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  1. I just want to see the engine update tbh - could not care less for these "filler" updates so far. There's no need to berate a company simply because they have caused controversy with a patch they believed in good heart would help to start balancing the game. There are obviously some very strong items that had received a buff due to forgiveness within pellets missing and IR3 being update (which I still find the fire rate reduction aspect of this mod to be complete shit - just completely ruins long range Anubis users) but this doesn't mean it makes a company shit - these guys have put in far more actions that what G1 have done in 2 years. - Desmila
  2. Technically speaking it is a 0.6 delay per input you've given - 6 seconds is (6000ms). As for the topic at hand, server-based movement would be extremely unreliable at it's current state due to performance from the server's hardware and networking ports they maybe using. Guaranteed it will push the servers to it's limits and will worsen the performance in the long-run.
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing some modifications being allowed to be added onto pistols, maybe make a Pistol exclusive modifications that can only be used by secondaries.
  4. Not sure why we are using the stats of Anubis B instead of A's - I'm sure I preferred this version and brings it closer to what it should've been, I'm sure I'm not the only one that agrees with this and if someone does disagree please tell me why as I'm curious. As for the IR3 nerf, I have mixed opinions: I'm kinda happy to see changes to mods that will inevitably change the current META of APB's gameplay to be somewhat different and will use less common weapons slightly more, these changes need to be tested fully and therefore allow us to first use the mods and then give you feedback, instead of relying on theorycrafting to change a very popular mod. I however disagree with the fire rate nerf to this mod and should be instead affecting accuracy at the same level as CJ3 - I personally would find this quite damaging to guns like the Anubis, Ursus, Semi-Auto rifles i.e OBIR/CR762 and will only solve certain broken features of certain guns such as OSCAR/NTEC. I think nerfs at this level should be done on a case by case basis instead of a carpet-bomb nerf to everything using it. TL:DR - Let us test the mod in the test district, why use Anubis B over A and nerfs to weapon should be on a case by case basis instead. - Desmila
  5. Does anyone know which Anubis plays better? Cuz It is honestly hard to tell which one is better, the fire rate boost isn't really noticeable since i still end up jamming it even doe I know it's pattern and played the gun for cpl years. The fact that the scope in delay has been removed is fcking great, but please add a vertical prong or something to the crosshair - it's bloody hard to see if you're actually on the target. However I think the whole "Hyperion Accuracy over time" mechanic that is similar to BL2 is pointless, just give it the accuracy of a normal DMR or something, No point making my first 2-3 shots RNG before it starts to actually make a noticeable change to the crosshair (What is notice is that the first 2-3 shots bloom a slight bit, before actually gaining accuracy).
  6. Oh I didn't realize there where 2 versions of the weapon - I'll try the other one in this case when I've got time
  7. As an Anubis Lover that wants it to become better I want to express this: NCR-Anubis: - I like the new crosshair for the gun but don't like how it reacts to shots, making the crosshair appear to bloom slightly even though before it was meant to have reverse bloom - Going on with the accuracy situation, why does the shots feel more RNG than what it was before, firing the gun with no mods (I normally use IR3) just feels like it blooms way too much and causes me to miss some shots due to the RNG nature of the weapon. - It still has the OUTRIGHT STUPID Scope-in Delay of the HVR - I don't know why G1 even put this on the fcking gun as it gave it a unique counterplay vs the HVR - because it has the same scope-in time as the HVR, you can no longer be mobile and try to kill the HVR user before they shoot you or throw them off with movement. I find this to be an extremely unfair mechanic that was added into the Anubis and this is quite possibly the main reason why this gun sucks right now. - NCR does not need hard damage or w/e just remove the stupid scope-in delay and bring it back to what it was when it first launched. TL;DR I like the new crosshair, it still has the same scope in time of HVR and it's accuracy feels slightly more RNG than it used to. I didn't get to try the other weapons as there were limited players but will update my feedback here when I get more chances to play. EDIT: Scope-in Delay is now completely gone, giving it's mobility niche back into the weapon - thank you LO -Desmila
