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  1. I was thinking of that in the same way. Talking from my experience when i actively play APB i have phases where i play a lot of fightclub but also where i just hang around in social to do nothing. I would rather spend my time practicing sometimes but such thing does not exist yet. Just playing the game doesn't make you good. For me, it feels like i am getting worse the more i play. I'm much better when i can practise, warm up or whatever. In my head i was thinking about a seperate district where you can create a group. Within that group you can adjust everything you want like player and weapon atributes. You could split players within that group to create seperate teams that can attack each other or just make it so everyone can shoot each other. That would be much better than creating dummies. You have real player behavior you could practise on.
  2. Yet i almost haven't seen any suggestions about how LO should handle stuff. Managing a community is easier said than done. Measures can be too light but if you pull it tighter it might get too strict. On the other hand there isn't much information from LO either. I can only tell from experience that toxic people i reported indeed disappeared for a while or weren't seen in the chat. Cheating is a whole different thing. I think LO wants to be careful and don't want any GMs that abuse their powers. If a GM thinks you cheats and their perception was probably wrong there is no responsibility for them to rebuild your reputation as a legit non-cheating player. You disappear, people see that and from now on you get called out as cheater. If you cheated or not, you was just unfortunate to get banned by someone who made a mistake. This is why the whole "Call out the cheaters" mentality is stupid as hell. People don't care about such cases because they're not affected. But when a friend that didnt cheat gets hit and "called out" and harassed then they complain. Also: Back in G1 times cheating was obvious and blatant af. You should've seen some people streaming in 2021 and how hidden their cheats are. The line between a top-tier player and a cheater is closing more and more where the cheat is now just boosting a bad/average player into the heavens of high gold skill (and above) but it's still cheating, some of them just know how to hide it. Others are still more obvious and blatant.
  3. Again, a GMs job is not to chase cheaters. It was said so many times everywhere. You can argue about that GMs SHOULD have their active part in that and suggest to give them better possibilities to do so. Tbh i am in for that. But right now a GM is not responsible for that. The reason why they lead you to the support website is because Supporters have a lot of tools on their side to deal with that and i can't imagine that a GM kinda punished you by word for pointing out someone that is cheating unless it was name and shame public instead of private chat. A GMs job is not to chase cheaters. It is the job of Supporters to do that. Please use support.gamersfirst.com
  4. Probably also adding a lot of insults and harassment to the hackusations and then wonder why they also got punished.
  5. Leave the poor cheaters alone or i gonna punch you in the shoulder okay! They also have feelings and just ... okay i can't type this without making hyena noises. No one likes cheaters. No one wants them. Cheaters have no influence on anything since LO and everyone working on this game are obviously against that. Cheaters don't deserve criticism. They deserve rejection. Calling out cheaters is unnecessary because of 2 reasons: - The cheater doesn't care and/or wants that attention - The guy that is accused of cheating is actually legit and gets his reputation smashed into pieces when a large collective of people call him out The problem with cheaters is that they can become a pest and that is what they are, not more. What gives us a hard time is lack of information like having the POV of people. That would give everyone the ability to spectate and spot anomalies easier if they know what they have to look for. All we can do right now is assume and make the support aware of potential anomalies. "Assume" and "Potential" is nothing you should call people out on. I see you might come from a specific corner of discord APB but i advice you to put down that tinfoil hat. You make cheaters feel bigger than they actually are with statements like that.
  6. That's one person saying that nobody cares. One person is not the community. Happy to see gungames happening again.
  7. Skills required in mission district outweigh the skills needed in Fightclub. Fightclub is knowing where the enemies come from and how to use your weapon. There's people that are extremly good at it. Mission districts require, on top of that, teamwork, map knowledge, driving skills where teamwork can be the biggest bummer. No one cares who you are in FC, no one complains if you can't function and everyone does their own. There's one task given that kinda leads the people around but thats it. So yes, most skilled players indeed play more mission and... FC sometimes. They do both.
  8. kk then i believe that dethreaters are skilled players and every skilled player does their part in destroying this game and should get a damage debuff to make matches fair.
  9. You said Skilled players have destroyed the community by dominating beginners and above in the game. Its called "dethreating". Skilled players don't have to stomp on new people. But Dethreaters want that. Let's call them dethreaters. And i just don't consider them being skilled.
