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  1. try windowed? video.ini in fallen earth\fe\settings
  2. would love to see a horse whistle put into game, blow it and horse will follow as you harvest nodes how about small speed bump (few percent) as progress to higher rank horses? probably OP but would like to see highest rank horses allow harvest while mounted
  3. nice to see you guys working on it, we want our FE :)
  4. are you going to add back in FE Marketplace? mostly i am wanting the invis armor pieces but there was other goodies too
  5. great to see it back up Matt, Thank You for all the hard work !!
  6. Great News !! glad to hear some news as it's been quite awhile without an update, f2p model is cool but a b2p or optional small sub for ingame extras would have ok too. keep up the good work and we await next update :)
  7. believe your wrong ... there will be a wipe and really it has to be that way to make all the time and effort pay off rebuilding game they need new money and new players, which just won't happen if old db is restored ...
  8. think last communication was still working on it but it's on back burner til other things are finished would be nice another Dev Update even if just to say yeah still here haven't forgot about you lol hope to be playing FE again someday !!
  9. well it's now 2021, taking bets which month has another update lol we miss you Fallen Earth ... i'll say Feb
  10. sorry to hear servers going down for awhile, but think in the long run having a grand re-opening fresh start on the new server code will be best for population. it's what i have expected as you want to attract new players to a great old game that still has appeal for a lot of people. but a hindrance that has been holding some back is old dupes and some questionable player pvp behavior which needs to be addressed too. look forward to coming event :)
  11. bummer, i was looking forward to a fresh start ...
  12. they are switching CC processors, completion date unknown.
  13. 2 months and still no reply from Paywall, and this 1 month after i talked to MattScott about the situation and he inquired them about it ... (guess he forgot about it too since no followup) so even the CEO can't get them off their butts UNFUCINGBELIEVABLE !!! and so what happened ShyLO you never gave us an update like you said you would?, third time calling you out on it !!!
  14. so what happened ShyLo you never gave us an update ... and it's been a month with no reply but informed Matt and he is looking into it
  15. 3 weeks and still no reply back from paywall ... WTF are they doing?
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