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  1. upd, reinstall the game and gpu drivers, tried every graphic settings, even compatibility options, nothing changed, game keep crashing second after music starts and launcher closing Merged. Oh i found this topic on the forum here, so yes, changing ur passowrd to length of 14 is working, problem solved
  2. Game crashes after loading and installing update and auto-closing launcher, i think game launched, then i hear music for a sec and then it stops, assuming game crashed, cuz theres was no process in task manager after and no game window pup on launch. my specs are: ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram 3400 rtx 3060 win 10 mb the game engine is too old for modern pcs? like ex machina and etc. Merged. if there any way to get crash log/dump or something like that, i would glad to help Merged. i tried every graphic setting, still no progress
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