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  1. Piper Lockhart. I previously used this submission for the Joker Store contest, however I feel it still holds fitting for the Halloween contest. In game name: irldevil
  2. In my many years of APB, Ace has to be in the top 5 designers I've seen in this game.
  3. The most exciting news we've had in years. Let's hope BattlEye holds up. Bring back EAC.
  4. Piper Lockhart. Piper Lockhart never lived a 'normal' life. Her parents were military spouses, and her being an only child in San Paro led her to fend for herself. In the rare times her parents came home, they always brought little pieces of interesting military grade items for her to play with. Infatuated, over time she became familiar with the military lifestyle, reading articles, tinkering with mil-spec artillery, researching the lastest technology. That willingness to learn and her fierce attitude held power. If trouble was around, she would find it. Or would it find her? Either way, this caused her life to always be on tilt. She found her calling in San Paro after running into Luke Waskawi. Waskawi bumped into Lockhart at the same notorious facility for picking up all types of contraband from drugs and tech, to weaponry and automotives. He approached Lockhart with caution, trying not to ask too many questions and keep the peace. She was looking for a FLIR camera and parts to a radar scanner. A brief conversation went down and they exchanged details. They would talk again in a more private setting, and in a less formal manner. Waskawi eventually introduced Lockhart to Wilde, a popular name at the front of Joker Distributions. A match made in heaven. The chat would inevitably bring in Lockhart, doing work with Waskawi and Wilde and slowly but surely working up the trust and forming a powerful alliance. Military background, a little bit of insanity, street smarts and presumably a constant flow of adrenaline - whatever the case was, she had it. So much so that whatever needed to be done from Waskawi, she was on it. Smarter, faster, and more precise than any other. Lockhart could build a sniper rifle from scratch, evade cops at all costs, pick and drop off supplies to the warehouse. If you needed one person by your side to do the job, and do it right - Piper was the one. That is why she emerged at the top of the villainous throne. Semi-Cinematic shots.
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