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  1. Hello everyone, We have our usual server maintenance this week on Wednesday 9/8/2021. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well. Selali
  2. Hello everyone, We have our usual server maintenance this week on Wednesday 9/8/2021. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well. Selali
  3. Hey everyone, Since Jericho’s population has declined over the past few months, we are going to be moving to no threat districts during this maintenance so that both Citadel and Jericho are able to find matches and play. This was a difficult decision to make because if we make this change, we have to make this change on both worlds. Using the current system, both worlds need to use the same ruleset. We are going to be looking into options to try and fix this system but we don’t want to take any developers away from the Engine Upgrade to look into making this change. We suspect that it will not be a simple fix and will take a considerable amount of time to both implement and test the changes and its just not feasible right now. I know that there are some in the community that do not like this change when we make it but it is a necessary change so that everyone who wants to play APB is able to. Thank you all for your understanding, Selali
  4. Hello everyone, Over the next 5 hours, anyone playing on Citadel might experience some intermittent disconnections as our service provider is preforming some critical maintenance on the servers for that region. The maintenance will be starting at May 16, 2021 - 7:00PM UTC and ending at May 17, 2021 - 12:00AM UTC. We apologize for the short notice and aim to have the servers fully back as soon as possible. Thank you, Selali
  5. Hello everyone, This issues should be resolved at this time. Thank you for your patience while we looked into this issue. Selali
  6. We actually tested that change extensively over the last month and concluded that while its not the most clear solution to new players, it was a necessary step to keep the weapon from being an RNG cannon in close quarters. We have investigated a number of different changes and this is the most balanced change that we have found at this time.
  7. Let me give a little context. In Live currently the districts are split into Green through Gold districts which helps to limit the matchmaking choices. On the beta, currently everyone threat level is in the same district. This causes issues with matchmaking when the population is fairly small. Since that is the case, we are moving to Open Conflict districts so that players can get matched for Missions. The side effect of this, is that we removed the type of district that is set as the Tutorial district, namely the normal Financial district. Players should be playing on their live accounts, using their current live characters. To help make sure that we funnel as many players as we can into the Open Conflict districts, we wont have a regular Financial districts up any longer meaning that creating new characters is not going to be possible for the remainder of this Open Beta. Hopefully some of this context will help you understand the decision process.
  8. We are aiming to do updates to the JT store to continue to add more guns and clothing options. We might not get all the items that are available on ARMAS all at once but will be doing them in batches. Currently we are only adding items that are on ARMAS. We are planning on doing a patch with new additions at least once a month, give or take. Feel free to give suggestions as to what items you are interested in seeing added to the JT store.
  9. Hello everyone, The game has been brought back up from maintenance and most of the server issues are resolved. We have a few missing instances on NA-West and are working on getting those available as soon as possible. The downtime on those instances should be less than an hour. Thank you all for your patience. Selali
  10. Weapon balance is a tricky beast at the best of times but that being said, its going to take a few iterations to get the game in the state that we want for weapon balance. It is impossible to change all the weapons at once, as this would give us way too many things that we need to test. Even in testing these 18 changes, some minor, some major, it took over a dozen playests over the course of about a 15 individual patches after testing. Frosi is right when he says: The goal is to establish a baseline "Meta" with as few outliers as we can, then we can look at buffing the weapons that are unused or very underpowered. We are going to aim to give every weapon some ability to compete but with a game that has the number of guns that APB does, its going to take time, many iterations and time to let things settle after every patch. I understand the want to make a quick judgement on the changes that were made but please test them out in game before forming your final opinion. Even if you disagree with the changes on paper, see if you still disagree with them after trying them in game. After that point, come back to the forums and help provide constructive feedback. While getting your opinion out about how you either love or hate a change we made is important, even more important is the reason WHY you hate or love that change. Without that feedback, its hard to form an opinion on how best to proceed other than seeing what players are using after a few weeks of playtime with the new changes.
