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  1. doesnt have to be shown. can be a hidden flag. they do this in GTA online and it puts all the problematic players with other problematic players. threat level already works kinda like this. if you are super super high gold with many missions under yourbelt and your threat stays super high and cannot fluctuate normally, you will usually have imbalanced matches or not get op at a normal pace. so now if the system could flag a possible cheater, maybe just make it so that they cannot get op or matches and have them just waiting there with no opposition.... till another guy with same flag can op vs them. normal players wont ever have to face them ever. for this to work well, would need proper logic to flag actual cheating players properly, else we will end up with fairfight 2.0 if it works properly cheaters will get the idea that they are flagged because of lack of opposition, then they will just leave since no games to play. Possibly they will come back and either cheat and get flagged again then be forced to reroll or they might actually stop cheating and play legit so that they cannot get flagged again.
  2. yeah that sucks but atleast they dont allow you to initiate the witness if you are car surfing or inside a car anymore. i remember before they nerfed that people would just ram your van while witnessing and blow you up cause using ram plate or instant osmaw,
  3. I like how i get forum warned for pointing saying a player was banned previously (and was on ffbans so its not a lie) yet everyone here is generalizing russians as being cheaters (which is obvious to anyone playing APB, but still not every russian is actually cheating).
  4. i like how people still think hes an actual real ceo... this guy is a made up character they name changed G1 to LO its not a new company, tiggs still works there she just changed her name to lixil or whatever that person is named lmao
  5. just bring the game back to 2012-2013 please. this was the best era of APB... jump shot scout, old ntec, old hvr, old csg, old smgs, old riflemen weapons... every gun was good
  6. you must be from NA its not that the servers arent functional its that you are facing players who are not from NA, they are from Asia, South America and Austrailia.. this is why you feel like you are "ghost shooting" because they all have 200-300 ms latency.
  7. They sold the IP to a chinese game company, this game isn't going anywhere.
  8. Ive seen 2 streamers who are using smooth-aiming very obviously. And almost every EU streamer is wallhacking... yet no one says anything, its pretty funny honestly. I been facing cheaters since 2011's beta... whatever. but atleast un-nerf ALL of the guns that I could actually go toe to toe vs said cheaters... playing in todays game sucks so much cause of how inaccurate the guns are.
  9. i prefer that gameplay because not only can you kill and get killed fast, everyone you are playing against uses their brains to avoid dying so easily.
  10. lmao NA is unplayable west ccoast servers are shittier than playing on EU with 100 ping
  11. Revoemag was like 16 years old also, no idea how he was a GM lol
  12. imagine that if you come across a cheater, instead of suffering in the match for 20+ mins you can just leave... i think that there would be a bit less toxicity and upset players.
  13. ur either missing your nade or missing all your shots, or both.
  14. for the sake of proper matchmaking? idk you rather ruin the fun for everyone playing just so you can play with 4 players everyday?
  15. right. i mean if they would just cut down the premade team to DUO/2 man only at this point in time it would help a bit more in my opinion... and there is enough people playing for that.
  16. they should atleast revert all the guns and cars back to normal...
  17. the game actually got worse with LO.... all of the balance changes weren't needed and just made the game less enjoyable. nerfed guns, cars, consumable changes... none of these were needed and made the game worse. bad legendaries... game wouldve been fine with JUST the quality of life changes they made... joker store, joker ticket mission reward, mission changes, trade system.... instead of RIOT mode they couldve did something about match making, but they made that worse also.... all the bronze, green, silvers (real ones) would be in their little safe place fu cking off and the match making was decent. Now they are in the same server as everyone else and it just makes everything worse. Don't find vsing them or playing with them enjoyable. and they definitely dont like vsing good players and getting obliterated every mission also.
  18. i feel like engine update isnt real... the real goal was to create a battle royal and it sucked so they just put the game into maintenance mode. if it dies it dies. at this point it would be easier to just remake APB on UE 5... wish someone would just make a shitty APB on UE 5 and maybe grow it into a real game, similar to how Rust blew up.
  19. thats another thread and has nothing to do with this the reason playerbase has dropped dramatically is cause of match making. everyday its premades litterally farming solo players... on top of anticheat not doing what its supposed to do (but its apb we are used to that already) other games dont allow 4-5 stacks, why does this game not address the root of the problem? 4 man team ruins the match making, period. cut it down to 2 man group or give an option to never face groups as a solo player.
  20. dont know why people come up with this type of suggestion when this is a totally different game than apb... why not just make your own game.
  21. it would match everyone whos close in threat. the problem is that atm you see premade of golds and if another premade is already on a mission it will just find random solo players (regardless of threat level) and match them vs the premade then as a bandaid for imbalance it gives the solo players a backup option (which again doesnt help). as for NA not having players... they should just shut it down or merge with EU in my opinion.
  22. the problem I see with matchmaking is that there are solo players and then grouped players. if one faction has no gold solo players and the other faction has all premade groups... it will attempt to pool together some silver and bronze players to match the premade team's threat combined threat level. if it cannot match it it will match them anyways then give them the option for backup... which doesn't help at all anyways as it can just create further imbalance. how about you make 1 server for financial & waterfront for grouped players and another for non-grouped players? this way it will have an easier time matching since everyone will be in proper size groups (2,3,4 man) no random players with mis-matched threat vs premades. solo player server will match players alot better also since it will be 40 solo players on each side instead of 4-5 solo players and the rest grouped that aren't using the alliance feature or never call backup anyways.
  23. since they sold APB ip they should just remove factions... then it would be 80 players being matched instead of 40. also, get rid of 4 man groups... make it max 2 players. also, get rid of "alliance" setting as its contributing to the matchmaking being trash. also, if you don't want to remove 4 man group... make a group district and a solo district instead. make 1 district only enterable by grouped players and the other only for solo players. (this is probably the easiest band-aid solution for the meantime)
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