  10. Skilled enough to stomp a whole group of low ranked/new players.
  11. Where are dethreaters skilled players? Refusing to play on a district with better people is literaly skill capping them.
  12. Probably became gold, that can happen. I think it's best to not just give them free kills. New players want to test stuff and wanna know how the game works. Best you can do is explain stuff to them and maybe make it a little bit harder for them to kill you like running around and make them aim while you just dont shoot at them. Just letting them kill you won't safe the game i guess.
  13. I figured that G1/RP flushed away 4465 from 5592 peak withing 5 years and abandoned the game for almost one year completely because everytime i was taking a look at the forums there was nothing new before i was about to ditch APB for something else. Then LO came.
  14. JunoSuzuki

    the p90

    That's not me but that's called overlay crosshair. There's programs for that and certain screens have that in built. You can also just draw a dot in the middle of your screen for the same effect.
  15. JunoSuzuki

    the p90

    I believe they changed it because A: it was a laser beam with different mods and B: they were lazy so they made an OCA reskin out of it. Remember when i bought the 1 slot for JT permanent and it already shredded hard. E: I kinda prefered using heavy barrel on it
  16. Question: This now is steamcharts only and i've deleted the entire timeline of Little Orbit, like they never touched APB on May 2018. Can you tell me roughly how APB would've progressed until this day under G1/RP?
  17. 1st: Yes why not? Eventhough this is just a "remove X" title and a dot opener post why not encourage people to actually talk about stuff? 2nd: Of course i use information i gathered from outside of this thread. I mean why not? There's plenty, just not ONLY in thread form but there's forum threads about it and people sure discuss that topic. Wait a second ... that's not what i said. I said OPGL doesnt really give you a chance to run away because being in a building means you can try but the space is very very limited and you can easily be cut off or just can't make it outside of its large blast radius. That's not a confession you was just reading it wrong. OSMAW is very slow in mobility can has a max capacity of 4 rockets plus each of them cost 100$. It has a windup timer and you really have to think how you use that to your advantage. It kills less people that OPGL could. It's not about me that wants to play the game how i want it is about what this map was designed for and i can turn that one the other way around. If someone can't play this weapon and do a lot of teamkills then it shouldnt be a go for them to keep on playing like that on the cost of other players. They're not the only people that want to play Asylum and if they handle a weapon with the potential of teamkilling pretty often and they can't use it but do it anyway then it's them being egoistic. Happens to me for example so i don't touch this weapon in there. Why should i piss of people if i know i can't use it properly? Believe it or not but i can not predict where they are shooting their nades now because they definitely won't tell me that. Asylum is too fast for that. I constanly have to be aware of enemy players too so i can not focus on one team mate and figure out where he is and where he might shoot his OPGL when i have 20 opponents that can possibly be inside of a room or might peek around the corner. I said the gameplay of Asylum is fast not that i want it to be faster. It's a map made for CQC with certain areas in the outside where long range weapons can pick up people from the other side of the building. It implies nothing tbh. I also dont want an OPGL buff i just want to have it less spammable. Told you why am i using these words. I just dont wanna type it over and over again and my goal is not to take a hit back at OPGL users. Having a windup timer and making it work like HoHoHo PGL that you can fire automatic still allows you to spam this weapon but everytime you stop shooting you have to windup again and might give you time to think if you really wanna shoot that nade now or not. Not everyone can juggle with numbers that well and i expect that i might be wrong if i do so because, as i said, i need to see my results first. Changing one number in weapon balancing can have a big impact. Sometimes too big. Sometimes it isnt doing anything at all. Public playtest just went wrong because everyone kept playing on the normal districts so LO had to decide on the little numbers they get. I dont want to ruin OPGL. It's a frustration factor for a lot of people and if you have so many complain about something you can't just disregard it by saying they're just mad and annoyed. So many people being annoyed says something that's sure. You might think otherwise and that's up to you and alright. I just see it different.
