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  1. Alr, I'll try to help you with this one, Even when unistalling programs, there could be hidden files, or registry entries in your system, these could be getting picked up from your previous installation of Razer drivers by BE. You essentially have 2 options here for trouble shooting : 1 : Full system formatting 2 : Using Revo uninstaller to scrub every single file related to the problematic software. (I heavily recommend revo unistaller pro , the "Yarr-Yarr fideli-di" version if you catch my drift). If you go with Revo make sure to ALSO scrub for autoIT files as well as Razer files. You can try booting up the game after you ran Revo and confirm if it worked. I heavily suspect you have AutoIT registry entries from a previous installation that you forgot about and this should clean it up. This is taking in consideration that you're the only person with such a specific problem when multiple people have confirmed using the same software and don't have issues.
  2. The essentials have already been pointed out ; Aim trainers, practice etc... The only proper way to actually help you get better is in fact, if you post a video with 1-2 missions with your favorite weapons so we can give you advice and point out the things you're doing wrong. A common thing people struggle with is the Gun mechanics , like Bloom control for example. or just general movement and gamesense. Make sure to also know how the mods in the game work so you don't waste mod slots or just outright ruin the gun you're using. A common mistake is people slapping Reflex 3 and Cooling 3 on a shotgun expecting it to have a tighter spread and shooting faster while it does the exact opposite. An advanced trick to get better aiming for APB specifically is using Off-meta weapons. You spend a week using an LMG , norseman series , Corsair, etc. and once you go back to playing normal you'll feel like your main weapon is overpowered thanks to the skills you developed during that week.
  3. Alright, let me break this down in small chunks for you to understand the NEED to use configs. What is the absolute STANDARD in games, performance wise? A smooth gameplay experience with minimal to no stutters / fps nukes / Bugs Does APB fit in that standard? No. Do configs help APB reach or at least come closer to that standard? Absolutely. ------------ Configs do NOT provide you an advantage since they do not improve your Player performance beyond its 100% potential. however, playing without configs puts you at a DISADVANTAGE due to it capping your player potential at 90%(Fictional number) because the game has UNINTENDED stutters and optimization failures. "Well, isn't that the same thing as saying configs give an advantage?!" No, if you willingly decide to put yourself in a gimped position the fault is on you, not the other person. For instance, if you decide to go play basketball against a pro NBA team while you willingly choose to play in a wheelchair. By proposing a general config ban you're figuratively asking LO to bust everyone's kneecaps just because you're happy in your little wheelchair and we must all suffer equally.
  4. Like hexerin said, the spawn system might be a matter of perception bias, as an enforcer main I notice the crims getting better spawns you notice the other way around. But one thing is certain, the spawn system is completely busted when you fight on the edges of the map or around locations without possible spawns. For instance, if you're fighting on the crim money laundry in financial you can effectively only spawn South or South-er, or West and West-er regardless of crim or enf. Waterfront is plagued with busted spawn locations given that its essentially a hallway with 3 playable lanes with the spawns in the docks to the north being horrendous.
  5. Since APB's existance the game has been heavily Crim-sided considering its a known fact that the younger player base want to be "Badass criminals" for quite some time and I believe RTW took this into consideration when creating the mission system aswell as G1 with the spawn system. Here's a couple examples from the top of my head : CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM - https://apbdb.com/missions/JG_FEL4_FoE1/ Stage 3 - Enforcers have to do 3 objectives in the porta cabins within 420 seconds. Stage 6 - Crims have to burn the SAME portacabins , they get 480 seconds to do it. (+60 seconds for no reason). DIRTY WHITE COLARS - https://apbdb.com/missions/JG_BCM3_Bur1/ Stage 4 - Enforcers have to capture a point , said point takes about a minute to fully capture, if you die it resets to 0 progress. Stage 5 - Criminals have to capture the same exact point, said point takes roughly 10 seconds to capture. Bomb/defuse last stages where crims just have to hold the bomb for 3 minutes while enforcers have to hold out for 6. Even if the 6 minutes still run down while the bomb is planted, its still undeniably a crim-sided objective. Criminals have multiple missions with essentially "free" objectives in the form of vandalism. Enforcers have a single vandalism target in BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Enforcers have the highest number of missions with 7+ stages, at 10. + about 19(!) 6 stage missions. Crims have just 3. 2 of them being CREME DE LA CRIME (5 actual stages with the last 5 being medium bag pickup for the final scavenger) and EYE WITNESS TESTIMONY having 2 of its 7 stages being just "pass-bys" with a Fresno. | Crims have 12 missions with 6 Stages. Enforcers also have some of the most difficult missions to complete , a few examples : THE HIDDEN MENACE - This mission has you investigate 2 storefronts , to then trigger the next stage where you have to defuse bombs on those same very stores mind you the bomb defuses takes a surprisingly long amount of time, this pattern repeats for stages 3-6 , ends in the crim sided bomb/defuse stage DIAL-A-DETONOR - You have to hack 3 sattelites in extremely open spots, those hacks take an unreasonably long time aswell. I've also noticed and managed to clip crims getting unreasonably close spawns to the objective to the point where it feels like were fighting 5-6 guys instead of 3-4. This spawn discrepancy is even more noticeable when killing a crim near their previous attack spot grants them a spawn 300-400m away right outside their new attack objective. This spawn system segment falls into the "I feel" category so feel free to not take it into consideration.
