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  1. Popyconman

    Jericho Crash?

  2. Popyconman

    Jericho Crash?

    A few of us got back into Jericho again and it just died like 3 min later
  3. Popyconman

    Rank on OTW

    I would like Rank 255 on "ChandIerr" thats an "i" btw not an "l" Thanks :D:D:D:D:D
  4. So many times, so many Apb youtubers or just regular players have 50-hundreds of millions of APB$. I just want to know haw you can even obtain that much money. Weather through selling legendaries or clothes etc. 1. I highly doubt that's through farming or playing mission (ram-raiding ,mugging, etc.) if it is....wow. 2. That's alot of money spent selling legendaries 3. Was it from friends? 4. Must me making some good patootie shit and selling it on MP 5. Years of playing and doing all of the above (seems most logical) idk i just wanted to ask IGN: Popyconman(Jericho)
  5. Look me up on MP I sell real nice stuff. Male clothing and other things Give me 1.5 mil, give me ursus, or buy my EOL Deep impact priced at 900k IGN: Popyconman Just asking don't have to lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Selling them flat out asking 1 million each. IGN: Popyconman
  7. I understand that these are both worth 1 mill each so I would Like to trade withing these constraints. I Also will not be going first in any trades as I am avoiding scammers. Trades will be 100% safe. Constraints: Bullshark + Deep impact = Hazardous + Nano Bullshark = Reaper Deep Impact = Cap40 Bullshark + Deep impact = hazardous + Huntress BullShark + Deep impact = Condor or Ursus BullShark + Deep impact + all my money = anything Above Condor or ursus if your feeling generous I will not take : OSCP, Colby Commander, Medusa, Jersey devil, Hitch hiker, thumper, any other EOL including Deep impact, bloody mary, Bullshark, Anubis in any trades Current Cash : $210k and rising IGN: Popyconman (yes that is it I want to change it) Thank You, Popyconman
  8. Popyconman

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    Dont know if this is late but. "Candle" thanks
  9. Would love to play and use my premium. but the day it comes out is the day I left to go thousands of miles from my home. I cri D_: