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  1. Why don't you do me a favor and not reply to every damn post I make. There's probably less than 10-15% of former players who even bother to post... and there's snarky replies to every one. Dead game, and worse community.
  2. Because the bronze districts are the most populated... more population... more bullshoot. Come on now... the game is circling the commode rn... it's literal abandonware... just read the forum comments where people are saying... "why not?" There's your answer. Anything goes when there's zero moderation and a crappy anticheat on a F2P game. LO doesn't care... and most players (former and current) don't either... Dead Game.... dead with no hope of revival.
  3. Cookie, you epitomize the hostility of the playerbase. Enjoy the dead gaem.
  4. Yeah, because writing a completely neutral post targeting no one always ends up with personal attacks against me which you all cheer and support. A time will come when even fanbois get tired of swallowing crap from the orifice they enjoy sucking so damn hard.
  5. Funny thing... in "other" games... forums are for feedback... and INVOLVED companies pay their mods to follow the player feedback so they can investigate areas in need of improvement. APB under LO mismanagement has become ABANDONWARE... and the ONLY reply concerned long-time players get is the same crappy disrespect and demotivating dismissal from the same lamebrained toxic cks currently ruining the game. Lovely.
  6. He probably hasn't been playing actively for 8 years, may not have even played for the last year or 2, may have high ping, etc. He's complaining about being WTFpwned... not because he's lying or incapable, but because LO abandoned the current game and let every exploiter, hacker, toxic match blocker, dethreater, suicider, etc destroy the game. You'd see it too if weren't playing toxic fanboi so damn hard, Unless he himself is a bronze/silver due to not having played the game in the past year or having really bad ping. The idea that you're playing "gotcha" when he's telling the truth is pathetic. He's not bragging about being a good player. he's trying to expose to INCOMPETENT LO that the matchmaking is broken and the game is dying because toxic dethreater bullies who go gold and dethreat everyday chase off the new/casual playerbase. Merged. I've been playing (off and on) since 2012. I haven't played regularly since 2 years ago. Occasionally I log into bronze myself... as a bronze/silver only to insta die in lame mismatched matches and log off for another few months. He's probably someone like me. Seriously I log in... it's me, an AFK trainee who never shows (I'm sure it's a deliberate exploit by op teams), a low bronze,,, versus 3 max rank SILVERS using full legendaries that steam roll the one poor bronze because I refuse to play and then log off. I mean, how the fk does anyone expect NEW players, let alone casuals to stick around when there isn't even an actual BRONZE district for them to get good in? Bronze district for a long time, has meant fish in a pond for folks with bazookas to blow up for kvd ratio and joker tickets to farm guns... while the new/casuals play the endless DIE game and quit.
  7. The cheaters (and fanbois) now have control of APB all they will do is insult, denigrate and gaslight you in some ridiculous pretense at denial of the obvious... then they will penalize, threaten with bans or ban you from the forums and the game... for criticizing/calling out the cheaters. It's as if a wealthy guy who loves to cheat bought the game... and created a hostile environment to legit players who call out the crap.
  8. You can't figure out that under G1 we actually had alive servers and a playerbase... and after LO it's all flushed away? And it's so obvious that lack of working anticheat or even GM intervention in cheats/exploits/toxicity have killed APB. So this was a true death by absentee management and utter negligence with funding.
  9. Yes. They police political correctness... not the deteriorated state of the game and it's multiple abuses.
  10. Your opinion is so meaningless, since when G1 had the game there was actually a playerbase and a few servers to play it with. Under LO the toilet actually flushed.
  11. Under G1 the game was alive and it was great... not perfect but a great, fun game. Under LO the game is irretrievably DEAD due to their negligence. Imagine ABANDONING a game to work on an engine upgrade... for YEARS... and wondering why the playerbase left. Imagine fanbois defending the massive NOTHING that LO brought to this game. Imagine fanbois crying about LOOTBOXES... as if the LO marketplace didn't remove them due to LAWS being enforced about gambling... and pretending that was some kind of "superior" morality play... welp, just go buy your stacks of JOKER TICKETS then!
  12. You write: "a bit ironic considering which one of us is actually writing walls of text" LMFAO yes... let's compare our posts shall we? Pretty sure G1 wouldn't positively finance the franchise with the deliberate intention of shifting the Russian playerbase to the shrinking G1 NA and Euro servers. Uh... under G1, APB was a functioning game with an active and actual playerbase. It's been 2 years too long for LO to keep blaming their CATASTROPHIC MISMANAGEMENT AND FAILURE on G1. Merged. Predatory lockbox really? Yeah it's kinda shit but,,, companies have to generate revenue to keep their games alive. There's reason why G1 could not fulfill their desire to make the engine upgrade... the same exact reason why LO promised it within a few months... and here we are, still waiting. In the meantime, here's the difference... Under G1... they actively TRIED to manage the game and police cheaters and toxics. Under LO they allowed cheaters and toxics free reign... to such degree that the playerbase left the game.
