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  1. the shotgun changes ruin the showstopper lol... ,maybe just keep the show stopper how it is and revert other shotguns.... actually the only prob i have is with the nfas honestly... why not just revert the nfas to how it used to be and leave all the other shotguns the same?
  2. no wonder i couldnt kill players with this gun... wow what a huge nerf and slap in the face for people who bought this gun lol.
  3. I did not use Process Lasso to change anything (yet) I only used your registy file. As for setting Affinity, so just disable it from running on core 0 and allow it on 1-7? im not understanding your directions sorry.
  4. it was broken at one point... it was like an alig, ntec and nfas had a baby.
  5. and as for process lasso what core would we want apb running on 0-7? i did a full reboot of my pc after i applyed the registry edit, so yeah.
  6. I'm on Windows 10 and this doesn't seem to work for me. APB stays on Normal Priority and as for Affinity its set to use all 8 of my cores.
  7. Thanks, I'll try it out. question, how would you go about reverting this if you don't want to use it anymore?
  8. the ntec changes on test are not bad at all... basically it makes it a bad choice to attempt jump shooting with the ntec and it makes spamming full auto a bad idea also. so it balanced it out in CQC pretty good... now full autoing in cqc will be SUPER inaccurate and jump lean shooting around corners also... without hindering its midrange accuracy/fire rate.
  9. you forgot to mention that when they changed how Improved Rifling increases range... they NERFed the range on ALL marksman weapons to compensate for their bad change on Improved Rifling... THEY REVERTED the bad IR change but never reverted the range nerf on MARKSMAN guns. They did this AGAIN when they changed the stats on the OCA EW-626 SMG but forgot to change the silenced variants (which to me is actually cool cause now it makes the silenced versions alot different then the slotted versions) but still it just goes to show you that they dont care about how they go about changing weapons.
  10. what if you didn't restrict match making to crim side vs enforcer side? matchmaking would be able to have twice as many players to match up accurately? we already do this in event district and its like this to make the events better and it works well. can we do this also for missions and fight club? allow us to get matched up vs either faction... but keep the faction perks exclusive to the faction you chose your character to be. (LTL, Ram-Raiding, Faction clothing, Cars, Objective types etc) maybe you would also probably be able to limit premade group vs premade group and solo queuing players vs other solo queuing players with the higher pool of players aswell.
  11. they took alot of guns and ruined them (g1 and lo both) they reduced the range of ALL marksman role weapons... so how are you supposed to have that breathing space vs IR3 ntecs when your gun's effective range is the same as the ir3 ntec AND it shoots slower and barely more accurately than the ntec? they should revert the marksman weapon range nerf and previous rate of fire/accuracy nerfs that G1 did as well, honestly. give us back jump scouting while were reverting bad changes also. then we will be in a better spot in my opinion.
  12. raptor/hawk are 50m while the condor is 45m (unless they changed it) Insert image from URL
  13. bad ntec change..... i personally dont know how they should change the ntec cause i dont see a problem with it... i just dont understand why people find this gun op. they really should make a survey for people who think its op asking cvertain things... like "what gun are you using at the time you find ntec to be op against you" this is the main thing im curious about. Seeing that everyone mostly uses smg/shotgun i thnk this is the problem. i use ntec against other ntec and its fine and balanced... but with smg/shotgun i dont stand a chance. I also use obeya/obir and scout which give me problems vs ntec unless i am properly positioned outside the ntec range.... i think this is another problem because positioning can be very hard if you dont car game which again... majority of players dont do. so basically we are dumbing the game down because people refuse to position properly with the tools given to you in the game and also refuse to use the right guns for the right situations.
  14. op you didnt even die or help your team by looking at your score.... maybe you should stop dethreating and just play... what are you going to do when they hide player's threat and you cant tell whos gold or silver or bronze?
  15. drop your ego. practice with all the guns. the best thing you could do in your situation is change your weapon because you are at a huge disadvantage using JG vs true ogre+ kevlar. You could change to a number of other weapon setup and counter him easily... but since you rather "not be a noob using any other weapon" you come here to complain. I'm not saying Nfas and ogre are "balanced" because they aren't in my opinion, but it doesn't mean that they cannot be countered. That's whats so good about this game... you got alot of options to choose from when it comes to weapons and most of them have their own situation that they are powerful in.
  16. the lack of technology really fucked up what APB could've potentially been. if apb had district phasing from the start they could've properly matched players across all districts and they could've even stayed with the old school threat system. if they were smart they wouldn't have to ban anyone, just shadow ban cheaters/extremely good players so that they face only people with similar stats...this could've been done with fairfight and EAC also. customization is very good (themes, symbols, car and clothing editing, character creation, weapon modding) gun play is good with all types of different weapon styles vehicles are good with room for improvement the maps are well designed and thought out the only thing that always made me NOT want to play APB was facing cheaters or just the teams being severely imbalanced due to matchmaking allowing premade groups to vs players who are all solo queuing. along with the poor optimization and game performance on whats considered to be a powerful PC setup.
  17. what is exploit mitigation and how can we turn it off? (serious question lol)
  18. you dont need an i9 to get 144 fps in apb... i was getting 120 locked fps with a i5 2500k years ago... just need to be OCed.. with i59600k turbo should do it.
  19. whats your fps like? you should be able to have 144fps locked with that...
  20. @MattScott buy your IT guys some Bustello espresso that will help them fix this prob way faster.
  21. battlefield lost its appeal after bf 2 died
  22. even grouping up with 1 player is more than enough to obliterate 4 mixed threats (gold, bronze, silver and whatever). I hope that in the future after engine upgrade they can separate players by grouped and solo queue
  23. for better long range accuracy idk i never shoot my obeya in cqc i use my pistol for that. i use cj to shoot players faster at long range... idk why you assume id use it in cqc? is it because this cookie guy said something about cqc? this guy is bad dont listen to him lol.
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