  6. The only way a I'd support a Queue system is if it required you to be in a similar district to the one you want to join before you're allowed to queue. For instance, you need to be in Silver Fin 2 , before you can queue for Silver Fin 1. This would address both issues with the waiting and the community refusing to take the first step into populating an empty district. I'm fairly certain that in a 40v40 district, at peak time there's 10-20 people per side spamming that join button for 30 minutes to an hour instead of joining another district and actually playing against each other.
  7. Alright, lets go over game hard facts, starting with Regen rates : Health Regen Rates: Default, no mod: 250 HP/second (1000 HP/4 seconds, 100% regen rate) Clotting Agent I: 142.8 HP/second (1000 HP/7 seconds, 57% regen rate) Clotting Agent II: 100 HP/second (1000 HP/10 seconds, 40% regen rate) Clotting Agent III: 62.5 HP/second (1000 HP/16 seconds, 25% regen rate) Health Regen Delays: Default, no mod: 5 seconds Clotting Agent I: 4 seconds Clotting Agent II: 3.5 seconds Clotting Agent III: 1.6 seconds Health Regen Total Times (from roughly 0 HP): Default, no mod: 9 seconds Clotting Agent I: 11 seconds Clotting Agent II: 13.5 seconds Clotting Agent III: 17.6 seconds All other green mods regen with the "No mod" stats, Kevlars included. Now, the only gun that I remember that CA3 "broke" was the Scout, IF you didn't land your 2nd shot right away. Correct me if im wrong. On the other hand all kevlars break TTKs and STKs of most weapons , with special attention to KEV3 that allows you to tank an overwhelming majority of weapons to the point of being fundamentally broken, For example : Scout = 580+580 = 1160 dmg +1 for K3 PMG = 200x5 = 1000dmg +2 for K3 Tommy and norseman's = 100x10=100 dmg +3 for K3 45 AP = 225x5=1125 +1 for K3 Ntec = 185x6=1110 +2 for K3 If you look around apbdb for weapons to check you'll notice that KEV3 just outright gives you an advantage TTK/STK wise in any battle of equals with the exception of weapons that do more than 650 damage per shot, such as the HVR , JG , Strife, etc. The game is balanced around 1000 HP , CA doesn't break TTKs, KEV3 on the other hand, just sticks its middle finger to game balance.... (and that is without taking account of medspray) Imo, kevlar's movement penalty isn't enough for the benefits it provides given that movement penalties can be countered with vehicles. Applying a regen rate reduction like the CA's while keeping the regen delay of no CA would be great and would nuke the K3+Medspray bullet sponge strat.
  8. While the "Lower skill" argument might seem elitist, its a true variable when it comes to Weapon balancing. Remember, people higher on the skill curve tend to have a better understanding on how to exploit game mechanics and weapon balance issues. For instance, the N-tec jumpshooting, while you rarely if at all saw a low-mid gold use it , it was a very common and blatantly busted mechanic that High-golds were using and abusing to effectively make the n-tec extremely viable in CQC. The old HVR QS mechanic is also a very good example. If you balance a weapon for the highest level of play, it will be balanced for the lowest levels aswell. However, balancing a weapon to appease the lower end of the skill spectrum will turn the weapon into a monster on the hands of a higher skilled player. LO listening to people on the lower end of the skill bracket is quite frankly, scary, in regards to future balancing to say the least.