  18. Well it's a quite frequently discussed topic and besides the poll i've seen people everywhere complaining about it. I use this to underline my argument because complaints don't come out of nowhere and even among people that want to see it get removed there are huge differences. While i don't 100% agree with the thread opener and kinda have my own approach or experience both of us come to the same conclusion. And i made lots of experience by asking people online, playing OPGL myself and see what happens, watching other people playing OPGL and how they play it and what OPGL was made for and if it's really needed on a map that has most of it's spots inside a house with areas that you can clear with your own hand grenates instead of cheesing on people with pocket artillery. I don't think you have to change every other explosive if you change OPGL. Every explosive is too different and each of them having a different role and advantages. I played Volcano when i had one, OSMAW and i once bothered myself playing an EOL. Ive seen others playing said weapons and also had someone doing good with EOL on the enemies side. This weapon is also able to push very good it just gives me a slight chance while OPGLs blast radius doesnt allow anything tbh. Probably pressing the speed pen into my veins and hope i get out of the radiation zone blast radius. Yes i know that one! A very nice approach of @Frosi to do this kind of stuff I just didnt have time to think about it but i was taking a look at that. Annoying and Stupid are short words for stuff that i just explained several times now and if i would repeat that over and over again it would make tired. Annoying as in i can not play in asylum how i'd like to play besides already taking care of my teammates actions. Getting stalled at a certain area and being forced to run around the entire building from a different direction to go somewhere because a teammate or opponent decide to bomb one door a couple of times. 5 seconds fuse. 4 grenades. That's 20 seconds of people just waiting til its over. Mostly annoying if a teammate does that and slightly annoying if the enemy is able to just refill it everytime. Stupid as in teammates that are not able to use this weapon being a danger for themself and their teammates. I can take care of people cooking nades and not run into the direction they're throwing it. But i can't look out where my teammate might have shot his nade like from outside into the inside without my knowledge. Stuff happens very fast in asylum which is important. OPGL kinda slows things down sometimes. Also, sometimes i might not use strict stats to say how i want OPGL to be and kinda use my own words for that. I can tell where i see it, how certain mechanics could be and stuff because throwing around with numbers that much even without knowing exactly how it would change stuff is a bit unsatisfying. I like to actually see results first tbh and change numbers til i get what i want to see. So ye, i really appreciate you taking the time. If we agree or disagree but it's interesting to exchange opinions with someone that thinks otherwise.
  19. Still think theres something wrong with this weapon that could be made better to make it a little less annoying. I also don't think OPGL gives people instant MVP and makes them top tier players. It's just annoying af getting stalled or stupidly killed because of said reasons. My suggestions are by far not a final thing that i want to have enforced i am just annoyed by one-word or one-line posts and wanna see a real discussion about it because there's definitely the need of talking about it. I'd like to keep OPGL in asylum with certain changes rather than removing it.
  20. From what i know 200+ gold/high silver are cheesing on low ranks pretty often there.
  21. Have to disappoint you. I never camp in rooms and constantly on the run trying to engage in fights.
  22. Tbh i wish they'd just develop a tool for everyone to change weapon stats in the game in a dedicated district so you can actually see what happens if you put an HVR on a fire interval of 0,096 + automatic or what happens if you put the blue micro rocket mod on a SHAW. Well okay, not for this kind of stuff but there would be people that would try stuff for serious and it would be easier to see what actualy happens if you change a number just one tiny bit. As i said, i dont even know if what i suggested even works out well and definitely needs adjustment. Windup timer is a good tool for very strong weapons that's why i thought it would fit well. If that doesnt work with the fuse timer this also can be adjusted but at this point i can only try to think that through in my head without seeing what it actually does ingame.
