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  1. invisible armor pieces, respirator mask and the colored goggles..!
  2. Hi.! I am experiencing some issues with APB. The issue is that when I play with my 34" 3440x1440p monitor the game gives me a message, that the client had run out of memory. This only happens on that one, and I'm limited to my 27" 1920x1080p monitor and I'd really love to play on my 2k
  3. I also want FE back.! And I'd happily get commander subscription for 1 year every year. BUt I also want my 2 respirator msks back. and scavenger ride hell, even to live it. or with virtual reality when I can have the chips implanted in my hand instead of that clunky stuff lmao
  4. Hi. I think that we need a patch on the firing rate of all semi automatic firearms. Because I click way too rapidly so that I'm not getting a shot for a few clicks at a time, and I think that it spells a dead end for me and the fbw, joker rfp-9 and act44 among the joker carbine and obeya marksman rifle
  5. I think that players should have a way of knowing if they have completed all the AP missions or have some left.
  6. My computer is supposed to be able to run 144 fps steadily, forever. What can I do about this??
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