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  1. Nobody is saying the game shouldn't change; just this feature shouldn't change. With all due respect, this is a very lacking argument, and here's why: There are three types of matches you can have: Regular balanced match (both teams of equal or similar skill). Unbalanced match where you get steamrolled. Unbalanced match where you steamroll. With each of these types of matches, the bounty system does, effectively, act as a way to balance things out. As for match type 1, If somebody starts popping off an a regular, balanced match, tides will be appropriately shifted. This is not a case where a player is punished for doing well, but rather, the team is given an opportunity to make a comeback of some sorts. Rarely will you ever see someone N5/P5 twice in one match. So this type of match is where N5/P5 is clearly the most effective. You may still try to argue that if one team is doing better than the other, than they deserve to win, but if we apply this logic, then the game will die due to new players getting steamrolled every match. The losing side needs to get thrown a bone at least once or twice in a match to make things balanced. Otherwise, you'll have half the population quitting because there's so many high-rank, high-threat, possibly-veteran players dominating you. Simply put, being good killing you enemies and positioning yourself does not entitle you to win every game. Rather, it's more about the in-between-variables in the game, and how you respond to them, that determines if you're going to win or not...variables such as where the spawns, enemy behavior & how you adapt to it, and of course P5/N5. And that's how it should be. If things were as straight forward as positioning yourself well in scenarios and tapping/holding left click, the game would hardly be an interesting game. I could go on further, but I hope you get my point. As for match type 2, If you're getting steamrolled and someone on the enemy team N5/P5s, you may buy yourself more time and finish one objective more than you should've, but overall, the game will probably still end with the enemy team winning.. It's just as simple as that. What you will gain off of this, though, is the opportunity to possibly adapt to your enemy's playstyle and possibly shift the tides. And for both sides, you're given the opportunity at getting more kills, and scoring more points...or racking up more deaths if you're significantly less skilled than the op. But generally, N5/P5 hardly effects games where you're steamrolled so this doesn't really help your argument. The only thing you can argue is that it may be unneccessary at this point, but given the possibility (whether or not it's very small) of the tides shifting for your team, I think that it is still necessary, even in matches such as this. As for match type 3, it's basically the same as 2 with it being from your pov. I can understand that there's frustration that comes out of the enemy team getting "lucky" with N5/P5 and prolonging the match, but if you're actually significantly more skilled than them, then you'll continue to win. If you do end up losing, then we can treat it more as a match type 1, where you/your team were/was just popping off. That's the plus side of being n5/p5, you can attack people like as if you're in GTA 5 Online. Like if we're going to make a fair comparison here, your argument is comparable to those who think that sell missions shouldn't be "griefable" in GTA 5 Online...like in that game, anyone can come at any point and screw you over, since you can attack anyone at any time in that game. APB Reloaded, despite being very comparable to the GTA series, does not allow people to be able to attack whoever hey want at any given time. You have to earn this ability by reaching P5/N5 and maintaining it. The game also cleverly uses this feature to, like explained right before this section of my comment, act as a balancing mechanic. But anyways I hope that this helps people better understand why the feature exists in the first place. I wouldn't mind minor changes to it, but removing it or making it not affect missions at all is a bad idea.
  2. Unpopular opinion, but I think that it should stay the same. It makes missions more interesting... At times infuriating, but overall more interesting. Yeah, it can shift the tides of a mission but I think that's the point of the bounty; if you get it, you've been performing super well, so the game gives the opposing team a hand in beating you. While it's not perfect game design, I think that it is fine how it is. The max it would need is maybe a change to how frequently you p5/n5.
  3. IMO, the amount of hours you played the game for is irrelevant in deciding if you're a veteran or not. Like if you played the game back in its glory days, then I'd consider you a veteran. And if you're wanting to be considered a veteran now, I'd say you'd genuinely be considered one after 2-3 years of sticking around in the community.
  4. The things that stick out the most in the engine upgrade version is the coloration, clouds, and vegetation. I personally like the trees, but ig it's just because I hate the current look of the game
  5. The showstopper is a really good and cheap weapon to pick up. If you're looking for a primary though, I had personally bought the S1-NA 'Maniac' JT3 a 2(?) months ago and have started maining it ever since. I'd definitely recommend it; it's like a cross between the oca and the atac.
  6. Every person you ask will give varying answers, but since you're asking me, it's mainly problems with the following: Shotguns (most prominently, the NFAS and JG) NTEC-5 (although I think the NTEC-7 is also too powerful as well, which is apparently an unpopular opinion, but most of the community agrees that the NTEC-5 is too powerful) Percussion Grenades Showstopper (the thunder is especially disgustingly powerful) Cars (Literally no reason to use any car other than vegas 4x4, pioneer, and espacio) Hitboxes (this isn't weaponry but it has to do with the gunplay... The hitboxes in this game are far from perfect). FBW and maybe .45 AP (unpopular opinion but I thought I'd include it) There's definitely more issues but these are some that I can pull from the top of my head. I tried to rank these with the most urgent ones at the top but I know some people will definitely disagree with me. DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion, but I tried to also factor in popular community opinions as well.
