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  1. hi every one NA servers are empty, playing there is bored af, theres some way to move to EU? LO should merge servers be cause the game is dying
  2. thank you, that worked for me!
  3. Good night everyone, today I have a problem, I tried to open the game and I got an error saying that easy anti cheat detected that I am not using the official version of the game, I do not understand why if I play it from steam, someone who can help first time it happens to me I play from windows 10 PRO https://ibb.co/CBN7Sjp
  4. threat level permanently disabled on servers? In my opinion this makes the gaming experience much worse especially for new players who want to give apb a chance, since all the time you are paired with 255 level players and gold which means that you are screwed because these players do not They have done nothing more in their life than playing apb. yesterday I was trying to play with a friend and this was always the same result, something that didn't happen before when the threat level was active
  5. dude i have the same problem, and now i have problem to armas market place too, i tried to buy premiun again and i cant, says "unhandled exception" this is so annoying
  6. can you show me how can make a ticket? be cause at the suport place was impossible submit the request please...
  7. I have never been banned, or warned of something, I do not understand what is really happening, here I have these screenshots ... https://ibb.co/7r9y6M5 https://ibb.co/xCNYtv9 https://ibb.co/BsW5BQr
  8. Good to all, recently I made a post, asking for help because I could not trade, the problem was that I played with mobile data, but now that change, I have my normal internet like everyone else, the thing is that before they told me that no I could do trades because the mobile network makes the ip dynamic, but now that I have changed to normal internet I still have the damn problem, when I enter the social district I do not get any message saying how long I have the "tradelock" PLEASE HELP ME!
  9. good night every one, my problem is the following; I installed advanced launcher so that the game had better performance but it happens that soon after I began to notice the mouse or "camera" with a lot of lagg when moving it, I don't know why, I eliminated the advanced launcher from my game but I still have this problem, none of this problem is related to FPS (or so I think), constantly the game is going to me at 35-60 fps (it depends on the area where I am) my cpu is an - Intel Dual Core e8500 3.16 Ghz - GPU- Nvidea GTX 750 2gb - 8gb ram ddr2. What do you recommend me to do? please i wait for answers thanks.
  10. dude i have a intel dual core 3.19 ghz gtx 750 2gb 8gbram ddr2 and the game run fatally, 25-55 fps i needed to use advanced launcher and the game run better now. GROM how can you say this game run better at cpu dual cores, i think thats not true
  11. What do you mean by the verification of two steps? I still have the same problem ... Where do I contact technical support? I thought it was for this post, that's why I'm writing asking for help !!!!
  12. i have like 2 months with my account, how much time i need wait to be able to trade??
  13. good afternoon, I have a problem and I can not buy anything in the market of the social district, or trades with players, I created my account more than 1 month ago, I am currently a premium, with armas marketplace I have not had problems , but the problem is that I can not do anything of exchanges or buy in the social as I mentioned before, what is this? I do not see any message that says how long is the tradelock, I do not know what to do, someone to help me please because it is very annoying, thanks I hope you answer as soon as possible
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