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  1. With the new configs released by LO ,I have tried always sprinting and hold to crouch,i can see why always sprinting is better but with hold to crouch i am having difficulties.Why is hold to crouch better than toggle on/off crouch besides personal preference? Also it doesnt help hold to crouch bugs sometimes and it keeps me crouching even though i am not pushing the key,so LO should look at the bugs this option has.
  2. It will be nice if the gun games were more apart from each other in time
  3. Personally i think it is not necessary to add aim assist to the game becuase like uwuMaster666 have said ,apb guns have little recoil,and the biggest problems new players have,it is not the fact that they cannot aim,it is their lack of knowledge of the game added to the fact of difference of equipment they have(cars,guns,mods,equipment,etc) compare to the most of the players of the game which are veterans. What APB needs is a proper tutorial that actually shows to new apb players how apb works,so they dont try to take down a sniper which is 90m away with an oca for example.
  4. Engine upgrade is on process rn which i dont know if it will bring better graphics,but it should unless have better performance,3 or 4 grenades is stupid becuase it is just too much nades.
  5. The game has GMs and TGMs but they dont have real power,they are just able to kick people from a district and to speed up the process of the tickets made by them.So yeah any griefier will at least be able to be playing for quite some time even if a GM notice him.
  6. That is becuase fbw is way harder to use,with nano u just aim,meanwhile with fbw u have to aim and know the rhythm to be able to actually kill,nano is basically the atac of secondaries.
  7. That image is from where there werent segregation on the districts,that is why it doesnt show threat,also the servers were acting funny and those two districts were the only ones avalaible at that time
  8. Damn that is super cool, that is some nice taste and skills,very well done.Ty for tagging me on it,I really apreciate it. And yeah dont forget NFS Pro Street ,best nfs.
  9. To be honest in my opinion both sides are right,game performance is very bad so it is normal people use configs to fix it,but it also understandable that people complain about them becuase after all configs are in the grey area,after all u know,knowing all the stages of the a mission beforehand,having colourful grenades trails,removing ambience sounds,give u a much better quality gameplay compare to someone who is playing the vanilla game,so who fault is then?.Sadly it is LO fault becuase they arent harsh enough to say what is allowed and what is not,also becuase game runs very bad and until recently that the advance launcher got officially allowed they hadnt done anything to fix the performance of the LIVE game. LO has really to work hard to realise the engine upgrade as fast as they can,becuase configs keep the players we have playing but configs scare all the new players away,becuase would u play a game when u have to download the game,download the official advance launcher(if u are lucky to find the official link),and then go to a ramdom dude twitch to download and install some files that u dont know where they even come from just to be on equal terms with the rest of the players? Most people wont do it,also add that anyone that see someone playing with configs on twitch,they would say wtf is wrong with this game.
  10. RCooper


    U know cheating is back to being really bad in the game when u open a ramdom video of apb showcasing cheats ,and u are on the video getting owned ,and the guy cheating is playing on a lvl 150+ character
  11. Normal maintenance but last up to 10 hours???
  12. If u have enough money u can also make battleye be the best anticheat in the world,the thing is that based of the state EAC was running it made people have a higher latency , unless i when EAC was running ,I felt my game being sloppy and slow,when they reverted back the issue was solved. EAC probably is a better anticheat than BE,the thing is I prefer to deal with cheaters from time to time than have to deal with that increase on latency and my game felling sloppy and slow every mission.
  13. When we negotiated the deal with Kamu (Epic Games), the service was supposed to be client and server side. The critical reason for moving was their management tools and the server side piece which we didn't get with BattlEye. However, we also agreed to pay more to get that. The client side integration was fairly smooth, but the server side integration hit immediate snags. We spent months trying different configurations with the networks to get them talking properly, and when that didn't work, both sides dedicated programming support to fix the issues. When it still didn't work, we started exploring other ways to possibly fix it, but Kamu said based on our concurrency we wouldn't like get good results anyway. More recently I was finally contacted by their head of development with the news that they could no longer justify the resources to finish the server side integration. So then we attempted to work out a reduction in pricing. But we couldn't come to a compromise, so we have mutually decided to end the agreement. Clearly, we will need to keep evaluating server side solutions or build our own, because I have yet to see one that works well enough. How i got that reversed?
  14. EAC gave back in the day performance issues,it made apb laggy ,that is why it got reverted back to BattleEye
  15. First of all u werent only talking about name change,u were also talking about free character slot,but having one free name change is a good idea,having more idk becuase apb is very toxic and cheaters and toxic players will be probably changing names constantly,also LO was going to change how the names work,after all they didnt delete the russian names,i am a f2p player myself i am always in favour on gettings free things too,but u know if LO doesnt earn money the game dies.
  16. That things should cost money,that is not something related to gameplay in anyway
  17. remove consumables they are stupid
  18. that was a bug that happeneed to some recent created characters back then,u were able to buy the firebomb and they coywolf for 10k each but got fixed
  19. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes esta es la pagina a mirar para saber si el juego esta online o no ,tambien donde informan de las nuevas actualizaciones.
  20. So yeah i log in to the beta with my usual acount but there are no characters ,do i have to create a new character to play or can i play with my normal characters and how ?
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