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  1. I grew tired of constantly copying my super-secure password from another place, so I came up with this crazy mega idea. Create a bat-file, then put this text in it: @echo off ::turns off console output to the screen echo|set /p=yourpasswordhere|clip ::copies the specified text to the clipboard start /d "C:\Games\APB Reloaded\Launcher" APBLauncherprogram ::specifies the path to the launcher you may copy the whole paragraph. :: is used for commenting. After the game is launched and you appear in the lobby screen, simply press CTRL-V and voila! To create and edit a bat file: 1. create a text file on the desktop 2. change the extension from .txt to .bat (if you can't do it, google show file extensions windows 10) 3. Right Mouse Button click on it -> Edit Moderators, can you please edit my starter post, so the word appears as APBLauncher. e x e without spaces. The forum changed it somehow.
  2. Hey guys! Thank you to everyone who responded. Honestly speaking, I didn't think that new servers means totally new region. I expected that new server would just improve (decrease) EU region's latency. Anyway, for those who say that Little Orbit should focus only on the New Engine Update 2.1 Beta etc, I'd like to point out that I'm not the one who makes such promises. But I'm definitely an interested party. So if the developers say they focus solely on the Engine, let it be so. But if they say other things as well, they should be held responsible. The APB's playerbase is one of the most loyal and patient of all. We won't go anywhere, if you need time take it. Just be respectful to those who put their money, time and belief in you.
  3. I'm very pleased to receive the response so fast. Thank you for that. But see, it's exactly what I'm talking about. The lack of the servers is not exactly the problem. The problem is that I have to ask directly about you keeping promises. I'd very much like to actually stay informed in one way or another, as was told. Otherwise, I ask you not to give such promises as to keep people informed. I don't ask to create servers from the air, just keep us updated as you promise.
  4. Excuse me, my mistake. I meant since 2 months ago, Open Beta AMA on Reddit.
  5. Hello my dear community and the devs! I'm creating this topic only because I'm actually frustrated for the first time of my 9 years of playing APB since OBT. Going straight to the point. When are the Eastern European servers coming? I count 3 (three) times when Little Orbit and Matt Scott personally gave promises that the Eastern European servers (EU server) are being worked on and are coming very soon ("weeks not months"). We were also promised to be kept informed as "they learn more". Since these news started appearing, I began to read every News Post. But since March 22nd there were no info at all. Only once I got an answer from Matt on the Reddit AMA thread. But beside that I don't think that I am being kept informed. It may be that I'm missing something, because I really don't have that much time to play the game and learn all the news and check every forum post. Also I'm not a native English speaker, so it may cause some misunderstanding from my side. Anyway, recently I noticed that my ping became a little better (was 160, now 140). But idk if that's because there're new servers or because I reinstalled the game to SSD? The promises from LO and Matt Scott: TL;DR When are the EU servers coming?
  6. Hey check this thread, Matt gave an answer:
  7. I'm experiencing exactly the same, totally unplayable
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