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  1. Thank you for your reply, your solution works and I am now no longer bothered by this inconvenient bug.
  2. Hi, Since a few weeks I've noticed that clicking the "remember" checkbox when logging in with 2 Factor Authentication does not remember my choice that I don't want it asking me every time I log in on the PC I use, let alone when switching characters. Was there an update that changed this or is it bugged?
  3. We'd just love to return to the wastelands! Prefer something over nothing and let the players decides wether it's worth playing. Believe me when I say that everyone that played Fallen Earth has nostalgic memories to this game. We are willing to sacrifice bugs in order to return.
  4. I am a good player. There are just other constantly ruining other players' experience. You defend this so bad, you can't clearly see how bad the cheating problem in this game is.
  5. It's digusting that I get a penalty for so called "name shaming". Cheaters that are so obvious just get covered by the mods here. I bet if they ban the cheaters their player base gets halved. I bet you're only playing in Bronze servers then.
  6. @MattScott Fix your fucking game. Cheaters lurking literally around every corner and they aren't even trying to hide it, they are so obviously cheating. If your anti-cheat doesn't do crap then I suggest just cancel the fucking contract/license as you're paying for literally nothing. This is the last time I've spent a fucking dime on this game. FIX IT or just slowly see it wither and ultimately die. You bought this game and we had great hopes as a community but we've literally seen no improvement in this game's gameplay mechanics. I don't care that my language is foul but I am utterly and completely done with this nonsense. Just look at in-game characters: Removed Public accusations ~@mayii all examples of high ranking players using cheats. There are clans out there that are literally full of players sharing their cheats, just look at the clans of the characters I mentioned. This is nothing compared to the majority of the "High Ranking" players using third party tools to give them advantages in this game. I hope this is worth something to you, if not; I don't care. This game is dead to me. But it's ultimately your investment that's at risk here. No one buys something that isn't worth saving, so I hope you've got something up your sleeve.
  7. After letting the launcher update the game to the latest version I noticed that I cannot enter the event district. Any other district works fine except for the event district. I get the error code that the client and server version are not adding up. Also, when logging back in when the game throws you out to Character selection screen, and you join any district it throws you into some kind of developer camera mode. No UI, just a camera that can pass through walls and basically go around the map at snail speed.
  8. Good god... server gone to shit for real..
  9. I can't join NA servers either on my NA characters...
  10. So the topic for the extended server maintenance has been closed while obviously things aren't working as they should be. Many players are still experiencing the login error code 9 and that prevents them from logging into the game. I'd like @MattScott or @Lixil to shed some light on this issue as to where we're at.
  11. I joined the game, just need to spam and have patience...
  12. Maybe not you but there are players in the game so don't assume a Nope..
  13. Maybe the login servers only... My friends are just playing in Financial with many players.
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