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  1. Thanks but why more server in EU? Its is SA who needs it the most.
  2. It’s still good, not op that’s all
  3. its funny how you guys keep arguing about the pop of a dead game lmao
  4. Thanks! Finally, LO. Ntec changes and shotguns changes keep it coming!
  5. A roadmap without ETA or time frame is not a roadmap, last year roadmap was more consistent. Also they did not mention anything about the server consolidation...
  6. Just a heads up, most people playing the game don't read forums. Plus the tests districts are empty. Also why don't bring this changes up live and keep tweaking, instead of waiting months to balance all the shotguns...
  7. What about the NFAS and ntec changes? When are u guys going to push it live? It is taking too much time...
  8. Why do you guys keep postponing stuff? Just don't give dates, so far i'm happy with the communication itself but the amount misinformation is beyond acceptable (dates, patch notes, news) Like "sorry, i forgot to mention", "we apologize for the misunderstanding". It is ridiculous.
  9. What about the rewards in JT for testing weapons? NA testing districts are dead now...
  10. OBIR and FFA: I guess you are experimenting changes that are not requested by the community. That's OK. But i suggest you guys focus first on the most needed weapons and leave the experimentation for a later opportunity.
  11. Why care about the name of the guns? lol It is fine the way they changed no big deal at all They should focus on getting new ways of getting JT, especially reworking RIOT if that's the case...
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