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  1. sorry to hear servers going down for awhile, but think in the long run having a grand re-opening fresh start on the new server code will be best for population. it's what i have expected as you want to attract new players to a great old game that still has appeal for a lot of people. but a hindrance that has been holding some back is old dupes and some questionable player pvp behavior which needs to be addressed too. look forward to coming event :)
  2. bummer, i was looking forward to a fresh start ...
  3. they are switching CC processors, completion date unknown.
  4. 2 months and still no reply from Paywall, and this 1 month after i talked to MattScott about the situation and he inquired them about it ... (guess he forgot about it too since no followup) so even the CEO can't get them off their butts UNFUCINGBELIEVABLE !!! and so what happened ShyLO you never gave us an update like you said you would?, third time calling you out on it !!!
  5. so what happened ShyLo you never gave us an update ... and it's been a month with no reply but informed Matt and he is looking into it
  6. 3 weeks and still no reply back from paywall ... WTF are they doing?
  7. no update ShyLO? been 7 days after i gave my CC info and no word back as to why denied ... really is this the best company you can find ??? and i haven't even got to the why it was showing being charged euro and not dollars question to them and the rate was higher than google conversion said
  8. was legit problem so why was it deleted?
  9. but the suggestion of split buy selling does no good at all when you can't even get that 100 stack from bank because of overweight !!
  10. my card was denied also even after filling in the extra verified by visa info, created a ticket to paywall and replied with card info ... awaiting reply to find out why denied. ohh another thing it showed euro price not dollars and a bit more than google conversion rate :(
  11. create a support ticket https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  12. server is total lag fest atm and really could use a reboot !
  13. wow server code/DB in such sad shape that needs reset three times per week?
  14. agree unless it specifically says account wide then it's only for one char, or in FE's case whichever char you select when go into marketplace
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