  9. To be honest, my main issues with LO's balancing is that they : A) Do Opposite in-Category Balancing. Good examples of this are the "Nerf PMG > Buff OCA" "Nerf CSG > Buff JG" and vice versa when the balancing issue lies with only one gun. B) OverNerfing or OverBuffing. For instance, the RFP getting a triple tweak(?) to its range, Damage and Ammo that effectively dumpstered the weapon. Blowtorch taking a triple nerf to its Repair rate, Repair ammo and cooldown when the only thing that needed to be done was nerf the repair rate. The AR97 Misery recoil reduction that pretty much made it a full auto Obeya CR762. MedSpray toggling double heal rate that effectively allows Kevlar users to gain 500hp per tick. C)Just Outright "Balancing" the wrong thing. As in, Nerfing the PIG because of its combo ability with percs, when in reality the percs are the problem via the fact that they are part of most of the Sub-TTK combos. (JG Perc, HVR Perc, Pig Perc, etc) Nerfing the Snubs pullout because of the JG combo when in reality the issue lies with the JG doing ridiculous amounts of damage per pellet to the point where it only needs to hit 8/12 pellets(66%) to cause a reliable 2 shot scenario when every other shotgun needs 80%+ Pellet hit. The AAEPD Volcano getting its Vehicle damage nerfed despite the literal name of the weapon being "Anti Armour Explosive Projectile Device" when the base complaint was the Player damage it dealt while also having a reliable 100m airburst with a 7.5m radius (Enough to do 300 damage if you're right at the 7.5m mark). Its to the point where I have to question who is making these balancing decisions at LO and why are they still employed. Either that or what the hell are the SPCT doing when it comes to testing and providing feedback regarding these "balancing acts".
  10. I mean, the installation process is very straight forward, just drag the modded files into the APB folder and its done. Only issue you might get is finding out a config pack that has the things you want and/or like , if you go on a Clay Graphics APB streamer you'll most likely find a config pack in there somewhere, otherwise, Non-TOS forums are your best bet. This is especially true for UI edits, but then again those are also pretty easy to modify yourself via NTP++.
  11. I personally classify something as a cheat if it falls under this criteria - "The item in question Automates/Plays aspects of the game for you or gives you a significant advantage over core gameplay". Essentially, Aimbot/triggerbot/macros/Aim related cheats - Automates Mouse mousements and mouse presses for you. ESP/Wallhacks/SoundRadar - Automates gamesense and game knowledge for you. The intent of configs is Quality of Life changes or enhancing performance and/or visuals. For instance, UI Text edits (Medal name changes, Mission Desc changes etc), Changing sprint/duck from Hold to toggle , having a different loading screen , having a bind for abandonmission, etc. are merely for QOL and don't provide you with any type of advantages over core gameplay. On the other hand we have config edits that significantly boost FPS and game performance as a whole, such as Radgoll Deletes, Fog Removal, Particle Removal/Decrease , Gun flash removal,etc. HOWEVER, In the performance and visuals section of configs theres a couple that provide a Significant advantage over coregameplay. For example, using Adv launcher to turn your game into clay (Much like the BFV Video posted above and the APB video) the visibility improvement and Player model standout is clearly and undeniably advantageous. I mean, when someone boasts about their I9 CPU + RTX Series card but still uses Clay Graphics its pretty obvious its for the advantage and not for the performance... Looking at you, APB streamers. Another example is the Borderlands Outline Shader edit that effectively lets you see player models trough Bushes, Smokes, and trough the bugged locations where for some reason you can shoot trough "solid" meter wide walls or sometimes trough 10 meters of "solid" steel roofing. And last but not least, while the Fog delete doesn't affect Normal district gameplay at all (Infact, it only lets the nameplate visible when someone is at ~95+ meters. while regular fog just "blends" their model in) it does provide a significant advantage in the 1-2 week long HH event on halloween. This is all from personal experience with Using/Editing configs, so your mileage may vary. Note : Im able to run APB on 4096 Res textures at 1080p at 100fps stable while using Performance Configs without performance configs I regularly dip into the 70s on a 4C 3.6Ghz CPU with a 1050ti +730 Gpu combo.
  12. RatedX

    Med spray.

