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  1. To be perfectly clear: You can't modify an application from 64 bits to a 32 bits one if the code is based on 32 bits. (as a user) What he means is the colour depth of the application, 16 bit colour, 32 bit colour. Different from code architecture being made on 32 bits.
  2. intentional griefing is not part of the game, that is no fun for anyone who gets 'targeted griefing' people stopping them from playing the game normally. Driving around and hitting another player can always happen, that is part of it.
  3. They unbanned the mess that Reloaded Production / GamerFirst / Fairpoop mess left behind. Which was a solid reason and giving some people a secondary chance to redeem themselves. Lots of people were infact also falsely banned for various other reasons but slept under the rug of "Fairfight". Nobody said it's a bad idea, it's needed to clean out bad actors. However you do not want to sweep innocent people under this rug, that is a bad idea. If you're truly convinced SPCT is one giant circlejerk of cheaters and cheat approval; I got a news flash for you: it is quite the opposite. Many of us do report what we see if there are stuff we deem are out of line. Many of us do dream of a better state of the game in many ways (including cheating and balance) - that's why we became SPCTs or wanted to join SPCT for. For improvement of the game for everyone involved. For the good. SPCTs cannot be added who've been banned under the LO ownership. I wouldn't be surprised if there was 'any' suspicious doubt or questionable stuff from a player who they consider to add to the SPCT, they likely won't do it. Anyway, I am gonna leave this topic to rest now. I've said my piece and do not want to clutter a back and forth without meaningful impact.
  4. I could only suggest you to forward this to the Community Manager if this truly is the case. Otherwise it just seems like a false claim to me and just words on a screen without meaning. However, I do not think so. I know quite a few of these guys and there are some I never met prior but learned to know over the span of time.
  5. This one is weird to me, sounds like the game picks the wrong resolution or you have a very extremely weird resolution present in the nvidia control panel. Like I said, best is if you create a custom one of your own, set the resolution to 1920x1080 to the max refresh rate your monitor was sold for. I believe you said prior it was 144hz and put timings on LCD reduced or standard. It'll test first if it works or not and give you the prompt option to save if it you can see the option and the display is working fine. This should be able to enforce the settings you set; now all you gotta do is make sure to select that option in the game of your choice and it should work.
  6. Not much you can do about it; ExitLag does try to make better routes for you but its often not working or helping people and just adds extra hops towards the server which may increase latency again. 130ms to the US is absolutely good though. It's based on distance that you cannot control.
  7. I don't know where you got this idea from, it's absolute nonsense. We're players too and do not approve of any form of cheating and most of us do report people if we see stuff out of order.
  8. Lowering graphics is what I heard helped but mileage may vary. I heard 3060 Ti's being fine but 1660 Super's to be horrible and crashing constantly. If anyone who suffers from this is able to supply me the following information that be great to look into the issue: * .dmp files; * .log files; (the session files of when it happened example: "2021.08.01-19.03.12-14644.log" + CrashReport.log, if it made one) (or zip the entire folder Logs) * screenshot of the error message as it pops up on top of APB; * your exact specific graphics card model {not all cards are equal} (GPU-Z is a great overview tool and provides great detail); * a little brief description of what you have been doing during the session that might help aid finding the cause. [Location for these files usually, at least default: ] C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Logs It's not required to tick every box but more may always help out in investigating. You can reach me in DMs but also on Discord: Kyouki#1337 Thanks.
  9. You'll want to have FPS unlocked or stop at least past the refresh rate limit. Smooth frame rate is essentially a frame rate cap, it doesn't do anything more then that. RivaTuner is fine as its probably flagged as clear. (works on whitelist base) Would disable double buffering as it helps in total framerate but is not worth the cost in increased input latency. Gsync works with "Gsync compatible (which is just free sync on gsync monitor)" monitors and fully Gsync module ones of course. If you turn it on it should work and you can verify on the monitor On Screen Display (menu on the monitor) will show Gsync to be working or running. Often these monitors also have a menu to display the refresh rate which you could use to verify if it works or runs. This doesn't make sense. A resolution is a resolution, may it be classified as TV or PC is no different from one another apart from maybe some timings but those rarely matter. If you can pick PC, use PC at the native resolution otherwise you're also able to add the resolution manually with LCD timings reduced.
  10. What is it with people and on support tickets with problems that they are 100% the cause of? How is this any relevant to how support employee tries to resolve your issue to the best of their ability? Just because you made a mistake and are probably pissed off or emotional - you put this on a support team that tries to resolve your issue which is their job mind you. They aren't here to bully you out. Take a step back or calm your senses / nerves because this is clearly more to do to an issue you've caused upon yourself rather then on LO for.. what? asking you questions that every single person would need to fill in or give them the information to so they can do their job?
  11. Seems like a rough situation you're in but neither party can really do anything about the situation. I find it silly you display this to ''showcase how they threat a 10 year old player'' yet none of the circumstances could/can be avoided (could also not use a VPN) by either. You're using a VPN which does trigger alerts or security measures, but you also can't play without it due the bad provider. It sucks but you got to realise and look at the bigger picture here, they aren't there to bully you out.
  12. I can vouch for this. We see and hear things, things move and go around not as dead silent fish G1 who just sat and did nothing all day but collect money till it ran out. With LO we got: updates to the live game, new features, attempts to improve the situation, engine upgrade beta's, interviews, faq's, and so much more then we ever did in the existence of G1 owning APB other then a few bandaid fixes. They tried - at the beginning but somewhere around 2014-2015 I feel like they had given up entirely and just let it sink until it sunken. LO saved it from drowning and brought it back to life with a better server host to protect the servers from malicious people as well as doing their best to moderate, respond to support inquires, and other changes that can improve the game. I feel like they truly try and make it work out - unlike G1 where I felt they just had given up and sat around.
  13. No need for a wake up call; I think they are perfectly aware of how things are going. They are working on it. In the meantime, some other fixes or balance changes or content just will have to wait else they have to redo that work again for the engine, and nobody likes double work. Pop numbers are low for a multitude and a lot of different reasons, depends on who you ask on why they might or might not play right now.
  14. None of them have been up to snuff to be suffice for APB's needs so far.
  15. Glad some of you got it to work, hope others also will end up finding a resolution. Let us know at least.
  16. This error appears to be random and kicks a bunch (or not) people at times. Most of the time I heard about it from people the issue only happened once or twice to them and then it disappeared. I've never been affected by this one for some weird reason. I assume this doesn't have anything to do with your local machine and sounds more like on the server-side.
  17. I've had one other player contact me about this issue, we tried some usual steps as reinstalling BE from the binaries folder but that didn't work using the two batch files. So what we ended up doing was uninstall BattlEye with the batch file in Binaries\BattlEye (run as admin!) and then reinstall APB, upon starting up or wanting to start up APB the launcher should install BattlEye.
  18. This is probably the best technical assumption. In truth I don't think anyone knows the true answers but servers do perform better when there is less pop overall. 40-40 is even already daunting it seems for both the clients as well as the server and it's likely because of outdated code.
  19. https://www.gamersfirst.com/account/ Supposedly the fix for this is to login to the main site and disable tokenize and enable it again. Then top right account if it doesn't properly redirect you to the page under "Two-factor authentication"
  20. Yes, it works as intended but if there is a 3D load and the GPU stays in idle clock speeds then there is something wrong with either the application or driver. Explosives are just hefty on the single core/thread performance where it hiccups the game just like the current 60secs Garbage Collection Dump hiccup.
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