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  1. Eventually, the game is gonna be marketed and the gold population is gonna come back and you will definitely feel the salt in air and Tobasco Sauce (Carolina reaper flavored) in the wind... (A silvers nightmare XD) a challenge then arises and awaits, to keep the Golds occupied against each other and then threat segregation will be forgotten it even existed, Just a little longer....i predict by the end of this year. Coming soon.
  2. You have to just figure out the pattern of the interval and work on that, u will get it after some hours shooting the guns eventually becoming comfortable with the gun and not panic pressing fire early, it's worth it in the end since long range is single fire. Im more of an automatic person i don't like firing more than 4shots to kill on mouse...(i prefer controller triggers but that don't exist in the game for now on pc) btw
  3. The Armasmarketplace says different-much lower stats...(interesting)...but the marketplace says their identical... apart from the modifications of course so either ingame needs updating or the database....(the reduction in range in the bar graphs could be a glitch in the silencer mod. could be reading it as ul-3 B.M silencer Mod thats why their disabled i theorize): https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=202&productId=3355 -Fang, ..... https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=202&productId=3359 -Talon
  4. Adding to ur idea of an optional beginner server....i thinks bots implemented in, one district created and categorized mainly for crims and an other for enforcers with disabled friendly fire...xd no trolls....should help the new players complete with npc instructors.. Human players in each district then team up against bots, the team leader of the group can set the difficulty of the bots via voting etc. Orr a just a tutorial district with npcs instructors and a firing range should do.
  5. hmmmm...acknowledged.....so is the scout and N-HVR 762 but without firerate although the Lower equip time on the scout does translate firerate. Thanks for reply
  6. They're fine, I recommend AMG (0.585s), rabid(0.6s) and Shaw(0.56) they don't need Cooling J3 as they have a well TTK hence their accuracy are not ruined and u can put other utilities in place...I haven't tested but they seem well off on paper, play with the modifications selection on APB.DB.com generally consider bandolier, 3 point sling 3, extended mag or Hunting sight 3 or even mag. pull....mods i didnt mention max rank is because counter parts can be better in consequence dep. on the gun. Honorable mentions, Nssw with CJ3 to cut ttk, and Alig/bolo with maybe CJ (().72 s base ttk is alright...still rec. CJ). The swarm also, 0.8 secs ttk kills it so CJ3 to bump it up . Do NOT use heavy barrel unless it doesn't change the kill time and has a notable diff. it generally breaks the edge over rifles. This is in theory, go prove it as thanks for my 1hr research...XD maybe 36 if i count how much time on the database. Your welcome in advance.
  7. Pleasant good-day, LO, U mentioned in the weapon balance "The ACT 44 will now shine as the more swift and mobile alternative in the long-range secondary category." It seems kinda contradictory in raising equip time from 0.6 to 0.9s especially with the words "swift and mobile". By the time i switch, the targets are outta sight, i propose a revert or perhaps a decrease to 0.70s same as the scout which is a "MOBILE" version of N-HVR 762. Then that would make it a true "Mobile" version of the RSA. Thanks in advance LO.
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    yh, no problem....thanks for the reply.
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    Thanks....expired though
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    Pleasant goodnight, How about more codes for the redeem code in Armas market.... do any work again...besides hazardous, maybe the hazardous weapon code should be able to unlock the skins for other guns.
