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  1. Hopefully, it's not the same people who still manage it.
  2. Lets be real here, if you can't promise us a good engine upgrade, a good server without lag other then are own internet, I don't care about the graphics. Why should we keep waiting for you, to say soon soon soon soon etc., if half of other players including myself ain't on na server, to play it. If its only players there to that chill, race or even goof around let alone, actually play the missions, haha even fc. na is gone and you guys only got eu please don't doggy eu like you did to na. Cause the game will die and you'd half to sell the game, or shut it down, yes I said it cause you can't mange to even ban cheater. No ones gonna buy this game lol not including who play it *Coughs cheater*. Try running the game with 400 players 200/200 Na/Eu...... you only got 200-300 players on eu, oh and 300 is because 100 left na to go to eu I'm 100% sure and on holidays its peaking 400 but still that's not good. Do you best and fix it before the game dies it was fun playing but I'm here and there online once in a blue moon, I'm out just wanna say this before i go inactive but good luck to the game development wish you guys the best of luck
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