  13. Falsehood. Versus a rage cheater you get killed 42x even driving far from objective trying to hide from esp bots. Versus a closet, you might die 6x and lose, but you will achieve most objectives and get a few kill in yourself. One version is a game, not perfect, but a game. The other is DEATH of a game. LO has banned more people for raging at cheaters in chat then cheaters, true story.
  14. I can see where LO wanted to go on the roadmap. Streamers can be entertaining. What was nice about Fairfight, it really did force closets to moderate their cheats... meaning... while they still toggled cheats... they did so minimally or periodically in a match so as not to skew FF statistics. Without something to measure extremely out or norm play values... there is no limit. It used to be, under Fairfight, that someone logged a trainee account to ragebot and was quickly banned... such that these guys were behind the thousands of banned accounts. Nowadays, people are full on ragebotting without even trying to mask the obvious... logging in accounts with names like Hacker.. and they have been playing since LO bought the company, with no fear of repercussions... and GMs log into District when THEY COMPLAIN someone is "hackusating them" and GM warns the legit HE can be banned for being "mean." Now you wonder WHY there is such toilet bowl circling flush of population. Merged. APB was in decline under G1's fiscal mismanagement. Imagine a time when FF (or Tiggs) banned some 14,000 accounts... and there were still about 4,000 actively playing when they sold to LO. Look around you, after what 2 years? 3 years? at what LO has done for the game. It is left with appropximately 3ish full districts on 1 server during primetime. Colby died. Joker died. Jericho became Han. LO dramatically destroyed APB listening to cheater fan club. Once upon a time I played EQ PVP. The bigshot PVPers demanded a HARDCORE PVP server, where you could kill anyone anywhere, without safe zones... where victims couldn't get away or leave... The company listened to them... took away the safeguards that actually create the framework in which PVP can thrive and attract players. It became a HARDCORE bullyfest all right. thousands quit playing, and since 10 years now, PVP is dead in EQ. Sometimes listening to a fool kills the genre. HARDCORE simply means breaking basic gameplay rules that create the environment of a functional game. I LOVED EQ PVP server Sullon Zek. I mourned the passing of PVP in that game. I LOVED APB... but I now mourn it's passing. The sad thing is, the true fans who have invested in the game and love it, have no say... and if the company makes whooper mistakes that kill what they love... not a thing can be done. We came to forums, and told our truth... and nobody worth a damn is listening, who has any power to save what is dying. This is why, in near future, forums will be dead too. Merged. The best iteration of APB was, and always will be Russia's Innova server, with their in-game GMs and proprietary FROST anticheat, lower, reasonable Marketplace prices, and wonderful gun balancing. Such a shame that desperate G1 pulled the plug on Innova, thinking to bring all the Russian players over... without any safeguards or intelligent policing of the game at all... Oh wait... was that LO? Can't remember now... How I wish APB were alive and well on INNOVA server... Best damn time! 40 FULL districts to choose from, active, lively, happy game... /tear I wish Matt Scott would sell them or allow them to have the game. And if he wanted to make money in North America... he could have his team COPY the wise game management they used.
  15. Writing a massive wall of text doesn't make you right. You obviously weren't even here at the time your speaking of. For a few years some of the original RTW staff worked for G1... they gave us that "new content." APB was a dramatically better game under G1 than it ever has been under the absentee negligence of LO... whose mantra is "engine upgrade" and they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE for the game, it's become abandonware, that's why there's virtually no population. You can fight all you like, but facts aren't on your side. G1 as well as the onboard ex-RTW staff they once had came up against the same exact problem LO is facing with engine upgrade... there's so much unoptimized code that no one really knows for sure how it works or why it works... consequently, when RTW went from a massive gaming company to defunct... no one could really add very much. But G1 actually did try and changed the game, not always for the better. LO has done nothing but break guns and unban cheaters. ^ Quoted for truth. Merged. Fairfight works well in conjunction with a clientside anticheat and in-game GMs to spectate actual shenanigans. Unfortunately, as G1's leadership invested in stupid phone app game and xbox wonders, the PC version of APB was drained of resources so that G1 couldn't afford to update their anticheat systems anymore... it's attempted G1 hosted Frost copycat was always an abysmal failure. LO has nothing to brag about... they listened to cheater clans and dumped Punkbuster and installed FailEye... and then just abandoned policing the game at all. ^Qft. The legit community now disavows APB and it's abusive, bully hackfest... and even when bothering to log in... and ending up forfeiting a retardedly imbalanced match... the bullies cry that legits don't die 40x in the match to make them happy.
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