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  1. This is what I've been thinking for a while now. I genuinely think it would've been a better use of time (and money) to just work on an APB 2 rather than trying to upgrade the original game. I get that it would require even more time and money but at least they wouldn't be wasting their time trying to fix what can't be fixed. And even when (if, possibly?) the engine upgrade comes out, it will not be what revives the game. I used to think otherwise, but I think it's more clear now than ever that this game will remain a relic of the past. The only future I can envision, that is bright, is through a completely new game. Just my opinion, I'm sure people will disagree. Either way though, I do care enough to keep following the progress cause I genuinely do hope LO can make something of this mess.
  2. Honestly, I've just kind of moved on to other things. I can't really see APB coming back from the grave unless they literally make a new game built from the ground up. I realize that would require a huge investment of money, which I doubt LO can fork out, but that's honestly the only way this game will be something big again. That and, as stated in the video, you can't polish a turd. I have lots of good memories of this game, and I wish it would come back and be successful - especially given all of its potential - but that chances of that happening are so slim with what we currently have. The video was spot on though. The only thing that didn't make sense was him complaining about "rebalancing the rebalance of the rebalance". Like, has he never played any other FPS game? The whole point of a rebalance it to get things closer to being balanced. Often times, you don't hit the spot, and have to adjust things further; or in some cases, go a completely different way about it. Regardless though, it's been clear to me they don't really know what they're doing with balancing though, cause some things they nerfed genuinely didn't need a nerf (i.e. the FAR nerf I saw someone mention). Anyways, APB is definitely a dying game, and it sucks to say that. But I do still keep up with Matt's Engine Upgrade posts cause I do want to see if the upgrade ever comes out... and if it does, what it will mean for the game both in the short and long run.
  3. This, unforunately. I honestly think it would've been a lot better to just make an entirely new APB game, on a better engine, and with a lot of the same gameplay aspects, but more modernized. Quite frankly, the longer I've waited for this engine upgrade, the more I've realized that it's still just going to be the same game with the same problems. The only way I can see this game reviving is by starting over from the ground up. But maybe that's an unpopular opinion. All I know is that this game is a relic of the past. Lots of good memories I had with it, but I can't see it ever coming back. Especially after seeing how RIOT failed and how everyone acts like it never happened lul.
  4. After coming back, the S1-NA was the most fun I've ever had with a gun. Literally became my favorite gun. It wasn't even meta!!! And now it's nerfed.... I don't mean to be a Debbie downer, but that kinda killed my will to come back to the game. I kinda hope they revert the changes to that gun in particular.
  5. let me translate this quote^: tbh this is all that is posted on the forums nowadays bud.
  6. All those have nothing to do with the actual gameplay (aka the gunplay). For instance, my brother introduced me to this game many years ago, mainly for its customization features. He ended up quitting due to the gunplay being both generic and unbalanced as all hell. I stayed, for a multitude of reasons, but my point is that the thing that will keep players is the actual gameplay, not the customization. Not only that, but I was talking about how the gunplay was made more generic as a result of this change...ik i didn't say that specifically but it was implied...so I have no idea why you're bringing up customization, cause that's 2 completely different things. Bounty made this game less generic, as you'd be able to intefere with peoples' missions in the open world, if they start to pop off. This is a pretty unique feature, which I haven't ever seen in any open-world online game. Yes, bounty is annoying. Do you think I don't know that? But, it kept some form of balance, cause usually you'd get it if you are popping off. And if you're playing pretty regular, it takes a while to accumulate N5/P5. I thought it was necessary for a game like this. I haven't been following the game very closely as of late, and I kinda skimmed through this thread, so my apologies. I do hope that they can find some sort of middle-ground then, to keep everyone happy. ALSO: Ik this is a late-patootie reply, u don't have to tell me lol
  7. I personally think the bounty changes are stupid. It was one of the things that made this game unique, and like you said, this change they made basically removed it, lol. All it did was make this game even more generic. I hope they decide to reverse it in the future.
  8. I originally voted no, ignorant to why this question is being asked in the first place, but now that I've read, I do sorta think that Dutch players should be able to have account wide legendaries... Like if they aren't able to trade them, then why not let them be account wide? It doesn't hurt anyone, it just gives them an ability that we technically have... sort of.
