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  1. - Enable to pick up like 3 death themes, and when one dies to you, randomly it plays 1 of the 3 themes you had selected. - Enable to copy/export all the decals on a car and be able to put it on other of the same model (for example I always create my designs on the 4 slots cars for myself first, but when I want to create the same design on other cars which are tradeable, I need to redo it again)
  2. I remember years ago when the old kick system, there was too much abuse (of teamleader), of being kicked if you we're doing bad the mission (I mean, if you wasn't able to kill or getting killed a lot because the opposite team), or for you was impossible to kill the enemy, and then decided to kick you and call for backup. And I think it can be bad, because sometimes in the first steps of the mission you can do it poorly, but later you get back with the kill ratio of near all members of your team (which usually happens to me, except if I can't with the enemy because is better than me).
  3. And the removal of the loot boxes you forgot to say (I remember spent a lot on the volcano lootbox and got nothing on 2019, and because of that I didn't played the game for at least 1 year until the pandemic and the lockdown), with LO I see all going better, when they bought G1, I started to see again the forums, news but I waited a bit, until more news to return to the game, and I returned to play a few months ago. But well, things doesn't come fast, always require some time, and with the 2 open betas of the 2.1, I just hope they release soon, with the cross-server matchmaking, I hope they do soon another open beta of the 2.1, but this time, I'll play more time (past open beta, I forgot and I only played the last 15mins xD)
  4. In the past there was some patches dedicated to modifications to upgrades on the map to avoid hard paths or nearly impossible when the people put objects in hard paths, and this brought me attention, in Waterfront (where is the graffity board), which to access you need to cross a tight bridge, and my suggestion is add a faster way to access, because is already impossible to go there. This is the bridge you need to cross by climbing first the right building (by the parking) and later cross that. (an example of a modification that was done to the map a lot of years ago, was when they edited the building near Lilith bloodrose, since it was hard to access to the roof) Thanks for read.
  5. I would like to know, if is possible to make in the theme designer 5s from a Pokemon Music Theme for my Criminal character (Yoshikudo), from second 15 to 20 or any other 5s interval from the music (that people could recognize the music or you think is better) and how much will be. Thanks for read.
  6. I returned back to the game a few weeks ago, I haven't played so much after some hard real life issues (depression, and other things), on the past I made up vehicles based on Hotwheels Acceleracers, and now I'm starting to do it again but with my new characters. This is a Han Veo 4 slots (the decals are based on Power Rage from Hotwheels acceleracers).
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