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  1. Found this handsome guy earlier today @Sakebee I should just rethink where to aim before i take screenshots
  2. Will there be any change to make it go faster? I have the feeling that every person i report has enough time to prepare for a ban til that account gets banned. I know that's easy to say but i'm just worried
  3. Does someone else has the same problem? Since the last server downtime i have a ping of around 90ms and packet loss. Before that, when Citadel was back on EU servers again it was at 30 ~ 60ms. Now my ping can bounce up to 150+ ms sometimes.
  4. I really hope that because having new players among more pros that help them is better to leave them alone with dethreaters that just wanna farm them. We really need a lot more stuff ingame to support new players.
  5. Thanks Matt. Thanks for the work you guys did, thanks @Lixil to keep us up to date and for having nice chats with us on Discord, but most important thanks for being so honest with us.
  6. Just asking, okay bud? The rest was nice explaination and i thank you for that.
  7. Can't we just find out who and where these Ddos guys are? Is there rly no wae? I know it is far from easy but i just wanna know if possible.
  8. I wasn't online this week to tell if servers atm are really that shit but finding a good solution takes more than just the bit of time you have on your birthday. You can also use the website support. If i have problems ingame the first thing i check is server stability. Then i check if my internet just sucks otherwise i try to find any other fault like bugs and stuff and go to the support with that if nothing helps. Game isn't ded just because it does not work for a day. LO also didn't kill it.
  9. San Paro is chaos. San Paro is riot. This is part of San Paro and the reason why i am Enforcer. To take another truck and crash down their cute little blockade. Take action or find another way around and yes, that also pisses me off but not something i'd report. Griefing is when someone out of mission would block one of my objectives or actively chases me during mission or interupt me in my battles. Some randos blocking a rando street aren't a huge business.
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    Definitely. Everyday i see stuff like this in the district chat which could be posted into the /yell chat. It wouldn't even be that annoying if there'd be a limitation for the same message. Here are more from 2 different guys
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    I try to be a bit social sometimes. Enjoying conversations with people but then ... Merge This is another pearl i found at the same time. E: Same person
  12. I had exactly the same idea and i like how you presented it. You also added more to that to underline your idea. I would really like to see it in the way you showed us.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen... and criminals My suggestion today is about the district chat and how it is abused by spamming everything multiple times and at some point over a long time which is annoying. Some people say "Just ignore it and block them" but in my opinion that is not something /ignore was made for. If someone constantly insults and harasses me, it is a reason to make use of this function since it's just me who is affected. District spammers can be /ignore'd too but this is, as i said, a solution for you. Someone else who didn't block fast enough will have their chat spammed away and it looks just shit. (That was just a tiny part of todays district spam, also another topic: Name and shame) Spammers can be a problem for everyone not just for yourself - And this is why we should have a limitation in chat. Question is what would be the best solution? That should happen without punishing normal people. And is it enough to do that for district chat? I mean i don't care about /yell chat but sometimes i take a look for some offers. As i said, everyone should have an advantage from that idea. Simple would be to limit the chat. You can't post the same message within 30 seconds or 1 minute. This would have the disadvantage of just doing this: - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-0 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-1 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-2 - I SELL ONION ICE CREAM FOR 50$ WHISPER ME-3 I saw gold sellers doing that in another game but they solved it with making them unable to post similiar lines. I am not sure how that works tbh and what kind of filters are used within game chats but could this be a thing that would help APB or is there a better idea? Besides ignoring it... in my opinion this is a behavior that shouldn't be ignored. Those people get away with that too easy. It also takes away a little bit of work LO supporter have with spam reports. I know some people report this but with a spam filter that wouldn't be necessary. Before i finish this here the question again: Do we need a filter for district chat, for all chats or no filter at all? Lemme know in the poll. best regards Juno Zaziki ... damn! ... Suzuki
  14. Criminals also have that they can just pick every car that is on the streets. Enforcers have to wait until a criminal gets into an NPC car and leaves it somewhere if they are not taking their own cars. It needs a revamp definitely. While criminals can make a lot of money on their own enfs just can camp at laundry doing literaly nothing and wait if someone comes along.
  15. Not sure if you mean what i am thinking about but Enfs also have stabba which gives you a lot more money than killing but skill is highly required. Also awareness of your team mates not to kill stunned criminals or stealing your arrests. It also gives you better stats at the end, turns you gold and forces you to play on silver which isn't that good for a beginner. If you compare to a criminal who can just steal a random van for ram raiding it is a bit unfair. The witness for criminals should be a good balancing. Those NPCs driving around making illegal money for g-kings, bloodroses or other gangs(/nongangs) of san paro and if you stop a car you could have a loading circle with an animation where you drag the thief out of his car. That's what i thought.
