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  1. While the "Lower skill" argument might seem elitist, its a true variable when it comes to Weapon balancing. Remember, people higher on the skill curve tend to have a better understanding on how to exploit game mechanics and weapon balance issues. For instance, the N-tec jumpshooting, while you rarely if at all saw a low-mid gold use it , it was a very common and blatantly busted mechanic that High-golds were using and abusing to effectively make the n-tec extremely viable in CQC. The old HVR QS mechanic is also a very good example. If you balance a weapon for the highest level of play, it will be balanced for the lowest levels aswell. However, balancing a weapon to appease the lower end of the skill spectrum will turn the weapon into a monster on the hands of a higher skilled player. LO listening to people on the lower end of the skill bracket is quite frankly, scary, in regards to future balancing to say the least.
  2. To be honest, my main issues with LO's balancing is that they : A) Do Opposite in-Category Balancing. Good examples of this are the "Nerf PMG > Buff OCA" "Nerf CSG > Buff JG" and vice versa when the balancing issue lies with only one gun. B) OverNerfing or OverBuffing. For instance, the RFP getting a triple tweak(?) to its range, Damage and Ammo that effectively dumpstered the weapon. Blowtorch taking a triple nerf to its Repair rate, Repair ammo and cooldown when the only thing that needed to be done was nerf the repair rate. The AR97 Misery recoil reduction that pretty much made it a full auto Obeya CR762. MedSpray toggling double heal rate that effectively allows Kevlar users to gain 500hp per tick. C)Just Outright "Balancing" the wrong thing. As in, Nerfing the PIG because of its combo ability with percs, when in reality the percs are the problem via the fact that they are part of most of the Sub-TTK combos. (JG Perc, HVR Perc, Pig Perc, etc) Nerfing the Snubs pullout because of the JG combo when in reality the issue lies with the JG doing ridiculous amounts of damage per pellet to the point where it only needs to hit 8/12 pellets(66%) to cause a reliable 2 shot scenario when every other shotgun needs 80%+ Pellet hit. The AAEPD Volcano getting its Vehicle damage nerfed despite the literal name of the weapon being "Anti Armour Explosive Projectile Device" when the base complaint was the Player damage it dealt while also having a reliable 100m airburst with a 7.5m radius (Enough to do 300 damage if you're right at the 7.5m mark). Its to the point where I have to question who is making these balancing decisions at LO and why are they still employed. Either that or what the hell are the SPCT doing when it comes to testing and providing feedback regarding these "balancing acts".
  3. I mean, the installation process is very straight forward, just drag the modded files into the APB folder and its done. Only issue you might get is finding out a config pack that has the things you want and/or like , if you go on a Clay Graphics APB streamer you'll most likely find a config pack in there somewhere, otherwise, Non-TOS forums are your best bet. This is especially true for UI edits, but then again those are also pretty easy to modify yourself via NTP++.
  4. I personally classify something as a cheat if it falls under this criteria - "The item in question Automates/Plays aspects of the game for you or gives you a significant advantage over core gameplay". Essentially, Aimbot/triggerbot/macros/Aim related cheats - Automates Mouse mousements and mouse presses for you. ESP/Wallhacks/SoundRadar - Automates gamesense and game knowledge for you. The intent of configs is Quality of Life changes or enhancing performance and/or visuals. For instance, UI Text edits (Medal name changes, Mission Desc changes etc), Changing sprint/duck from Hold to toggle , having a different loading screen , having a bind for abandonmission, etc. are merely for QOL and don't provide you with any type of advantages over core gameplay. On the other hand we have config edits that significantly boost FPS and game performance as a whole, such as Radgoll Deletes, Fog Removal, Particle Removal/Decrease , Gun flash removal,etc. HOWEVER, In the performance and visuals section of configs theres a couple that provide a Significant advantage over coregameplay. For example, using Adv launcher to turn your game into clay (Much like the BFV Video posted above and the APB video) the visibility improvement and Player model standout is clearly and undeniably advantageous. I mean, when someone boasts about their I9 CPU + RTX Series card but still uses Clay Graphics its pretty obvious its for the advantage and not for the performance... Looking at you, APB streamers. Another example is the Borderlands Outline Shader edit that effectively lets you see player models trough Bushes, Smokes, and trough the bugged locations where for some reason you can shoot trough "solid" meter wide walls or sometimes trough 10 meters of "solid" steel roofing. And last but not least, while the Fog delete doesn't affect Normal district gameplay at all (Infact, it only lets the nameplate visible when someone is at ~95+ meters. while regular fog just "blends" their model in) it does provide a significant advantage in the 1-2 week long HH event on halloween. This is all from personal experience with Using/Editing configs, so your mileage may vary. Note : Im able to run APB on 4096 Res textures at 1080p at 100fps stable while using Performance Configs without performance configs I regularly dip into the 70s on a 4C 3.6Ghz CPU with a 1050ti +730 Gpu combo.
