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  1. I do hope they perma ban them all .
  2. Never thought I'd agree with you. But the game is a shit show at the moment. It's disgusting how the company is trying to portray this anti cheat as something that's working when it's clearly not.
  3. Don't worry eu is going to be in the same state as NA soon.
  4. Don't forget the people that thought it was okay to cheat back when the game had a decent population then they come back complaining about what happened to the POP now! Crazy right
  5. Poor management and poor decisions that's all it is Been pointing it out for a long time! Numbers don't lie. People can keep patootie licking but that won't fix the poor decisions already made.
  6. Would be awesome if this will be one of the rewards!
  7. Nev

    [Game] Clan Progression

    Since the engine update seems like it's on track, I think it is an good opportunity to bring this thread to the attention of @MattScott. I feel that Esther's suggestion will really benefit APB as a whole and help it retain players once the engine update is out. Would also be a good idea for @MattScott to do a road map of what his plans are after the engine update since the engine update on it's own is not going to help retain players.
  8. At this point you might as well ask everyone else that have cheated in this game to become a streamer for this. I am not going to waste my time by coming back to the forums when you keep making 1 bad decision after another. What's the point in managing a company when you can't learn from your past mistakes. I really hope the engine update will bring a lot of population but with your management of this game I very much doubt we will see the pop rise to what it was during launch. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the fact that you have done a lot more than g1 but the way you are running the company is very similar to them with the false promises, not keeping with dates,ignoring feedback, getting influenced and putting some players on top compared to others ( which is one of the reasons people didn't believe in G1). I have been around a while and it's funny to see that you are heading the same direction as previous management instead of learning from their mistakes.
  9. No offence I don't think there is any active streamer at the moment that has done anything for APB to be considered anything more than any other player that does not stream. The follower count of these streamers won't make a big difference at all. This is such a small community and most people will know about the stream without having to go through these people, not like they have an insane following anyways. Even the current biggest apb twitch streamer "kempington" struggles to get 20 active viewers when he streams other games. In terms of gathering questions APB wouldn't even get more than 500-600 viewers max on their stream nor would any of the streamers currently active, which is an easy number to work with for gathering questions. There is an reason why the population in this game is on a decline even with the corona outbreak it has not done an amazing job to convince people to come back and play the game. There will always be people up LO's asses supporting them blindly no matter what they do. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for everything they have done for the game and for finally making the engine update a reality but the way they interact with the community is piss poor and there has been a lot of occasions since they have taken over where a few members of the community seem to be favoured and have a influence on the decision making which should never be a thing for any gaming company.
  10. All I see is favouritism and the same old shit with this company. I hope the engine update is gonna be all that it's hyped up to be or else I don't really see a future for this game. I don't see the point in favouring streamers who don't bring any new players to APB as a way to show 2.1. 95% of streamers don't even push above 100 viewers which is pretty much nothing. I'l rather we all get an opportunity to test the game whenever it's ready than watch streamers test out their systems. I personally think it would've been better for the dev team to stream and for us to be able to ask questions to the dev team than having to get these streamers to gather the question for us.
  11. Hopefully we will have a community manager that actually communicates with the community
  12. Poor management, Poor choices of staff, Poor planning, Fake promises and too many apologies for shit they should’ve got right. The game is in the worst state at the moment losing players by the day making bronze & green players play against people with 3-20k hours on top of messing up the servers for the highest populated server by forcing EU players to play on NA ping. It’s been an amazing year! 2020 is the year for APB;)
  13. Problem is that they never think. I think their track record just shows how poor they are at managing this game.
  14. For the people that did name change prior to the cancellation. Good luck contacting support, it's going to take at least a month or more until they respond to your ticket.
  15. No offence Matt these are things you should’ve thought off way before you gave us a date. Frankly sounds like an excuse for you and the dev team not being able to implement this wipe effectively. After all the other issues you have had with giving us dates and delaying them, This is really unprofessional for a company specially when you keep doing it consistently. If I was LO I would think very carefully about dates and make sure something is completed and tested before giving out any dates to us since it’s clear you guys have issues with keeping up with dates so don’t give one unless you are sure you can keep them. All the stuff brought up about name conflicts with was brought up before the announcement and after the name change thread yet you decide to cancel this in the last moment which make it sound like you are using that as an excuse for whatever technical difficulties you came across. I just hope we get better communication in the future and hopefully a non pre scripted QA with boring personalities and rather a way for the actual community to ask you questions in regards to what we want directly. What happened to our community manager ? I see more of the CEO than the community manager on the forum.
  16. They might be just waiting for the engine update like most players who have supported this game for a long time. The 1 month is not enough notice for someone that has been inactive for a year exactly. They could be on holiday or whatever, You can't just make a announcement and tell them to stop whatever they are doing to login during the month notice. Not to mention the fact that APB has always maintained that they wouldn't do name wipes in the past so these guys probably have no idea about the fact that it's happening if they are away.
  17. The way he comes out on his own stream by treating players in a bad manner on top of not looking like he enjoys the game most of the time is not someone I would want to advertise if I owned a game. I don't feel like he represents the APB community as a single person and the company should do stuff like this on their own and interact with the community directly rather than a 3rd person. But like I said nothing against Kempington I just feel that Little Orbit should do stuff on their own and communicate with us direct rather than an unofficial discord and 3rd party people. I wouldn't be surprised if we have another Sovereign situation with the way things are going. Post edited with author's consent. - Mina_
  18. Pretty stupid to wipe char names of people who haven't logged in for a year, I can already feel the shitstorm that will follow it. It makes more sense to wipe char names of people that haven't logged in over 3-4 years. But then again you guys are the best at making the wrong decision and never keeping to time with anything you do. I just hope the engine update is not a failure considering all the time and delays there has been to it. I also don't feel the 1 month notice is enough if you are going to wipe people who have been inactive for 1 year, If it was for 3-4 years it wouldn't matter much but that's just my opinion. Special treatment, Nothing against Kempington great guy but it's all it is. Same as how they are more active on the unofficial discord compared to the forums and a lot of the people from there seemed to be in SPCT and GM positions.
  19. I mean you are definitely entitled to your opinion and I get what you are trying to say. But I am sure you are an old player like me, Have you really seen this game bring a lot of players based on people recommending the game? The active population has been hovering around the same point for so many years and since last year has been going down with the exception of the recent surge with merge but I am sure it will go down again. I also would like to point that the current active population is what most people would consider a failure and wouldve shut down the game by this point. But just to touch on your idea of prioritising recently active players compared to veterans, what if someone is deployed to the army for a year or something would they deserve to lose their names to someone who have been playing actively the past couple of months? The point I am trying to make is that not everyone has the time to play this game a lot and recent hours should never be a variable in the decision of who gets the names in my opinion. Personally I think the only thing that would prevent majority of the current inactive players to leave again would be a game without active updates. It seems like LO are willing to bring new content to the game which I hope would entice them to stay. I have a lot of friends that haven't touched the game since 2013 who have been asking about the progress of the game over the years, these are the types of players that would come back once there is a major update and once they are satisfied that LO will deliver new content and actually look after the game which GamersFirst failed to do.
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