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  1. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    @ZoriaDunne if u tink im some kind of troll Im deadly serius if u dont like this dont even talk about it
  2. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    @Deadliest i can tell this is not h1z1 this is apb welcome but zombies really fun 10 vawe 20 vawe but when u finish 10 or 20 wave u can recied reward
  3. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    @Spoiled Yes like that but when u finish wave when its over u can recides reward that be interesing too
  4. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    brando i dont know her and i dont come here to judge u dont know point brandon if they put one apb reloaded in begining cap40 oscp and some other ww 2 gun why they cant put stan and stg
  5. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    horses that it will be oke i tink but my opinion what i tell exaple when finish vawe 10 with zed u kill some and u get some time box and some wepons and kits but to be a random stuuf reward Horses i dont like how he put it but is oke i dont judge and PLEASE all to see imgur wepons what i put and to tell me that is amazing or not for me that is cool wepons if they made cap why not made stan and stg if u ask me skateboard will be fun cause u hawe in financial park for skateboarding
  6. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    notzombies u just want to take advantage of me but no and other one and vicky that is not cod to tell u first game who is make zed attack for some vawe is warrock game but if he can do it why apb dont do it but better vers yes Mini games need cause look man some man in dont hawe nothing of begining and that is me and i play 6 year without noting but once year ago i got something what i like and also get that as gifts so apb not need a mode like battle royale but is be fun when she made something like zed with view and when it finish some reward like 10 kill reward joker box and that be awesome to be on zed mode thanks u i appreciate it
  7. Mikizlo33

    Just wanan help

    If is posible to give new mode in apb reloaded game that mods is zombie mode exaple 10 wave or 20 wave fight with zombie and u can recived some reward that be awesome if that happend and also all can get reward not just who is pay to be feir on all sides and if i can sugest new wepons if that is posible that is this wepons i tink new legendaries wepons i tink just u put cap luger and tommy gun ww 2 wepons but if posible to put this i just want play with one of thossse gun stg is very be cool https://imgur.com/a/ZZHjA2T this image Thanks anyways if that not happend but just want to help relly love apb but also play 6 years with nothing i just made my own to get something to play with it Thanks you and all regards to all admin Merged. u can dislike but i tink be awesome that to some recied in mail some rewarde when finish view and he be happy just little not nothing to much like a before like 10 kill and get box and u get something Merged. 2 dislike u dont know what u are You do not know what u miss
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