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  1. I swear someone posts something like this every week. I say this respectfully but get a clue OP. You somehow think Little Orbit's service is on par, if not worse than G1's many years of subpar service? They have done more things than I can list on my fingers, something G1 could only manage to do in a 3-year span. Quite honestly, even if the changes aren't perfect or are maybe even left field occasionally, I am just pleased that there is an effort to fix this addictive trash of a game. Would you rather there be no company and the game just disappears one day? Would you rather there be no response from the Devs at all? I know that's not explicitly what you're asking but you're expecting too much in such short amounts of time. I know what you're gonna say, "A year isn't a short of amount of time", it is relatively short for fixing the mistakes that G1 left behind. Not to mention that they're doing a crap ton of stuff behind the scenes to make the game bearable by 2019 standards, such as continuing the development of the engine upgrade - which was and continues to be a meme thanks of G1. With that in mind, it's also important to note that the player base is dying because people played the crap out of the game already. Some can't even play because the optimization is terrible, not to mention there was a lot of people who were cheating lol. The real players of this game are waiting for something big. Rebalances aren't going to change anything in regards to the population.
  2. That much is true, though I was just pointing out that it still dominates.
  3. I like how the minute anything is changed, the community is so toxic (like Overwatch) that there are complaints acting like the previous meta was perfect. Just because you (by you, I mean generally not the op) bought a weapon around the previous meta doesn't mean the devs have to keep it the same, or that what they changed is necessarily terrible. I am not saying the new meta is perfect (I am looking at you N-Tec), but I feel it was a very good start.
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