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  1. Yeah for free. And im not sure when but it was whenever i started. I did a few of them a got lucky with a volcano once. The rest was just trial guns.
  2. Joker boxes. The boxes had random stuff from legendary guns to cosmetics.
  3. A long time ago there used to be daily missions in the marketplace. It was a great way to keep old players playing and something for new ones to grind to. Please bring back
  4. Would love to see a feature added to the game where you can pick a few vehicle to add to a queue that would be randomly selected everytime you spawned a vehicle. Not everyone needs or wants this, but as someone who loves all my vehicles equally I would love to have this feature.
  5. When im vip i hate that the enemy always knows where i am. One way that could be fixed is a circle with the vip in a random place inside of it. Not the vip in the middle. So u would have to use ur minimap or map every 30 seconds a new circle will apear the further the vip leaves the center of the circle the smaller it gets or if he stays near the center of it it gets bigger. The circle will always reset if the vip leaves it.
  6. The game isnt dead its dying. The riot gamemode so far seems like alot of time wasted yet you guys still add updates for it when it needs a whole overhaul. The riot gamemode shouldnt be in the tutorial Its impossible to finish and blocks out a entire section of it. There are many achivements on steam that have a 0% completion rate that should also be removed. like achivements for 2014. The only way the community will play riot is if a streamer decides to stream it. Little planet should try and mimic a streamer in some way, etc a huge announcement for when to play it with extra rewards
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