  7. Naturally, you will gain an advantage by increasing your brightness to the fullest.. It's an issue with every game and really depends on the player to what they prefer: a better looking game, or a better chance at winning.
  8. Unfortunately, the engine upgrade is not here yet. It is still being delayed from the original 2014 release, lol. The company that bought out G1 is working very hard on finishing what G1 started, though. If I were to predict, it will come out in Q2 of 2020; if not Q2 then maybe Q3. To somewhat answer your question, the current game is not very enjoyable, as the game is still facing many issues with the matchmaking system, threat system, gunplay (lack of balance) and so on. If you want to learn more about the progress of the engine upgrade, you can view this post here: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11333-tracking-the-engine-upgrade/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, This isn't really true. You'll get verbally assaulted or simply shamed by some members of the community for posting things the community doesn't like, but the mods themselves do their job in a very fair way.
  9. ok. So the OSMAW is clearly not the best explosive weapon. We all have known this ever since it's nerf way back when (cause it used to be overpowered). While I do agree that 3 slots is unnecessary on the OSMAW, I do think that 2 is useful, and that that having it permenant is even more useful. It's honestly very subjective whether or not you like the OSMAW or think its bad, cause I've seen many great OSMAW players. As for the rocket vanishing, I have no idea what you're even talking about. Unless it's like the opgl vanishing shots bug, I can only assume you're referring to when you shoot it further than 110m... cause I'm pretty sure it explodes at 110m of travel distance (correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. IK I haven't replied in a couple days, but I don't really stalk the forums as often as I did before, so I apologize if this counts as necro. But no, I am not fucking up threat at all. I am a Gold-threat player who is FAR into the Gold threat. Giving a win to a team of silvers or bronzes will not affect me threat level AT ALL because I am so far into the Gold threat level. And half the time I give free wins/go easy, I am alone, so I'm not affecting anyone's threat level negatively either; the only one you could debate I would be affecting is the silvers/bronzes I get matched up against but half the time they have no more than a 1.0 kd/r because I still kill them more than they can kill me lol. You need to realize that there's a difference between "rolling a bunch of noobs" and going easy on them. I am extremely appalled that anyone would even take my choice to do this as me doing an evil. This is a good example of what is exactly wrong with a good portion of the people in this community. Fortunately though, I know not everyone in this community is like this, which is exactly why I still follow this game as closely as I used to.
  11. That all sounds super nice! But the game will definitely be dead long before most of those things can exist. So unfortunately this is stuck in our imagination
  12. That sucks, man. I can definitely relate to this; I've tried to get a couple of friends to start playing the game, and one in particular was interested in it only for the customization, but he hated playing the actual game b/c of the many tryhard premade vet groups that we'd get matched against. Like I get that my threat level is likely why he was getting matched up against them, but the most he should have to deal with is 1 tryhard vet. Whenever the matchmaking fails to match fairly, and I get put against silvers, I usually go easy on them and sometimes give them the win just to keep it fair. I wish more vet groups would do the same, but unfortunately most of the veteran part of this community struggles with huge egos. I'd definitely recommend trying to get them to try the game when the matchmaking improves, cause at this point in time, it is impossible to come into the game.
  13. Ah yes, lets assume they have had the patience to either sit through multiple hours of Q&A or read through the entire transcript to see if their question is answered. I don't see anything wrong with opening a post asking a question about the game's state; it's a general dicussion sub-forum after all But I'd like to add that I personally would like events to come back, even if they are repeat-events. Just to give me a reason to play again.
  14. Have you seen half of the decisions G1 has made over 7 years vs LO in the past 1.5 years? LO clearly way better at decision-making than G1. The only thing that may serve as a counter-argument is RIOT, but everything else (especially their decision to focus on the engine upgrade) has been great. And when we're talking only about balance changes, they fixed the yukon and nerfed the RFP... 2 things G1 kept broken for years.
  15. If you've been around for a while, you'll know that frag grenades, percs, and concs have been the same for years. Before the release of yolo grenades, grenades were actually somewhat balanced, with percs always being considered the "noob" grenade. When yolos came out, they were a straight upgrade to frag grenades, and debatably a straight upgrade to every other grenade, considering you could carry 1 extra yolo. With the recent yolo nerf, I feel like grenades feel more balanced now and that the previous balance pre-yolo release has been restored. Yolos are still strong in some cases, but not in all (which was its main issue). As for the ntec and oca nerfs, I feel like the nerfs were/are very much so needed. Yes, people will switch to other weapons, but the guns were/are clearly more powerful than they should be; especially the ntec. I feel like if they nerf 1 ntec though, they should nerf both (ursus included, is what I'm saying), but that's just my opinion. I think that true balance won't be restored though (at least in cqc-play) until the shotguns get rebalanced. Right now, nfas and jg are broken, lol.
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