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  1. That's because a good majority of us were unjustly banned before LO took over. Fuck off with your one dimensional thinking. And a good majority of the accounts that I've seen cheating nowadays are accounts that people have made just to cheat for that day (throwaway accounts). The problem that's going on is that BattlEye is not working well, but at least false bans are not happening like it did with fairfight.
  2. What you should've done was go to social and ask someone to help you farm the daily. It's not bannable lol, farming is normal in games. Either way that's a big L
  3. I still haven't gotten it. I was honestly gonna use this free premium as an excuse to buy armas items to make use of the discount, but ig not anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I definitely would like them to do this, but because of that make it so that you can't do their daily activities unless you're in their district. I feel like they need a reason to be in different districts, so daily activities could be that reason. Otherwise, the whole pledge mechanic as it is right now is what is deciding whether or not I play the game that day or not (since I'm in NA and can only play in either waterfront or financial depending on what people are playing in).
  5. After playing RIOT for the first time, I found the game mode to be very fun! My only issues with it are the fact that the respawns are utterly garbage... I found myself spawning right infront of enemies and getting gunned down almost immediately.. it really took away from the experience. Also, the spectator mode is kinda boring, I feel like more information could be displayed on it, and you should be able to open menus (such as inventory and character info for contact view/role view) while spectating. I'm hoping it won't be in beta for too much longer cause I'm very eager to play it live.
  6. how can people be saying the showstopper is "op" when the fang exists? lol LO is doing a good job though. This next year we'll definitely be seeing a lot more exciting things. Consider this the prep phase.
  7. Agreed. This game is a recipe for disaster when it comes to bringing new players in since it's all focused on nade spam, sitting from far away sniping with your n-tec/hvr, or using your broken ir3 nfas or cj3 oca/pmg with your p2w rfp fang. Hey, i'm guilty of it but honestly this game is hard to play with fair weapons. So much things in this game are broken and LO is trying to bring back the playerbase with new content? Yeah people are gonna play the new content, realize the game is still broken, and then leave. I love the idea of RIOT but it seems like the prioritization is pretty bad.
  8. I personally use the nfas/shredder all the time, and from what I've noticed it is too powerful right now. I think it needs a bit of a TTK increase, through damage nerf (nothing too drastic though). The range is fine just the damage is a bit too much, especially with IR3. It is a fairly simple gun to counter though. Simply stay at a mid-range. If you're forced into cqc opgl is a good option. What I've seen people use to counter me also is peeking around corners at a 10m~ range, you'll dodge a lot of the gun's pellets. Like honestly it's not that hard to counter, just if you're in the open and within ~15m range you'll probably die.
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