  9. I could've sworn they were gonna release the new contacts this year. By the looks of it though, it's not coming until Q1 next year.
  10. To be fair, the servers have been down for 3(?) days, lol. I don't think anyone was truly "rushing" the servers back online. I'm pretty sure they took the time they needed.
  11. DISCLAIMER: I am not one of these entitled gold players that this person speaks of. Honestly, it annoys me how people in this community really expect people to want to get good at the game by being stomped on. If you look at the opposition's stats, someone literally went 11-1 w/ 5 assists using an NTEC URSUS...one of the most powerful (and overpowered imo) guns in the game. It is NOT fun at all to be matched with people who completely outrank you. So stop sitting on y'alls high horses and saying that he has no right to complain, like wow. There's a difference between playing against a gold player and playing against someone who completely outranks you. Clearly, the silvers on this team could put up some sort of fight to the bottom-frag golds on the opposing team, but the top-frag golds on the opposing team were impossible to beat... It's obvious cause one of them literally only died once. The top-fragging golds clearly outranked OP, which is why he is complaining; he should've never been put up against them to begin with. Every time I play APB, I always get put up against unfortunate silver players who literally stand no chance against me. What do I do? I give them free kills and sometimes even wins just so I don't drive them away by stomping them. Of course, most of the time, I do end it with a win on my side and with a high kd/r, but I try not to steamroll mainly b/c that only drives people away from the game. And IK that them being matched up against me is unfair and that I need to show some empathy. Unfortunately, this is true. If the game dies, this will be the main reason why; every person I've tried to get into this game has quit because of this. But I still have high hopes that LO will pull through.
  12. Last time I checked, you're not a forum admin, and that is honestly for a good reason; let them decide if he is spamming or not. You don't have to like what he's posting, but at least add to the conversation..all you do is insult him. This is an almost unbeatable combo in close quarters. The only way you can really beat that is by getting the jump on them somehow, or strictly restricting your confrontation to the long range. But even then, this is a problem that needs fixing, and it's really sad that this has been a problem for this long.
  13. Wait, so I'm a bit lost. Is this the Jericho/Citadel Merge, or is it something that I shouldn't be excited over?
  14. I've gone through similar struggles, but with the company that preceded LO, and it was for cheating. I didn't cheat, ever, and I got banned for a ridiculous reason. All communications were cut off, so I couldn't disprove whatever "evidence" they had. Sometimes, there's things that people may see that'll lead to them assuming that you're guilty, when you're innocent. For instance, I made 3 other accounts for no really good reasons and apparently that equated to "100 different accounts" that I "cheated on", which I did none of! Maybe there's just a similar misunderstanding too. Or, of course, maybe you are guilty. The forums is a great place to get attention to this matter, but you can't expect anyone on here to actually be able to help you. The best you can do, since LO is a much more respectable company, is to DM some of the staff (mainly the customer support dude), and hope that you get in a response. I say this, just because I assume you're not getting responses from customer support (whether it be it's taking multiple months or you're they just aren't responding), you may have clarified in one of your posts but I stopped reading after the first page or so. Anyways good luck with everything, Tappey. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so if you are lying and you are actually guilty, I can only hope that you stayed banned.
  15. This is true, but people for some reason don't realize this. This however, is not true. LO is doing a way better job that G1 with the game, but has a lot to learn still. I think that the game will die eventually, but LO acquiring it will extend its lifetime by a couple more years at worst. So, they infact do deserve this game, but we can't be blind to the fact that another company could've handled it better than them...and that's OK.
