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  1. 1st part says R.I.O.T. Having a bit of trouble deciphering the second part though as it seems to be only 3 lines high. So there's parts missing or jumbled if it's the same graffiti ASCII font as the others Actually it seems the second part is also R.I.O.T just wrapped to 3 lines instead of 6 like the first part.
  2. As far as I can tell, the code probably looks a bit like 6ac20d50-____-4f0f-____-3ec51de745d7 so far. Still lacks two 4 character segments.
  3. He was only recently moved during this ARG when they posted the news story of people dying inside St Medina's Hospital during their treatment of some new sickness. As far as I can tell, they haven't changed anything about the location outside of moving Devil Dog's stuff there
  4. I mean if they wanted to use a new faction, there's already Red Rain and the SPPD who seem to be the Midtown equivalent of Waterfronts Prentiss/Bloodrose and Financials Praetorian/G-King factions. -- On the topic of site updates though, there's quite a bit of interesting stuff. Like what looks like a new weapon skin And what looks like an in-game shot of an employee of the RedHill Institute of Technology There's also a broken page that I think says GO AWAY on it Still trying to figure out what all this stuff is though
  5. Oh cool. More progress. But why's Hector and Riddle sending stuff from Bravo's computer? Also is it A. Patridge or A. Partridge? -Apparently it's all now Patridge
  6. Yup. And I'm really hoping they're only there for promotional purposes and not intended to be Riot related Going to go with a cautiously optimistic approach to this stuff. Especially in regards to how they're trying to handle the lore...
  7. Huh. The plot thickens. Might be interesting to see play out. Though I do now wonder if the inevitable outbreak will happen at St. Medina's or John Holland Uni...
  8. I thought Red Hill was a place out near "Midtown" due to it having a distant association with the Red Rain gang, and being more factory/industrial-orientated city zone. Red Hill is mentioned in Bonita, Arlon, Strega's, and Miguel's biography. It's also mentioned in the Random Reward emails: "Mika Wong Report: PRAETORIANS", "Biography: Nightlife", "Biography: Geography (Part 2)", "Biography: Jane Derren (Part 2)", and "Magazine Excerpt: Effigy (June)".
  9. You need to complete Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone to unlock Birth and Tiptoe. Você precisa completar Arlon Benjamin e Michael Simeone para desbloquear Birth and Tiptoe.
  10. I'm unsure of what the "bug/exploit" is here. Yellow (Consumable) mods have a completely separate cooldown timer to Orange (Activation) mods. Changing an Orange mod from a dropped Ammo Box consumable is no different than changing it at a Joker Ammunition Vending Machine, Vehicle Spawner, Car Resupply or Mailbox. Currently, if you use your Orange mod, you will have to wait for that mods specific cooldown time to expire before being able to use it again. Regardless of if you change to a different Orange mod after. The same thing applies for the Yellow mods. Each have their own cooldown time period that you have to wait for, even if changed after use. The cooldown time from Yellow mods do not affect the cooldown time on Orange mods, and vice versa.
  11. Still working on 2 more characters, and I still feel like I need to revisit a couple of older outfits. I wish the Nylon Flight Jacket allowed necklaces to be worn
  12. I thought those slots unlocked after completing a certain rank from a contact. For the 3rd mod slot, it was Rank 3 from Byron Bloodrose (Criminal) or Grissom (Enforcer)
  13. It does also appear to be the case with a lot of the other added primitives as well https://i.imgur.com/2QapKgW.png They all seem to have little bits cut off when in outline mode
  14. Well that's certainly an interesting design challenge... And in case the "screenshots must not be edited" covers cropping
  15. It seems more like the barrel fin isn't fully extended down and attached to the barrel itself
  16. Eh, I guess I could go for a rank boost on the test server ROXL00 ROXL01
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