    The issue doesn't lie in the med spray itself but instead in its implementation, fact that has been made more apparent with the changes to the mobile shield to use Orange active mod slot instead of consumable slot. Right now people can combo Shield + Kevlar/Flak + Med spray and essentially become a juggernaut with a ridiculous potential 2300Hp + 500Hp Shield or 2000hp + Explosive damage reduction + 500 hp Shield. The only solution to this is to effectively overhaul how "consumables" work and split them off among the current Character mod tiers. My fix for this would be turning Med Spray and Epinephrine into GREEN Activatable mods, this would need a new keybind however. Yellow slots would be reserved for physical deployables : Shield , Boombox, Ammobox , satchel charges and the weapon gift boxes. Yellow mods also need to be turned into permanent mods due to the simple fact that they are effectively locked behind lootdrops that drop more frequently once you've completed the game and results in unfair advantages for long-term players. A drastic change like this would make Med spray a viable alternative on its own to Clotting agent and Epinephrine a viable alternative to fragile while nullifying overpowered effect stacking combos such as kev3/flak + medspray
  13. From what I've observed, missions aren't tied to neighboorhoods/City blocks, but instead they have a strong tendency to appear in a close proximity area from the first objective. For example, if you get a mission near beyong lee on the right side of waterfront, the common mission objectives (doors,windows , etc) will be located in the blocks about 200m in a circle around him. Only exceptions are the special objectives like Last stage Scavenger dropoffs, satellites or bomb/defuse stores etc, these will force the mission logic to spawn the objective outside the area but still relatively close, if for instance you need to defuse a bomb in a store , you'll be taken to the central mall of waterfront. While you can't effectively guess the correct specific store, this allows you to go straight to the mall to set up and camp while you wait for the enemy to finish their previous objective. (Honestly, can we get Scavanger dropoffs fixed, its ridiculous how sometimes the bases spawn 10m from eachother , 1 kilometer apart, or in worst case scenario, 1 kilometer apart, while one faction gets the easy drive in and drop while the other faction gets tasked with climbing the Everest with a 50 kilo Toxic gas canister on its back)
  14. This is effectively where I have to correct you. There are missions where the number of possible obj locations are limited , I'm speaking in particular about the fact that while there are multiple raidable doors that the game can pick from , there's only a select number of hackable satellites, raid/steal car spawns etc. Here's a couple of missions right from the top of my head that I remember having very samey objective locations : Working like a doggi (Financial) - First 2 investigates are next to the asian looking center piece infront of Double B. Second 2 investigates are inside the mall next to violet prentiss and leboyce. Dial a detonator (Waterfront) Sat Hack 1 , on top of the little building near the marina next to sabbat. Sat hack 2 , on top of birth's place. Sat hack 3 , to the left of the overpass about 100 meters after you finish birth's Sat. Sat hack 4 , In the little building on the right side of the road that connects chiza to chiro. Bombed out (both maps) When you finish doing the ambulance you'll have to complete a hack/invest on an ATM close to the ambulance's spawn location and after that a spray tag, also very close to the ambulance. These obj spawns are only affected if another mission is using one of those locations for itself where instead of for instance, being asked to do Sat 3 after Sat 2, you get sent to the satellite infront of the gas station near chiza. Pictures related to these mission locations : https://imgur.com/a/srU8B24 This is , without mentioning the missions that contain fake objectives that don't need to be completed (On the fence, only needs C , Daring deeds, only needs E+F) , missions that require you to carry heavy items or missions with car objectives where you can predict where it will respawn if you blow it out of a horrible place. This is information that effectively lets you pre-plan a defense / pre-put a teammate on the objective spawn to complete it without defense.
  15. Thats exactly where the problem lies, the JG has the 4 things that make a shotgun great, when at most, it should only have 2. It has : extremely high forgiveness for partial misses. Extremely high damage comparably good range (17 meters with IR3) (base CSG has 15m, or 22m with IR3) lower than average TTK (0.67) If the JG's spread gets increased it would still allow it to be a monster in its intended range (under 10 meters) while weakening its forgiveness and effective range. I mean, with the recent SMG range nerfs, the JGs range is starting to make OCAs and PMGs obsolete. Heres a comparison between the JG and CSG : https://imgur.com/a/RdsaIVt I'd estimate the break even point is 15 meters if we go by 2 shot kill potential. If we do some basic math we can estimate the JG's spread to be 2.25m at 15 meters, (1.5m at 10m , 15m being +50% distance, then 1.5m spread + 50% spread = 2.25m) that still allows the JG to effectively 2 shot reliably.
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