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  1. ObscuredHero


    I dont really think it takes that long well at least it's never bothered me
  2. It's up now you can close the thread
  3. The financial district is down fix as slow as possible because I want to grind rank
  4. ObscuredHero

    Remove PIG

    I mean this isn't a issue after you seen them using it you should switch to a longer range play style to counter them and I'm personally not a fan of percs in general I think they aren't really a skillful thing to use but there are ways of counteracting them as well as the pig
  5. Keep up the good work and transparency ^-^
  6. ObscuredHero


    I think their only plans are trying to merge the social on pc to console if they can.
  7. Yeah I do think there's some issues with this idea as a whole like in your case you probably have the same weapons on both console and pc so I wouldn't really know how I would proceed just with that issue. I do think it's a worth while investment for the games longevity as for the console being published by different people I don't think that would be a issue for the merging of account specifically.
  8. I think it would be a huge quality of life thing if you guys would merge the console accounts with pc ones so you keep the purchases you made on one platform to the other since you guys are making armas more account focused now, I have spend at least £100+ on xbox specifically it would be nice too see that all the account perms to crossover I know a potential issue with merging rn is some of the new weapons aren't on the console so guess you would have to grey the weapons out or something similar and there could be other potential issues I wouldn't know of, Anyway I'd like to hear at least a stance on this.
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