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  1. Falsehood. Versus a rage cheater you get killed 42x even driving far from objective trying to hide from esp bots. Versus a closet, you might die 6x and lose, but you will achieve most objectives and get a few kill in yourself. One version is a game, not perfect, but a game. The other is DEATH of a game. LO has banned more people for raging at cheaters in chat then cheaters, true story.
  2. The best iteration of APB was, and always will be Russia's Innova server, with their in-game GMs and proprietary FROST anticheat, lower, reasonable Marketplace prices, and wonderful gun balancing. Such a shame that desperate G1 pulled the plug on Innova, thinking to bring all the Russian players over... without any safeguards or intelligent policing of the game at all... Oh wait... was that LO? Can't remember now... How I wish APB were alive and well on INNOVA server... Best damn time! 40 FULL districts to choose from, active, lively, happy game... /tear I wish Matt Scott would sell them or allow them to have the game. And if he wanted to make money in North America... he could have his team COPY the wise game management they used.
  3. APB was in decline under G1's fiscal mismanagement. Imagine a time when FF (or Tiggs) banned some 14,000 accounts... and there were still about 4,000 actively playing when they sold to LO. Look around you, after what 2 years? 3 years? at what LO has done for the game. It is left with appropximately 3ish full districts on 1 server during primetime. Colby died. Joker died. Jericho became Han. LO dramatically destroyed APB listening to cheater fan club. Once upon a time I played EQ PVP. The bigshot PVPers demanded a HARDCORE PVP server, where you could kill anyone anywhere, without safe zones... where victims couldn't get away or leave... The company listened to them... took away the safeguards that actually create the framework in which PVP can thrive and attract players. It became a HARDCORE bullyfest all right. thousands quit playing, and since 10 years now, PVP is dead in EQ. Sometimes listening to a fool kills the genre. HARDCORE simply means breaking basic gameplay rules that create the environment of a functional game. I LOVED EQ PVP server Sullon Zek. I mourned the passing of PVP in that game. I LOVED APB... but I now mourn it's passing. The sad thing is, the true fans who have invested in the game and love it, have no say... and if the company makes whooper mistakes that kill what they love... not a thing can be done. We came to forums, and told our truth... and nobody worth a damn is listening, who has any power to save what is dying. This is why, in near future, forums will be dead too.
  4. I can see where LO wanted to go on the roadmap. Streamers can be entertaining. What was nice about Fairfight, it really did force closets to moderate their cheats... meaning... while they still toggled cheats... they did so minimally or periodically in a match so as not to skew FF statistics. Without something to measure extremely out or norm play values... there is no limit. It used to be, under Fairfight, that someone logged a trainee account to ragebot and was quickly banned... such that these guys were behind the thousands of banned accounts. Nowadays, people are full on ragebotting without even trying to mask the obvious... logging in accounts with names like Hacker.. and they have been playing since LO bought the company, with no fear of repercussions... and GMs log into District when THEY COMPLAIN someone is "hackusating them" and GM warns the legit HE can be banned for being "mean." Now you wonder WHY there is such toilet bowl circling flush of population.
  5. Fairfight works well in conjunction with a clientside anticheat and in-game GMs to spectate actual shenanigans. Unfortunately, as G1's leadership invested in stupid phone app game and xbox wonders, the PC version of APB was drained of resources so that G1 couldn't afford to update their anticheat systems anymore... it's attempted G1 hosted Frost copycat was always an abysmal failure. LO has nothing to brag about... they listened to cheater clans and dumped Punkbuster and installed FailEye... and then just abandoned policing the game at all. ^Qft. The legit community now disavows APB and it's abusive, bully hackfest... and even when bothering to log in... and ending up forfeiting a retardedly imbalanced match... the bullies cry that legits don't die 40x in the match to make them happy.
  6. Writing a massive wall of text doesn't make you right. You obviously weren't even here at the time your speaking of. For a few years some of the original RTW staff worked for G1... they gave us that "new content." APB was a dramatically better game under G1 than it ever has been under the absentee negligence of LO... whose mantra is "engine upgrade" and they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE for the game, it's become abandonware, that's why there's virtually no population. You can fight all you like, but facts aren't on your side. G1 as well as the onboard ex-RTW staff they once had came up against the same exact problem LO is facing with engine upgrade... there's so much unoptimized code that no one really knows for sure how it works or why it works... consequently, when RTW went from a massive gaming company to defunct... no one could really add very much. But G1 actually did try and changed the game, not always for the better. LO has done nothing but break guns and unban cheaters. ^ Quoted for truth.