  11. This is not something we currently ban for. This is also something that we would like to implement in the future.
  12. Okay, I will get together with our engineers and see if there is anything that could have caused this issue.
  13. There were no changes to anything related to character customization.
  14. Yes, this is one of of the bugs that we are working towards correcting. The intent is for items to go back to having a duration as they did previously but for the Cooldown to start when the deployable is used/activated instead of the previous iteration where you needed to wait for the deploy time before the cooldown timer even started. The change to ammo box so that you can no longer use it to change your inventory was an unintended one and should be fixed when we do the next patch with the bug fixes.
  15. Hey all, There is a lot to unpack in this thread but I wanted to directly address the issue with death themes. This is one of those things that is hard to police from our side so in the interest of trying to help combat this type of griefing we are going to be looking into adding an option in the game to just globally mute them all. Hopefully this will help out with that specific issue. Thanks, Selali
  16. Okay, let me step in here to clear up some of this. When purchasing Joker Tickets from ARMAS, you have a 1% chance per 500 JTs purchased to be granted an random legendary from the entire legendary pool. To know what all is included in that pool, head over to Anne in Social and see what she is selling. Those are the guns that you have a 1% chance to get. If you purchase a bundle of 5000 JT, you are granted 10x1% chance rolls. This is not 1x10% chance roll. When renting legendaries from Anne, each rental costs 2500 JT for 7 days. As part of that purchase you are given 1, 5% chance to gain that specific legendary. That is for every purchase, the % chance does not stack over time. It is a 5% chance on every purchase. Currently, if you spend 50k JTs (20 purchases) on a specific legendary without getting the permanent legendary, we increase the drop rate of the next purchase to 100%. This means that if RNG is not on your side, you are spending, at most, 52.5k JTs (50k to proc the 100% chance, 2500 for the next purchase) for a permanent, tradeable legendary. I hope this information clears up any confusion.
  17. We are aware of the issue and looking into a fix for it. Thanks! Selali
  18. The new games are different variations of guns to make it so you are not playing through the same 4 Gun Games every time.
  19. Yea, I am specifically referring to the ARMAS daily/weekly activity system. It used to be on a page that popped up when you first logged in and was something that you could track either on the web or through the web browser in game. It was something that we were looking at bringing back but am working on setting up a way that QA can test it. Hopefully, if the system still works and doesnt require development time, its something that we can bring out, at least as a trial run in the coming weeks.
  20. We are working towards this actually. The first part of this process is figuring out why the events were stopped in the first place. Were they stopped because they broke, or were they stopped because it was an additional system that needed upkeep? Considering the sheer amount of content that these events could hold, its going to be a process that takes some time to fully QA but our intention is to bring this system back.
  21. If you see instances of things like this, please report them to support by opening a ticket at support.gamersfirst.com with times, locations and names of all parties involved. Screenshots help us as well. Currently the wait time on support tickets is about 7 days so not all of these things get taken care of right away but we do take care of them in the end. You can contact me directly through Discord by joining the APB community discord and then messaging me directly. My discord name is Selali#9469 if you would like to discuss things further. Thank you, Selali Moderator note: accusing others of possibly breaking breaking the Terms of Service or posting evidence of that is not permitted on the forums. This information is much better handled via the support team.
  22. Selali

    game not updating

    If you are having trouble getting the game to update, we need to see your launcher logs. Those should exist in the Launcher folder which is located at APBGame > Launcher. If you can open a support ticket at support.gamersfirst.com and attach those logs, then privately DM me your ticket number, we will look into this issue. Thanks, Selali
  23. We listed the names of the weapons that we were adding to the Joker Ticket store. As it was already outlined in this post: As this had already been covered in the above post, I did not think that it was needed to add all the specific changes that we made related to Joker Ticket items. The one that changed from its previous incarnation in the Joker Ticket store was noted. This type of change will be happening on every weapon that we add to the Joker Ticket store with limited exceptions. If this system ever changes in the future, we will be sure to note them for the community in another post.
  24. This is intended. As we move towards more items being available in the Joker Ticket store, we will be moving away from colored icons indicating where the item was purchased. As this question has been answered, I will be locking the thread. Thanks, Selali
  25. The weapons included in the Valentines bundle, which are also up for sale individually, will be removed.
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