  11. Agreed, i could use the hazardous skins on my other weapons
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    JT Store refund

    Pleasant goodnight, hear me out on this one...i know it has the trial period..... a refund system should be implemented in non-legendries, of course for the noobs and a limiter such as a certain amount of refunds per day or the JT store having a tax policy on refunds- first refund 100 JT reduction then 250 JT etc. so it won't be abused....personally i didn't know that the weapon skins change per gun well the In game progression ones (Noob Mistake) so I bought a joker cr-5 and realized the Vas sword looks better in the blood roses skin and here we are....apologies i know it is rather selfish.....at least being able to trade bought weapons for its identical one could be implemented (I don't think someone could create a hack for that i hope) for noobs like me who didn't realize the in game weapon skin changes per gun and the identical. I have also realized the far has better accuracy and blood roses weapon skin. Thanks in advance...apologies LO for my selfish reasoning
  13. Pleasant goodnight i would say kill time matters more....combining the two mods into one and leaving an open slot seems better or if it isn't too op putting an Smg silencer into the remaining slot from the combination i just mentioned would be alright...hope the market prices don't raise... so https://apbdb.com/build/Weapon_SMG_TommyGun_Slot3_USA_Armas/?mods=FnMod_Weapon_CoolingJacket3,FnMod_Weapon_ExtendedMagazine3,FnMod_Weapon_Silencer_SMG..... However i think that would be too op...so perhaps a muzzle break horizontal instead....https://apbdb.com/build/Weapon_SMG_TommyGun_Slot3_USA_Armas/?mods=FnMod_Weapon_ExtendedMagazine3,FnMod_Weapon_CoolingJacket3,FnMod_Weapon_MuzzleBrake_Horizontal..........last one, maybe the gun should have Extended Magazine 3 but with 40% reload speed extra instead of 60% so 3.5 sec reload instead of 4 sec and something like the demon speed special mod with cut down to 7%firerate instead of ten % so the gun retains the 0.63 not 0.61 kill time.....reason for the choice of mod being as the legendary mod doesn't have draw backs to shot modifier cap which would give a slight advantage and make it balanced with the mk3 so https://apbdb.com/build/Weapon_SMG_TommyGun_Slot3_USA_Armas/?mods=FnMod_Weapon_UL3-FireRate,FnMod_Weapon_ExtendedMagazine3 but it is not a clear representation as the mods have to be slightly altered and 0.50 modifier cap would be op instead of 1.thanks in advance. IN CONCLUSION: Combine the two mods into one and decrease consequences slightly, so cooling Jacket 3 would have the consequence of cooling Jacket 1 (0.70 mod.cap) and Extended Magazine 3 would have the consequence of Extended Magazine 2 (40% reload speed if we're not pushing it)...leaving an open slot which is to be filled with 3 point sling 3 (-39%equip time) on the hazardous. might be another year lol....but thanks in advance
  14. orr nothing major....just a cut down on the consequence of magazine 3 so instead of 4 secs reload it has 3.5secs (40% instead of 60% drawback) by creating a unique mod that combines its two mods and also a decrease to equip time to 0.60 (or 0.49 if LO is feeling generous) would be greatly appreciated. however it might create a demand and market prices would jump from 650k to 1.5m defeating its purpose of being a good weapon for new players to easily get their hands on. the cooling jacket 3 doesn't affect its recoil too much as the hazardous has only 0.5 modifier cap bumping up to 1....i think u might be referring to the 28cm accuracy and 0.65 marksman modifier (Higher than average) according to apb database Thanks in advance
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    NGL Kinda Sus
  16. Noted With thanks...ill give it a chance...because thinking about it if it had more accuracy what would be the point of ul3...i am not so sure about the a SMALL fire rate buff...ill keep it in mind though.
  17. Why?... Can u solidly get kills with it, talking golds....do i need more skill (i am bout half way to gold)....how many months u playing it? can i solo it? what's ur playstyle in it and lastly in ur opinion is it better than any other accessible automatic pistols from JT store.
  18. ...or it might be just be me needing more skill.
  19. Pleasant good-day, the Mountie secondary suffers from too much bloom/inaccuracy when automatic, supported by first hand experience of in firing pointblank range and not killing WITH the NUNAVUT. honestly feels like i'm shooting a damn nail gun i might add. From the big pic perspective the Mountie seeks to Combine the Joker rfp9 and Ul-3, SO where did 28cm at 10m come from. If it comes down to a sacrifice-gain, i will gladly take 20cm at 10m with 35m range or 24cm at 10m with 37m effective range than 28cm at 10m with 40 range. The yukon is good as is... a legendary version of Joker rfp9. thanks in advance
  20. Pleasant Good-day, i like legit need to spend 1 g1c for my JMB Loyalty reward. Gamers First and Little Orbit can u add a 1g1c item Armas marketplace, could be 1 ammo box for April fools or ANYTHING... Thanks in advance.
  21. Pleasant Good-day, i spent 5 bucks on 500 G1c bundle and then 3 days later bought a next 5 bucks g1c bundle, i would of come out better if i had purchase the $10 bundle with a bonus. is it still possible for me to get the bonus of 100 g1c. In actuality i did spend 10 bucks ( unfortunately unwisely)
  22. Btw, I spent the $10 on two $5 g1c pack (about a week apart) (rather than the $10 pack that has the bonus of 150g1c(may be wrong)) realizing only after that there were bonuses when i scrolled down on the second purchase (from what I remember).
  23. Or perhaps add a tagger for the memes: marked by the mafia
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