe apb could make a long single player story mode before getting into the pvp to discourage hackers from getting banned and have to start it all over everytimes. But then, i guess that would be alot of work. But then i guess they will find bots to run thru that storymode. Add random kinds of easy puzzles that can only be solved by humans to avoid bots? But anyway i guess they will still find an other way. I dont think there really is a way to solve the problem of hackers in a such inactive game with such a low income
  3. Well, to really invest you gotta contact them. But i doubt you would want to do that. Otherwise it is about how much the community spend on this game, but i doubt the income for the game is even the quarter of a person's salary. Imagine the income value is just enough to have 1 employee to work on this game a single day per week or maybe just 2 hours a day. It is never going to be enough to create everyone's suggestions and requests. It is barely enough to just keep the game running at its minimum
  4. You all have loads of ideas. Not that i dont like any of them. But there is a price for everything. How much are you willing to invest for your ideas? If the answer is nothing. Than this answer is also what you should expect them to do about it.
  5. There was a way to send videos of hackers in the past. They removed it because they dont have the time it requires to to watch at theses videos and to take care of each hackers individually.
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