  7. Keep brushing the cheater problem under the rug and blame the people who tell it like it is Cookie... it's people like you who misled LO into the stupidest corporate decisions that derailed this fine game and near killed it. Forfeit is the playerbase saying they won't play a match so broken it's guaranteed to fail, either by stacked exploit premades out of level/threat range or cheaters. The reply to continue to ignore the issue or worse, blame the forfeiters... shows just how utterly out of touch with the playerbase you and the company actually are. Ameno. Since LO bought the game, they catered to the actual abusive population and took a hard dump on the people who play fair and don't play to destroy and make the game impossible for the other guy so he just logs out and never want to come back.
  8. I guess you fail to understand the IMMENSE popularity of Fairfight bans and the flame forum where an aggrieved population could actually verbalize how it REALLY felt towards the cheater population. It was a valiant attempt that was quite popular. This new code of no one dare call out cheaters or hurt their feelings... and mass unbanning while failing in every respect to implement ANY sort of useful anticheat mechanism... is actually the dumbest damn way to manage a game like APB. And the FAILURE of it is in the POPULATION STATISTICS. Hey, Tiggs managed to ban 14,000 accounts... she seems to have lost her mind at some point and banned nearly everybody but it was a valiant effort... COMPARE IT TO THE NOTHING WE HAVE NOW AND THE RAGEBOT CHEATFEST ONGOING. LO failed so damn hard it's ludicrous to argue on their behalf. And Matt Scott can only DREAM about 14,000 accounts to ban when only some 400 are left that bother to log in and play.
  9. Forfeit is how legit players respond to an utterly broken match making system, that pits a GUARANTEED LOSS due to profound rank/threat/gear imbalance... By gear I mean... a stacked premade of golds with legendaries versus, you know some 40ish noobs/casuals with in-game guns getting nanoed, Ursused, volcanoed into oblivion. Originally RTW allowed players to leave a match. G1 decided to force the issue by making you take the time to have to quit out and relog. Now that there's only a couple of open districts that are full... sometimes it can take a LONG time to log back in... when ORIGINALLY WHEN IT WAS IMPLEMENTED... there could be 25 open, other districts WITH POPULATION to move to. Originally the game allowed you to leave an obvious loss or not play with some rude player you disliked. At this "stage of failure" Forfeit is what people do when they don't want to match imbalanced opposition team or a cheater... and don't want to log off and wait another 30 minutes to TRY FOR A BETTER MATCH. ACTUALLY, the stacked premades, holding their legendaries are lusting after ill-equipped, poorly coordinated PUG groups on Bronze District... since APB has become the game of EXTERMINATE THE NOOBS. Instead of crying about FORFEIT.... Try actually playing the game with some BALANCE... and stop BREAKING IT WITH EXPLOITS that give your team a 100% advantage, and picking op that has 100% disadvantage... such that they cannot even complete 1 objective without dying 20 times... and STOP PLAYING FOREVER. If LO had any BRAINS at all... they would start catering to the exterminated... and not to the people crying that their favorite ducks won't stay in the pond for them to blast into pieces.
  10. Uh... not really true. G1 put new weapons and contacts in the game, gave us the Asylum district, new packs and clothes. They also tried valiantly, but vainly to ban cheaters and abusive TOS breakers. G1 really declined when they invested in the non-PC version, when PC was their bread and butter... and they ended up losing money at a time when the game was making money... but it was funding stupid projects. What did LO give us? 1. UNBAN CHEATERS 2. IMPLEMENT AN EASILY BYPASSED ANTICHEAT... recommended by cheaters ofc. 3. BREAK WORKING GUNS IN THE NAME OF BALANCE UTTERLY CLUELESS TO GAME NEEDS. 4. SCOLD PLAYERS FOR CALLING OUT ChEATERS (to protect their gentle reputations) AND MAKE DETHREATING LEGIT SO BRONZE DISTRICT WOULD GET DAILY SLAMMED BY PREMADE GOLDS AND CHEATERS. Content? RIOT was a basically good "idea" terribly and unsoundly implemented and poorly conceived for this game... but could, if done differently, been excellent... added contacts and such BUT DIDN'T. G1 tried valiantly to the end... LO failed in the first 2 years to do ANYTHING... they stopped the clientside anticheat. They can't afford to pay for any quality version of anticheat or keep it updated AT ALL.... and in EVERY RESPECT have RUINED THE GAME putting ALL THEIR EGGS into some hoped for, SLIGHT graphical improvement with horrifically worse performance in the form of ENGINE UPGRADE.... which STILL ISN'T CLOSE TO COMPLETION... And even with a PERFECT ENGINE UPGRADE.... with the current state of abusive cheatfest... it would fail harder than that stupid game the ex-RTW Devs left G1 to make... what the hell was it called again? Some dumb sword n board thing. As I see it, the game and game population were a LOT more stable under G1... they tried to have some standards. LO ALWAYS catered to the smallest cheater clan crowd... who wanted the game to BULLY and WTFPWN legits and exterminate the population... /slow clap LO... you made them happy at least.