  23. k let's play minesweeper then. Is it neccessary in a house where people can come from every side? It's not just you sitting at the front defending your objective you have teammates coming from all directions. Forcing the opps away completely isnt an advantage its just unfair. Yea, that's why 4 (8) would be a little better. It makes it unpredictable where your teammate or enemy is shooting from. Other explosive users are easy to spot or figure out where they are. OPGL just goes FOMP! and you dont know where it came from or where it lands. EOL has the same projectile size but the slightly yellow and consistent trial makes it easier to predict Yes a weapon is supposed to hurt/kill people. But look at the stuff you stated as the same. Snipers can't clear an entire room, are immobile and not able to stall people around several corners. You have to actually look at your opponent directly. If someone shot an OPGL nade into a room i go in with SMG and pick up all pre-damaged people in there. Corner camping can be countered by the 2 grenades you have. If you decide to waste them by just yeeting them at every corner you see then idk. And yes: Use flak jacket in Asylum to get less damage from ONE opponent or teammate and be vulnerable for the other 19 people running around. For ONE person. Seems balanced. There are 39 other gun sounds including mine and explosive sounds like OSMAW or Volcano going on around me plus me sometimes cooking a nade and actually listening to the sound of that to not bomb myself. Yes very visible when i directly have it in my face and not trickshot behind my back. Also, watch how the grenade behaves next time you use your OPGL. The grenade actually sinks into the ground. Stuff happens fast in the chaotic environment called Asylum and that got me killed several times without knowing it prior because how should i know this if i havent heard and havent seen the grenade in said chaos? Weird. Somehow people manage to perfectly get into these rooms and clear them without heavy artillery shattering the entire building. They use grenades. Frag, cong, low yield, perc, what ever you prefer. People get pissed of as soon as someone pulls the OPGL not JUST because you cant escape it but because teammates are an annoyance, an unpredicable one. I get TKd by OPGL 90% of the time. The other 10% are regular grenades thrown by teammates that just missed their throw, didnt know i was there or so called death nades dropped by someone that died. Unfortunate. Can happen but at least most people throw their nades carefully. Just because you managed to pick on every single point alone doesnt mean that all points together don't make this weapon an annoying frustration factor. I neither want to be intimidating by saying this expecting that no one has a point against it. I am just looking for someone pro OPGL that can argue on a better base than "jUsT uSe FlAk JAcKeT" or "gEt GuD LoL" and aknowledge that this weapon has some problems compared to how other weapons are designed. I also don't hate the OPGL and want it removed from the game, i actually like it and it has it's place on mission districts and Baylan too since its easier to overlook. Only thing i can do is proving my points why it should be removed from Asylum or how it can be changed to still fit it's role and can be kept on this map. @LilyRain Yes of course add sprint delay to it as well, i just forgot that detail i am sorry. About it's function being similiar to HoHoHo PGL i actually dont refer to the HoHo's stats. What i mean is the auto fire function if you hold LMB that would still result in a fire interval of 1,750 seconds and not the HoHo's 0,183 seconds or whatever it is right now. The firerate is still the same for OPGL just automatic and with the drawback that if you stop firing, you'd have to windup again.
  24. My idea goes a bit far and might only be possible after the engine upgrade, except LO somehow has access to this because this might be hidden deep in the code, just not available doubt it I'd just go with the last one and give it the following stats: - Damage remains the same - Ammo capacity from from 4 (12) to 4 (8) - Movement the same as SHAW/ALIG/HVR -> Reason why i choose this weapon model is to make it fit being the weapon with a brutal punch. Having this tiny thing we have right now in your hands doesn't fit in my opinion Crouched speed 90 cm/s Walk speed 90 cm/s Marksman Speed 90 cm/s Run Speed 350 cm/s Sprint Speed 475 cm/s so basicaly the movement stats of heavy weapons - Explosive range decreased to 7m or 6.5m -> I'd just do a little bit here, prefering the 7m or even keeping 7,5m. Making it an actual heavy explosive should still keep it as threatening as one such weapon - effective max explosion range should stay in that case - Fire Interval 1,750 sec - Windup time 0,75s -> Making it work like the HoHoHo-PGL. You'd still be able to hold LMB and empty all 4 at one go but once you stop firing you must windup again. Since this one is a rework of the weapon i'd suggest using sounds that are noticeable and sound threatening. Unlike the lighter grenade launchers this one still has a good punch. Winding it up should be noticeable and its shot sound can be the same or probably something more brutal. Smoke that are actually noticeable and if possible the nade should blink red. In this form it can still be dangerous for teammates but it's not spammable anymore, it is limited in movement and ammo capacity but finaly fits into the role of a high damage demolition weapon. Tbh, what i hope for this is to turn it into what i stated. If that actually works out well, i dont know. This definitely has to be tested and isnt as easy as just removing it from asylum. The old model of OPGL could be used as a frag grenade launcher in the style of EOL turning it into a light grenade launcher probably for lower ranks.
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