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  1. I've basically deleted the ones not being worthwhile and swapped them out with tradable ones instead if need be. This way I have storage space again that I can use to get more guns. But that's about it what we can do with them...
  2. Set it to 16x16 lodbias 4 and equip camo pants. The quality will be reduced.
  3. Bindings=(Name="F1",Command="fart") Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="cointoss") Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="chuckle") I attempted this but it didn't function. Edit for people looking for the bind to abandonmission: Bindings=(Name="F1",Command="abandonmission")
  4. Primitive textures do control symbol transparency/quality. Recommend setting this to 1024 as well.
  5. If you're using Firefox try disabling the "enchanted tracking protection" for the site. I've had multiple sites randomly not working after they introduced this feature.
  6. I can't tell of other people's experience but my performance was excellent but that is with a very high end machine. Till you can get in and fully try it out yourself I would wait with setting expectations and if you do get in to take performance numbers and report back on those. Looking at my own numbers there was one playtest where I have had less FPS overall then the other playtests, this may have been a weird boot or a build issue.
  7. Depending on the preset being used / system specs - the performance may be better or worse. The newer engine has higher quality options and some features work and some don't. Matt has made posts before with numbers and I highly recommend looking into those. I would love to see more captures of the performance on other systems/system specs, once they open up or are able to tackle the login situation. There is currently still a bit of loading in of textures but that might smooth out overtime. It's far from how the Live situation is, and the best of all is there are barely to no stutters that hiccup your game. "Very high" is the preset that is equal to Live's max. "Ultra" is a lot higher/has more features and more intensive resource use/usage. The system with a AMD R9 3950x and 1080 Ti is my setup, it's extremely overkill but the new engine loves to use more cores and threads and it certainty benefits from that. Keep in mind that everything is a work in progress / beta and a lot of optimization is left to do.
  8. Actually Fullscreen Windowed "Optimized" is better than Fullscreen Exclusive and is a more modern way of Presentation mode. Windows is going to ditch the Exclusive behaviour in favour of this new mode. If done well the input latency is equal if not lower than Exclusive. They are working on improving this further but so far since Matt's last Engine Upgrade post it's pretty equal in terms of numbers. More information has been posted before: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/demystifying-full-screen-optimizations/
  9. Thank you guys for hard work
  10. Only human Matt, only human. Starting a new trend/following a new trend. Here is my IP: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001
  11. This is a .ini edit in APBCompat.ini it directly effects the SMOKE particles of the nades/osmaw/volanco, it doesn't disable explosions. For anyone curious it's this value in APBCompat.ini it modifies: The lower, the less. 0.0 = unlimited. (everything) 0.x = how much you want. I would recommend anything between 0.x to 50000 (some but not all the time), the lower the less.
  12. GC has absolutely nothing to do with RTX crashs, lowering the amount the game uses for the textures *may* help but it won't fix the issue at all. It's a error between 32 bit application and a 64 bit graphics driver.
  13. Even more singlecore(thread) performance does benefit a lot on the AMD Ryzen 3000 series for the CPU sensitiveness APB game. You've witnessed this yourself going from iirc: 2400 mhz to 3200mhz. (infinity fabric clock of 1600)
  14. Completely broken since you have to guess if you're spotter or not. Otherwise the constant tracking and 8 seconds on your head (heck even flare gun is lower) is very strong to perfectly prenade or prefire someone. It's good to have as a solo player to tell your teammates without comms where they are but once you get them in a teamed situation it feels overpowering. Removing feels a bit overboard for this reason and I much prefer a way to know I am tagged or just blink instead.
  15. Nothing is different. It doesn't suddenly 'change' in a session, if you heard this on a particular stream you have been misinformed.
  16. I've looked into this in the past but to my experience the RAM disk only provides a real benefit if you're limited to either: - Sata SSDs, - HDDs, In some cases it may even worsen performance. The stutters come from a Garbage Collection dump moment which you can find in the logs file as well as how long it took. - these are entirely memory dependent as it clears out objects in the game to make room for new ones. Example: This is a good metric to see if your stutters increased or decreased while attempting this. But by no means would I discourage anyone from trying it out and see if it works for them. I am interested in hearing results.
  17. KyoukiDotExe

    Pixel skippy

    What are your mouse settings and APB settings mouse related? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1504751965
  18. KyoukiDotExe

    Pixel skippy

    Keep in mind that this makes textures quite ugly to observe. Also I want to add that maybe 1000 Hz mice might also cause this, if you have a setting available to you to lower it to 500 Hz you might try that. Some CPUs don't like 1000Hz polling rates that much.
  19. You only miss out on like 10-20 fps alongside DirectX12 games and DX12u? (DirectX12 Ultimate, just DX12 but raygarbage).
  20. Actually I mentioned this to SPCT members, making them aware of the problem and asked for some logs. Today was the hotfix and the issue seems to be resolved from last Wednesday's patch. Keep in mind Windows overtime also introduces a lot of junk, old drivers, old updates, etc. Windows does it best to maintain itself but it will just clutter overtime. These days I just recommend installing latest Windows 10 builds and either run Windows Update disabled or reinstall again after a while.
  21. This game is from 2010.. There is even a subtitle that says "i'll let you f my sister'' or ''feet pics''. It's only virtual, I don't see a problem with this. If anyone wants to use a title as Candy wh0r3 then go ahead lol.
  22. I appreciate everything you've done for my beloved game so far. Please continue and I'll support where possible.
  23. This is all amazing and good news. Thank you and the team for all the hard work so far. Looking forward to the future.
  24. Hello gamers, Today I would like to discuss how we could possibly balance the character modifications. Please discuss my suggestions and thoughts on it. if there are good suggestions I will edit my thread accordingly. Spotter https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_Spotter The mod is basically free wall hack for 8 seconds, you don't know if you have one on you or not you'll have to guess. To rebalance it the idea is to just up the cool down time on it. Maybe at some point during development allow us to see if we're tagged by the spotter mod like the tagger mod so we at least know we can play around it. Currently: Cooldown: 45 secs Duration: 10 secs Rebalance state: Cooldown: 120 secs Duration: 7 secs Blowtorch https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_Blowtorch Combined with a pioneer or any other car can give you permanent defensive cover, you can really abuse it to car gameplay someone to oblivion without leaving your big hotel once. Currently: Cooldown: 30 secs Duration: 30 secs Rebalance state: Cooldown: 60 secs Duration: 20 secs Radar Jammer https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_RadarJammer This mod currently is just useless, with tagger and spotter being a thing you cannot block those either. All you do with it is block the radar from not showing you but you're only shown when shooting or seen anyway. Would be cool if this mod could counter Spotters/taggers makes it a bit more useful to use. Or increase the duration timer on it. Currently: Cooldown: 90 secs Duration: 15 secs Rebalance state: Cooldown: 90 secs Duration: 20-30 secs Remote Detonator https://apbdb.com/items/FnMod_Character_RemoteDetonator This mod is pure annoyance and we all know on why we use it or hate it. The low cool down timer is the issue here mainly, other than Explosives 3 being 45% is also very huge but that's another story/mod. Currently: Cooldown: 1 secs Duration: n/a Rebalance state: Cooldown: 60-90 secs Duration: n/a
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