  11. Hi, remove threat, and recalibrate/balance threat matchmaking... should have been done 2 years ago. (edit remove VISIBLE threat, rebalance hidden threat for matchmaking) Shame G1 was so imbecilic they destroyed the original finely balanced RTW threat system and borked it to complete hell... despite naysayers I was here when it was active and the game was quite popular and fun... G1 idiots began a series of re-edits and changes that totally ruined the game balance,,, not to mention the greedy OP casino boxes with legendaries sellable for in-game cash, which encouraged an RMT hacktastic situation... but I digress.
  12. You goof. Cheating isn't being handled AT ALL... which is why the absurdity of GMs standing around being useless in district chat while blatant cheating is actively ongoing proves what a mismanaged farce LO has turned out to be. Moreover, CS BEGGING players to police the game is the height of hopelessness this game has any chance at all. Matt Scott owes Tiggs an apology. She may have made mistakes or been overly aggressive with bans... but the game was actually healthier, more populated and livelier when she actually WAS banning people... then it is now with LO catering to the cheater crowd.. who are virtually all that is left of the game.
  13. So you're saying... whatever it is they do to "provide a better experience of the game," they are NOT empowered to HELP US IN OUR MOST DESPERATE NEED to "provide a better experience of the game." Since CHEATING is so blatantly endemic... they are USELESS and not able to do anything. This game is pathetically mismanaged. Please sell it to a company that gives a damn. Right now it's just abandonware, and GM's whisper soft-nothings in district chat, on rare occassions.
  14. When was the last time you played Cookie? Gold tryhard dethreats and CHEATERS are WTFPwning bronze. Were you even here for the RTW game? The original system (while, yes could be exploited as any other) was a lot more stable ranking and matchmaking... at this point bronzes just about ONLY get gold TRYHARD op in bronze. The bronze district is ruined since a long time ago... and with the shitty Battleye, hacked to hell. Dude, remove visible threat, it's just part of the tryhard game... dethreat and rethreat. Also, a legit BRONZE gets SO MUCH UNDUE HARASSMENT even on the BRONZE district by guys who ONLY WANT a max rank team... or who are frustrated because all their op is tryhard golds... that they literally force the kick, or start TKing the bronze mercilessly so he can't even play the mission. With a HIDDEN rank system, that BRONZE should technically by rights receive more equal support by way of team mates... who won't be prejudiced immediately before mission start by his threat color. Also, the imbecilic game of let's be RTW vets but roll TRAINEES to really bork the system, or trolls in district how we WTFPWNED all those golds with our hax. Threat won't be VISIBLE! The gold op is already there... in form of aggressive griefers. The BIGGEST PROBLEM IS... the TKING GOLD IDIOT TEAM MATE... or the SUICIDING DETHREATER Gold team mate. REMOVE THREAT~! Try to save the game at least. I mean REALLY... we had a GM come into district and tell us to faithfully record and report any instances of DETHREATING.... but when we ASKED once he had dethreat... the GM LITERALLY TOLD US... he could play in bronze then. SO GET IT... the system DOESN'T WORK ALREADY! After 1 million reportsd NOBODY is banned for dethreating because gold tryhard teams have lived in Bronze district since Matt Scott bought the game. The PROBLEM isn't gold op, it's the team mates who retaliate to eliminate the bronze team.
  15. Golds are dethreating and stomping players in bronze... they make gold premades to stomp bronze PUGs. Remove threat so BRONZE players can at least get reasonable TEAM without getting harassed, tk'd, tricked into kick... because of the BRONZE color of their threat.
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