  8. It's to be able to pull out your sloppy banana and be able to cum on someone a fraction of a second faster.
  9. You also forgot to mention that he has only 6GB RAM - Best minimum RAM is 4GB. Fact is that RAM is quite essential to have at least 8GB of it , that requirements is slowly moving to 16GB. If you haven't noticed by now, it's possible that your RAM usage is being maxed out and therefore being throttled on how much memory some applications can use, this in turns affect the performance of applications that require large amount of RAM such as APB:R. APB:R was famous for having memory leaks at some point as it's garbage collection was (garbage, lol). I'd highly recommend getting 2 sticks of 4GB x 2 RAM so you get Dual channel intergration. I'd also mention that a CPU such as the i5-6600k is sitting at a decent price rn and would suggest upgrading to it, this does also mean you'll need to change your moterboard too. Also, while GPU horsepowers makes no difference once you go above a certain point of it (possible a card like GTX 1060 or so, i'm unsure) as it will have diminishing returns on this game and make it potentially worthless. I have a GTX 1080Ti and it makes 0 difference in terms of optimization. I'd suggest getting an AMD card or a cheap Nvidia card such as the 1050ti or RX equivalent. This will help you in both APB and every other game you play. TL:DR - RAM Is shit upgrade to 8GB - CPU is even worse, upgrade it - New GPU mate sub £200 or so
  10. Hey guys, I been streaming on and off for almost 3 years and doing my best to stick to a schedule as of recent, Now that I've got a streaming laptop to use that allows me to distribute the CPU overhard to it, it now makes me more comfortable to stream the game as I lose 0 performance. I can promise you however, good gameplay, laughs, nice music and some other stuff. I like to interact with all my viewers and will play with them If I can. For now I don't have a schedule but as I get back into the streaming phase, I'll make a schedule that will fit with everyone and my work life. Come and join in on the funz and trollz with me and my clan mates from ExoGenesis as well. The stream is set to 1080p 60fps - If however many ppl suggests that it buffers too much as (twitch sucks at giving you the data consistently) I can turn it down to a lower res and do my best with the quality of image and sound. I like doing giveaways and I would love to reach 500 followers as my next target, if we can get that then I promise it to be a juicy giveaway The games I stream: - APB Reloaded (obvs) - PUBG (only when playing with mates) - Borderlands 2 ( I love this game) - Possibly some other random games when I feel to I'd like some new channel banners and descriptions to use if people are good at making them. Love you guys and peace out Link to stream: http://www.twitch.tv/digitionflux -Desmila
  11. I didn't say his ticket was from 2 years ago, I'm saying that there are probably lingering tickets in the queue waiting to be touched or resolved and have given him a canned response to make sure the user know that the ticket is currently being looked at. Whether they've been left on purpose is none of my business, It's only a month and if you read their posts on support tickets; you can see that they said they've been struggling with managing the tickets correctly and some of them have been solved incorrectly or caused issues. IMO whether or not you waited a 2 months or a year, you should realize that the game didn't have exceptional customer service to begin with and while LO is now trying to fix that, there are obviously some limitations as to how fast they can be done and standardized.
  12. Agreed, please do it - this guy deserves it. There are shit tons of tickets being raised way before yours, maybe even from 2 years ago when it was still G1, they go by the oldest tickets to new ones (at least that's how I used to do it in service desk, not sure about others) - Have some fucking patience before trying to shitpost them for being slow.
  13. Remote Det: Shit vs Good players unless you yourself know they are 100% tunnel-visioned to kill you in the heat of the moment Spotter: Agree that it should show the enemies that they have been spotted as well as it is quite a strong skill that allows for quick cheese kills on someone who wasn't even prepared. (HE WASN'T REAAAAAAAADY!) Radar Tower: I have mixed opinions on this, on one hand I think it's a useful mod in a squad situation, but I don't like that it takes out either the Spawn mod or the Ammo box mod ( which I use every time). In a squad however, someone can sacrifice the blue mods for the radio tower and it's a very strong mod to use in CQC situations like defending an objective. -Des
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