  16. This year was definitely not a good year. I initially looked to see what everyone else said, but it seems like people agreed with me so I stayed honest and put that it wasn't. A couple of the great things about this year: Trade System, JT Store Expansion, RFP Nerf, Yukon Nerf, YOLO Nade Nerf/Frag Nade "Buff", Additional Clothing Items (especially the contact-exclusives), and making everything on the store way cheaper and lowering the cost of G1C (this is a very underrated change and I have SO much respect for LO b/c of this decision. I also did really like the 2018 Halloween event (at least I think it was the Halloween event), where you have the 3 Teams trying to take control of the majority of the map, and then the center. It was a pretty interesting mode and I lowkey kinda miss it. Lastly, this is a more personal and possibly "unpopular opinion" (hence why I separated it from the rest), but I really think they made a good decision reversing all cheating bans..after all, that's the only reason I'm back in this community. Being falsely banned in the past was ridiculous to me and I'm glad that Matt acknowledged that there were false bans and undid every cheating ban as a way to help falsely banned players. A couple of the terrible things about this year: Anti-Cheat Systems (more on this in a second), Shotgun Buff, Lack of Perc Nade nerf, adding the Showstopper, adding more Joker Boxes, Wasting their time with RIOT (more on this in a second), Performance (client-side and server-side), and so on. Also, a lot of the guns are still broken as hell (ntec for example) and the meta is still the same (camp/car-rush with nfas/any shotgun or sit back from afar with ntec/obeya/any sniper). And finally, the Engine Upgrade is the main thing that went terrible this year; it is not out yet...I shouldn't have to explain why I'm mentioning this. As for the Anti-Cheat Systems, although I'm really happy that they decided to unban every player for cheating, I am very upset that they didn't replace FairFight with a proper anti-cheat system. There's numerous reason why: For one, it gives people the ability to say that FairFight was fine and that they shouldn't have done that (ignorant to the fact that it literally false-banned many people); for two, the cheaters fairfight would actually regularly justly ban are not getting banned consistently anymore; and for three, it only resulted in the population dying in the NA servers. As for RIOT, I would've definitely preferred for them to spend their time on other projects. This could include weapon balance (which they've been insufferably slow about this year), events, or just improving the base game. I realize that you can't put the same people who designed RIOT on a project such as the Engine Upgrade, but that does not mean that they couldn't have spent their time working on more beneficiary things. I did really like the concept of RIOT, but it just wasn't what the game needed right now. With how broken the balance is, and with how dead the population is, it felt like the only reason they went through with it was possibly because they thought jumping onto the "Battle Royale Trend" would be good for the game...which it wasn't. Maybe that wasn't the reason; maybe there was a better reason behind RIOT. But I still feel like they made a huge mistake dedicating so much of their time to it. ~ So yes, we did get things that were great this year but the bad outweighed the good... Either things stayed broken to all end, or changes were made that didn't help or just straight up hurt the game. I am very happy that LO is running the game now, but I don't think APB will have a good year until the Engine Upgrade is out and things are being implemented/changed in a reasonable amount of time. Like honestly, we shouldn't have to wait numerous months for the guns like the RFP to be nerfed, there are placeholder things you can implement to keep it from ruining the game (such as decreasing its range), and then a more proper fix can come out in this amount of time. Despite all this, I wish the best for LO and I will continue to support them throughout the life of this game though. ❤
  17. Steam achievements are supposed to be obtainable always, and these are unobtainable. Which since it's on steam, it means you can't 100% the game if you didnt participate in an event that took place 5 years ago... I like 100%ing the games I have 2k+ hours on, and it kinda sucks that I cant do that for APB. so yeah rip
  18. It took me like 3 years to get an activity. And when i got it, I got 3 nano activities within 2 weeks. Since then, I haven't seen a single one. For those who might wonder which ones, I got an Assassin on my crim, then an Assassin on my Enforcer the same week (which is funny cause that's the only one I really wanted at the time lol), and then finally the next week a chrome on my crim.
