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  1. While I've never been a huge fan of the larger-scale, closing zones, kind of gameplay, I must admit it was a more pleasant experience than I had expected. Spawns could definitely still use some work. I had more than one occasion where I would spawn in the middle of a firefight, or even in the same firefight. Outside of that and the bug with showing personal and team kill counts, the gamemode seems to be pretty fine. While I can understand peoples dislike of the player-specific loadouts, it does add a level of planning in the event of your potential demise in the late-game, and the additional costs of respawning. I don't really have any more quarrels otherwise with the modes gameplay. I would like to give some props to the people behind some of the map additions/changes. Some of the ways they utilised existing assets were pretty creative. Interesting to see a variety of different breakable walkway planks being re-used as walls/cover. The looks of little elevated platforms and towers, along with some reasonable cover, were also quite nice to see. I am still on the fence about this backstory stuff so far. It really seems like it's kind of shoe-horned in for the sake of it. Also, if the Redhill Institute Of Technology and Lawrence is going to stay, why not change their icons to fit in with the other contact/organisation icons? Like more white-outlined. Their blue and red colours stick out quite a bit.
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