  16. ... i want to discuss with you guys. I know there is a lot that might be not possible at this time nor possible at all but thats what i wanna find out. It is a lot and i hope it's not bad written since my english is not the yellow from the egg but it goes. (Haha...) I just hope it is written good enough to get you guys to the end of this. I really hope we can share a little bit of ideas, suggestions and opinions so gimme a chance or just read the part you are most interested in. I give you a little help here to find out what interests you more and what not so you can avoid wasting time on stuff you are not interested in. Style Character/Colors Clothes Weapon Skins Game Mechanics Browsing and Inventory ideas Money Farming for Enforcers + Witness for Criminals Movement in Combat situations Buildings Copy one of those points and press Ctrl + F to open search bar and paste it in there to jump to the section you want if you don't wanna read all of it but it would be nice if you do! But i'm not bothering you so feel free to take that little help here. o/ ... While playing APB i got a lot of ideas what could make this game a bit more fresh and better to play but also some smaller ideas. I know about my little utopic and naive nature but in cases like that i think twice... or a 3rd time... Nevermind let's start with the small stuff... Style APB is not a new game but still awesome. I believe it could need some upgrades in case of skins, clothing and also body customization. Character/Colors Body custom could need some more stuff like new hair cuts ... new hair cuts and a little tuning on itself. There are some haircuts which are basically the same and the only difference is that the other one is shorter which could be done by just sliding a button to the left but... it somehow became an own hair cut. It confuses me everytime when i see it but i take this one anyway ... on every character and everyone else too. It's an awesome haircut. You can do a lot with it and sure there are other good haircuts but no one has the settings that this one has right now. I can imagine that LO already got this suggestion a lot and i am yet not sure if they aren't already on it... and this is also just about hairstyle from female characters since i have no male character but i guess there are also a lot of things to work and improve. What i'd suggest are modern looking haircuts and some older but good looking ones. Some that could fit enforcers, some that could fit criminals very well. There are already some of them but i think we need more. More that have also more settings to change like the one i am showing above. I mean at the end style is something that makes fun and a good haircut is the first step! Talking about body customization is difficult right now i guess... so suggesting something like more body types would be difficult but what bothers me is how tattoos act with the skin. It is hard to see a black tattoo being so glossy when you try to let it look like some part of clothing. That just looks like latex or something. Would it be possible to add something to make it look matte or glossy so you can decide? That could be a good idea because there are probably some people who use the glossy look because they wanna let it look like latex or something else. Related to that was my thought about coloring on itself ... Some colors of clothing like armor parts, metal etc. make colors from symbol look weird. What if we give it an option of being matte too if you wanna make symbols and texture-symbols more visible or just give it a matte look? Like those boots being a combination of death boots and tech trousers i'd really love to see ingame is that because we need more boots too (just a smol suggestion of modern boots in APB reloaded i'd pay money for if they make it ingame :< ) Not sure if we need a better color spectrum or just being able to use much brighter colors ... But adding matte surfaces could solve a lot i guess. So my suggestion on this is adding matte surfaces besides the already existing glossy (no matter if leather or metal/armor parts) and a wider color spectrum with brighter colors/neon-glowing-like colors. Lum 7 gives us the brightest color atm but it just loses it on certain surfaces which is a bit sad. Clothes Next thing would be clothing ... A lot of awesome people make it happen to design a piece of clothe with textures what makes it look waaaaaaaay different in a very awesome way. And tbh i wouldn't suggest to take that away. As shown above some futuristic looking stuff can look very awesome and still have the potential to be designed in a very good way. The boots i've posted... well you could say just wear tech-trousers + death boots but the problem is the trousers in it. If that would bee a seperate pair of boots you could combine them with different clothing pieces. But besides that there are also a lot of other unused and awesome clothing pieces already in APB and it could be very refreshing to see more styles on the streets of san paro no matter if futuristic, classic or good looking casual and a better variety of existing ones ... pointing again to the existing tech clothing... could be nice if there would be a second hoodie with the hood down since the only existing one has it's hood up. What i really like is that you can adjust the clothing part manual where you wanna have the symbol at a single piece of clothe. Weapon Skins Now there is something where i know it is not the time yet but ... skins. Weapon skins. Edgy weapon skins. Futuristic weapon skins, trashy ones or something like wild western style and i know there are weapons you can put into a certain time in human history and i like that but what if you can go like that with every weapon which could also fit in there very well. Okay an ATAC would not fit very well into the western time but some fictional modern military style could make it look good yet i am not competent enough to describe how. There are also some weapons that need a little reskin tbh the VAS Assault Rifle from loyality reward for example has a very bad texture. There could be an option for weapon specific skins weapons can have to give them individuatlity towards other brother and sister weapons. VAS could have different skins than N-Tec and Joker CR-5. Same for other weapons who are basically the same. Besides that you could add weapon skin itself into the customization system so people can design some very awesome looking stuff on their own, probably making them tradeable but that would be a huge impact on armas since LO is also selling skins there