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  1. Looking back, the amount I spent on this game wasn't really worth it in the long run just because it could've went to something much better. But hey, at least it kept me entertained for a while.
  2. This. An APB 2 would be the most ideal solution to a lot of these issues. Though it's very unlikely that one will be developed, a lot of issues could easily be addressed simply by building a game from scratch that is similar to the first one but improved and with new features.
  3. That 70$ could be spent on a game that's in a way better state than this one, and you'd probably get more content from it. Just putting that out there.
  4. They're honestly not that good-looking. I think the only reason people want it to be rare is just so they can have something to "flex" on people with, despite the glasses being very disappointing anyways. I think they should add it to the marketplace. It's not even good looking enough to be considered legendary lol.
  5. How I see it is that in order to revive this game, the developers need to somehow get feedback from those who left. Perhaps they could email every existing account (that hasn't logged in for over a year) and ask them to take a poll why they left/what changes they'd like to see that would make them consider coming back? Quite frankly, the current playerbase is a lot smaller than the playerbase of people that left the game. That's a fact. When you're dealing with a game that is considered "dead" (which APB does qualify as a "dead" game, not literally at <100 active players but "dead" in the sense of gaming), it seems as though you have to focus on bringing older players back than appeasing the current playerbase. Those that are still here are very clearly still loyal to the game; they'll stay. Additionally, a lot of the current playerbase is entitled, take this reply for example: From someone who is probably "tired of these sorts of posts" and clearly attacking OP for wanting to make a point. And this reply as well: From someone who is also attacking OP by being a smartass and insinuating that OP is just another "kiddo" who thinks that they can never be wrong. If you actually take the time to read OP's post, it's clear that they're only trying to suggest to Little Orbit not to listen only to the veteran players, but to listen also mainly to the ones who left. I felt like @ing these people in this reply would be too much like an attack, but this is just simple confirmation that a lot of veteran players in this community are entitled and are completely against major change in this game. Like it or not, polishing this game and adding new content will NOT bring this game out of the dying state. I'm so sick of people in this community attacking people for even suggesting that LO changes something about the core game mechanics. To new players, the base game can be very unsatisfactory; it definitely needs change. I got my friend to download and try out APB, and although he was trying his hardest to enjoy the game, he found it both frustrating and unfun. Not only was he getting killed by sweaty players who either dethreated to play against him or was simply cucked by the matchmaking itself, he didn't find many of the game mechanics fun or interesting and he hasn't touched the game since. (this was a month after LO went through their first major unban wave back when they first took control of the game). Since then, nothing has changed that makes him want to come back and same with my older friends (and brother) who played the game back then YEARS ago. I feel like I could go on for hours about the issues with both the veteran part of our community and the game itself but I'm going to cut myself short here. I'm not saying that the veterans are the reason this game is dying or going to die, but what I am trying to say is that the many veterans that diminsh those who simply want to suggest major change are hurting this community (probably without even realizing it). I think LO is doing a great job as it is, but I also do think that after the engine upgrade, they do need to change up their priorities. I really hope that they don't focus on appeasing the veterans with new content and focus more on fixing current issues. New content is a reason for ME to come back to the game, but probably not for the thousand others that have left the game years ago. EDIT: I'm expecting downvotes but just so you know, if you do reply I probably won't reply back cause I'm not one of those vets who stalk the forums lul
  6. So i came into this after the video was removed... If this is about someone afking? or dethreating? I think that should only be like a 1 day ban. Anyone who says it should be met with a permanent ban is absolutely crazy lol. I don't think it should be a 7-day ban just because it's a bit too extreme for a small offense.. You can debate that dethreating/afking is the most damaging thing in this game but they're honestly such small offenses that could be fixed if the kick system was reworked, and afking is just something that kinda happens and sometimes people can't control. I don't think it should be a 3-day ban either just because I don't think it's a big enough offense to earn that either. Maybe repeated offenses of this category could raise it but at the very most there should be a 7-day ban. And I don't think it's not ban-worthy just because it does ruin the fairness of the game for others. I must say though, who's idea was it to remove the video? How are we supposed to have a discussion about it if we don't know what's going on lol. Maybe a transcript or quick summarization of the video would've been nice? just saying ;o
  7. Having high threat in this game is frustrating. Half the time you get sweaty premade groups as opposition and they primarily use meta weapons. It's very repetitive and boring (and the main reason I'm taking a break from the game).
  8. I have video footage of the mission "Mah Jong Money" not working. It happened a while back while epidemic was still up, but I'm sure it's still bugged. Essentially, on the 3rd stage (out of 4), the mission would just end out of nowhere and the enforcers will automatically win. It's either that, or when the item is picked up, instead of going to the last stage, it ends completely, and gives whoever picked up the item the win. I'm not sure, I only looked at the footage of it breaking like 3 times but just thought I'd post that here EDIT: Just realized someone posted about it, my b
  9. The N-TEC is without a doubt overused and pretty unbalanced. It is way more versatile than any other gun in this game. I've always felt like the reason why people are against changing this gun is because it's the only gun that makes leveling up rifleman easy, lmao.
  10. I was able to come back to the game because of BattlEye, so I don't know how crazy the cheating was beforehand. If it was anything like how back in the day you'd see people SHAWcoptering in fightclub left and right, then I think BE did a good job at cleaning up cheaters. Otherwise, you're probably just complaining about legit players being good, or maybe you are right and detected a "skilled" player using a triggerbot or something (which wont be the case for every person you think is cheating ).
  11. I personally feel like 7 days should be the required amount to get all the rewards from epidemic.. the rest are just repeats of old events so there's not much to talk about there. I honestly think 10 is a bit absurd, but I don't think the event should be extended all because of that. That's just my opinion tho
  12. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying it would help fix the population by giving old players an incentive to come back to the game. And yes, your argument is void. A large majority of cheaters don't feel the urge to cheat all because they can get a free gun with their throwaway account. You literally get a free permanent weapon just by completing the tutorial for the game!! And cheaters couldn't care less about whether or not their gun has slots in it, unless they plan on trying to get away with closet cheating (which usually means they're not going to be making throw away accounts). When they added that, there was barely any change to the number of cheaters in the game. You're actually just speaking out of your patootie. I do agree though that they do need to fix the game, but they also need to get people to want to come back to the game. Little Orbit won't have a game to fix if nobody is wanting to play it.
  13. I personally love the fog. It's nice to not have my position compromised almost instantly by the players who act like 360 degree security cameras (me included, lol). It adds a taste of stealth into the game, and is pretty fun to play around with and against imo.
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