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  1. Noted With thanks...ill give it a chance...because thinking about it if it had more accuracy what would be the point of ul3...i am not so sure about the a SMALL fire rate buff...ill keep it in mind though.
  2. Why?... Can u solidly get kills with it, talking golds....do i need more skill (i am bout half way to gold)....how many months u playing it? can i solo it? what's ur playstyle in it and lastly in ur opinion is it better than any other accessible automatic pistols from JT store.
  3. ...or it might be just be me needing more skill.
  4. Pleasant good-day, the Mountie secondary suffers from too much bloom/inaccuracy when automatic, supported by first hand experience of in firing pointblank range and not killing WITH the NUNAVUT. honestly feels like i'm shooting a damn nail gun i might add. From the big pic perspective the Mountie seeks to Combine the Joker rfp9 and Ul-3, SO where did 28cm at 10m come from. If it comes down to a sacrifice-gain, i will gladly take 20cm at 10m with 35m range or 24cm at 10m with 37m effective range than 28cm at 10m with 40 range. The yukon is good as is... a legendary version of Joker rfp9. thanks in advance
  5. Pleasant Good-day, i like legit need to spend 1 g1c for my JMB Loyalty reward. Gamers First and Little Orbit can u add a 1g1c item Armas marketplace, could be 1 ammo box for April fools or ANYTHING... Thanks in advance.
  6. Pleasant Good-day, i spent 5 bucks on 500 G1c bundle and then 3 days later bought a next 5 bucks g1c bundle, i would of come out better if i had purchase the $10 bundle with a bonus. is it still possible for me to get the bonus of 100 g1c. In actuality i did spend 10 bucks ( unfortunately unwisely)
  7. Btw, I spent the $10 on two $5 g1c pack (about a week apart) (rather than the $10 pack that has the bonus of 150g1c(may be wrong)) realizing only after that there were bonuses when i scrolled down on the second purchase (from what I remember).
  8. Or perhaps add a tagger for the memes: marked by the mafia
  9. Just 5m effective range pls ...thanks ...No happy
  10. Great game overall...4.5stars, its just that I spent 10 bucks and 999G1C and is now 1 G1c away from a loyalty reward...i have to spend 5 bucks more if i want it. I recommend 3 things, Put things for 1 G1C AKA Armas 1 G1C store(symbols), 2) if the lowest item is 30 G1c program it to pay out at 1-29G1C, 3) rework the loyalty rewards to account for what u have and since this is life the 4th: Do nothing I'm only a needle in a haystack. Merged. Orr enable the FairFight code for one use.
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