  19. Nobody is saying the game shouldn't change; just this feature shouldn't change. With all due respect, this is a very lacking argument, and here's why: There are three types of matches you can have: Regular balanced match (both teams of equal or similar skill). Unbalanced match where you get steamrolled. Unbalanced match where you steamroll. With each of these types of matches, the bounty system does, effectively, act as a way to balance things out. As for match type 1, If somebody starts popping off an a regular, balanced match, tides will be appropriately shifted. This is not a case where a player is punished for doing well, but rather, the team is given an opportunity to make a comeback of some sorts. Rarely will you ever see someone N5/P5 twice in one match. So this type of match is where N5/P5 is clearly the most effective. You may still try to argue that if one team is doing better than the other, than they deserve to win, but if we apply this logic, then the game will die due to new players getting steamrolled every match. The losing side needs to get thrown a bone at least once or twice in a match to make things balanced. Otherwise, you'll have half the population quitting because there's so many high-rank, high-threat, possibly-veteran players dominating you. Simply put, being good killing you enemies and positioning yourself does not entitle you to win every game. Rather, it's more about the in-between-variables in the game, and how you respond to them, that determines if you're going to win or not...variables such as where the spawns, enemy behavior & how you adapt to it, and of course P5/N5. And that's how it should be. If things were as straight forward as positioning yourself well in scenarios and tapping/holding left click, the game would hardly be an interesting game. I could go on further, but I hope you get my point. As for match type 2, If you're getting steamrolled and someone on the enemy team N5/P5s, you may buy yourself more time and finish one objective more than you should've, but overall, the game will probably still end with the enemy team winning.. It's just as simple as that. What you will gain off of this, though, is the opportunity to possibly adapt to your enemy's playstyle and possibly shift the tides. And for both sides, you're given the opportunity at getting more kills, and scoring more points...or racking up more deaths if you're significantly less skilled than the op. But generally, N5/P5 hardly effects games where you're steamrolled so this doesn't really help your argument. The only thing you can argue is that it may be unneccessary at this point, but given the possibility (whether or not it's very small) of the tides shifting for your team, I think that it is still necessary, even in matches such as this. As for match type 3, it's basically the same as 2 with it being from your pov. I can understand that there's frustration that comes out of the enemy team getting "lucky" with N5/P5 and prolonging the match, but if you're actually significantly more skilled than them, then you'll continue to win. If you do end up losing, then we can treat it more as a match type 1, where you/your team were/was just popping off. That's the plus side of being n5/p5, you can attack people like as if you're in GTA 5 Online. Like if we're going to make a fair comparison here, your argument is comparable to those who think that sell missions shouldn't be "griefable" in GTA 5 Online...like in that game, anyone can come at any point and screw you over, since you can attack anyone at any time in that game. APB Reloaded, despite being very comparable to the GTA series, does not allow people to be able to attack whoever hey want at any given time. You have to earn this ability by reaching P5/N5 and maintaining it. The game also cleverly uses this feature to, like explained right before this section of my comment, act as a balancing mechanic. But anyways I hope that this helps people better understand why the feature exists in the first place. I wouldn't mind minor changes to it, but removing it or making it not affect missions at all is a bad idea.
  20. Unpopular opinion, but I think that it should stay the same. It makes missions more interesting... At times infuriating, but overall more interesting. Yeah, it can shift the tides of a mission but I think that's the point of the bounty; if you get it, you've been performing super well, so the game gives the opposing team a hand in beating you. While it's not perfect game design, I think that it is fine how it is. The max it would need is maybe a change to how frequently you p5/n5.
  21. IMO, the amount of hours you played the game for is irrelevant in deciding if you're a veteran or not. Like if you played the game back in its glory days, then I'd consider you a veteran. And if you're wanting to be considered a veteran now, I'd say you'd genuinely be considered one after 2-3 years of sticking around in the community.
  22. The things that stick out the most in the engine upgrade version is the coloration, clouds, and vegetation. I personally like the trees, but ig it's just because I hate the current look of the game
  23. The showstopper is a really good and cheap weapon to pick up. If you're looking for a primary though, I had personally bought the S1-NA 'Maniac' JT3 a 2(?) months ago and have started maining it ever since. I'd definitely recommend it; it's like a cross between the oca and the atac.
  24. Every person you ask will give varying answers, but since you're asking me, it's mainly problems with the following: Shotguns (most prominently, the NFAS and JG) NTEC-5 (although I think the NTEC-7 is also too powerful as well, which is apparently an unpopular opinion, but most of the community agrees that the NTEC-5 is too powerful) Percussion Grenades Showstopper (the thunder is especially disgustingly powerful) Cars (Literally no reason to use any car other than vegas 4x4, pioneer, and espacio) Hitboxes (this isn't weaponry but it has to do with the gunplay... The hitboxes in this game are far from perfect). FBW and maybe .45 AP (unpopular opinion but I thought I'd include it) There's definitely more issues but these are some that I can pull from the top of my head. I tried to rank these with the most urgent ones at the top but I know some people will definitely disagree with me. DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion, but I tried to also factor in popular community opinions as well.
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