and it's not that i wanna avoid buying them with that. I still do because they offer some very nice skins i wanna have. I think that were all ideas i had related to style ... a lot of those things can be discussed i guess but i like discussions. Probably some of that could work in APB very well, others has to be dumped because it wouldn't be possible to realize. Let me know what you think about it. Game mechanics Next stuff is a bit bigger since there are mechanics behind i don't know nor don't understand. It's a suggestion and a question if that would be possible in APB just without the "?". Browsing Interface and Inventory ideas This is linked to the style aspect i was talking about. If i wanna sell stuff i have to use my own inventory which is full of clothes and symbols i really really don't want to delete. If you are someone who sells design stuff and there would be something like a traders license which allows you to design stuff and put that into a seperate trader-inventory that could save a lot space in your own inventory. Just more freedom for creators... or just expand inventory but at some point you get confused about that. The interface needs a rework to make stuff easier to find and sort into seperate sections for easier browsing. So ... expanding inventory or going for some kind of trader license with a seperate inventory? Or something way different? Mhm... Money Farming for Enforcers + Witness for Criminals OoooOooOo this will definitly have an impact... but i wanna bring that idea out here. Maybe it's good, maybe not. Criminals have their ram raiding and can make a lot of money. Enforcers then can fuck up hours of work with camping at the money laundry. Now, what if we give Enforcers their own way to make money. My idea is based on the existing mechanic of the drug mule. Add some punk looking Punks to the streets which stole stuff they can drop when you beat them to shits. There can also be criminal looking NPCs driving around in vans full with stuff that can be a random amount like 14/25, 7/25 or when you are lucky enforcer 25/25 and these items you can bring to an NPC too like the items you can get from beating thiefs on the streets. We also have a money laundry and if criminals wanna get their revenge you can let them also witness enforcers so those punks can get a taste of that. I am totally not a main enforcer that got taught at the SPPD every punk looking person is a criminal. Ok i am lying. What i also thought is to give that also a bit RNG. Criminal beats rich looking people -> They drop more worthy stuff. Probably there are some people looking like higher ranked criminals which could give them the same, What do you think? A good thing or bad idea which should be overthought? Movement in combat situations At the moment we just can run, jump and hide, switch arm, look around corners. I thought it could give fights a bit more action if we can do more like dodge rolls/jumps, wall-walk-shooting, 3-Point-Landing, laying down. I was kidding with the two things in the middle... nothing too edgy or straight out of anime looking moves. Something possible you can do in a fight. If shot you can jump or roll into cover or use it to avoid bullets. That could probably open the wae for new character upgrades or a new stamina system for those moves but somehow it can be confusing because stabba reduces stamina and adding another system besides that could burst someones brain. At some point it is boring just being able to walk in a fight or crouch. There is more to make a fight nice and spicy i think. Buildings Huuuuuuuuuge thing! Open them. Add rooms, make them accessable so people can use it as hide to be bombed out by enemy squads. That could add a lot of space to the already existing districts. Standing on the top of a huge building after walking up a lot of stairs looking down on the street to watch all those ants... people... that would be a dream to see. Okay, a very difficult thing i discussed with other players and some said that can cause huge lags for others. Not sure if that can be solved with engine upgrade or something but it would be a sweet thing if we can enter existing clubs, hotels, office buildings and others we can't enter yet. That can also add a new way of playing. To prevent a problem i got in mind right now... if enemies take the package to hold and final stage into the highest building and kill you, you will be spawned on a level where you can catch up fast instead of running a lot of stairs to get upstairs just to get shotgunned and repeat. That would be unfair. Some real siege play mechanics can raise from that. Also possibly making way for new character upgrades and stuff. But i guess this would be the most complicated thing out of all my ideas here. In the end... ... i finally came to drop all that here. Most of it but i don't wanna write a book here. That would be exhausting. What do you think could fit well into APB. What do you wanna see ingame and what not and why? I also hope the LO team can also say something about that or people who have good knowledge in that topic. Let's have a nice little discussion here about all that. Best regards Juno Zaziki Suzuki
  17. Ready for the clash! Q(°^°Q) I'd like the Penguin plees ^-^/ EDIT: Back pain kept me in bed that's why i wasn't there :'<
  18. He's not defending him and is right in what he said. It's problematic if he creates one account after another just to harass you but as long as he doing that exactly because he wants to harass you, he also avoids bans, still acts against the ToS and will be banned everytime until he realizes that he wasted a shitload of time. Stay strong, don't give a damn and move on with your life!
  19. Same here. I enjoyed it so much to work with him and his end result was just awesome. Proud to wear my new set piece and i'll definitly spare some money for a car! o/
  20. No. Let's be realisticilly, it is a highly unfair thing to do. And highly unfair things are listed among the rules as forbidden and have to be punished. Wouldn't even say you warn this player, i'd ban him directly for 1~3 days. That should act more as a warning imo Enforcer Juno out!
  21. EU doesn't have the same issues as NA. I've just seen enough people saying "Omg server lags hard rn this game is shit" when i haven't felt one bit of a tiny lag.
  22. I have no detailled report about my ingame experience but as far as i've noticed the game is working fine, for me atleast. I wouldn't blame someone first before i made sure there is no issue on my side.
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