  5. The issue doesn't lie in the med spray itself but instead in its implementation, fact that has been made more apparent with the changes to the mobile shield to use Orange active mod slot instead of consumable slot. Right now people can combo Shield + Kevlar/Flak + Med spray and essentially become a juggernaut with a ridiculous potential 2300Hp + 500Hp Shield or 2000hp + Explosive damage reduction + 500 hp Shield. The only solution to this is to effectively overhaul how "consumables" work and split them off among the current Character mod tiers. My fix for this would be turning Med Spray and Epinephrine into GREEN Activatable mods, this would need a new keybind however. Yellow slots would be reserved for physical deployables : Shield , Boombox, Ammobox , satchel charges and the weapon gift boxes. Yellow mods also need to be turned into permanent mods due to the simple fact that they are effectively locked behind lootdrops that drop more frequently once you've completed the game and results in unfair advantages for long-term players. A drastic change like this would make Med spray a viable alternative on its own to Clotting agent and Epinephrine a viable alternative to fragile while nullifying overpowered effect stacking combos such as kev3/flak + medspray
  6. From what I've observed, missions aren't tied to neighboorhoods/City blocks, but instead they have a strong tendency to appear in a close proximity area from the first objective. For example, if you get a mission near beyong lee on the right side of waterfront, the common mission objectives (doors,windows , etc) will be located in the blocks about 200m in a circle around him. Only exceptions are the special objectives like Last stage Scavenger dropoffs, satellites or bomb/defuse stores etc, these will force the mission logic to spawn the objective outside the area but still relatively close, if for instance you need to defuse a bomb in a store , you'll be taken to the central mall of waterfront. While you can't effectively guess the correct specific store, this allows you to go straight to the mall to set up and camp while you wait for the enemy to finish their previous objective. (Honestly, can we get Scavanger dropoffs fixed, its ridiculous how sometimes the bases spawn 10m from eachother , 1 kilometer apart, or in worst case scenario, 1 kilometer apart, while one faction gets the easy drive in and drop while the other faction gets tasked with climbing the Everest with a 50 kilo Toxic gas canister on its back)
  7. This is effectively where I have to correct you. There are missions where the number of possible obj locations are limited , I'm speaking in particular about the fact that while there are multiple raidable doors that the game can pick from , there's only a select number of hackable satellites, raid/steal car spawns etc. Here's a couple of missions right from the top of my head that I remember having very samey objective locations : Working like a doggi (Financial) - First 2 investigates are next to the asian looking center piece infront of Double B. Second 2 investigates are inside the mall next to violet prentiss and leboyce. Dial a detonator (Waterfront) Sat Hack 1 , on top of the little building near the marina next to sabbat. Sat hack 2 , on top of birth's place. Sat hack 3 , to the left of the overpass about 100 meters after you finish birth's Sat. Sat hack 4 , In the little building on the right side of the road that connects chiza to chiro. Bombed out (both maps) When you finish doing the ambulance you'll have to complete a hack/invest on an ATM close to the ambulance's spawn location and after that a spray tag, also very close to the ambulance. These obj spawns are only affected if another mission is using one of those locations for itself where instead of for instance, being asked to do Sat 3 after Sat 2, you get sent to the satellite infront of the gas station near chiza. Pictures related to these mission locations : https://imgur.com/a/srU8B24 This is , without mentioning the missions that contain fake objectives that don't need to be completed (On the fence, only needs C , Daring deeds, only needs E+F) , missions that require you to carry heavy items or missions with car objectives where you can predict where it will respawn if you blow it out of a horrible place. This is information that effectively lets you pre-plan a defense / pre-put a teammate on the objective spawn to complete it without defense.
  8. Thats exactly where the problem lies, the JG has the 4 things that make a shotgun great, when at most, it should only have 2. It has : extremely high forgiveness for partial misses. Extremely high damage comparably good range (17 meters with IR3) (base CSG has 15m, or 22m with IR3) lower than average TTK (0.67) If the JG's spread gets increased it would still allow it to be a monster in its intended range (under 10 meters) while weakening its forgiveness and effective range. I mean, with the recent SMG range nerfs, the JGs range is starting to make OCAs and PMGs obsolete. Heres a comparison between the JG and CSG : https://imgur.com/a/RdsaIVt I'd estimate the break even point is 15 meters if we go by 2 shot kill potential. If we do some basic math we can estimate the JG's spread to be 2.25m at 15 meters, (1.5m at 10m , 15m being +50% distance, then 1.5m spread + 50% spread = 2.25m) that still allows the JG to effectively 2 shot reliably.
  9. 1. Shotguns The shotgun pellet hit requirement is always in the 80%s except for the extreme outlier of the JG at an alarming 66% with a 1.5m spread. Comparability, Nfas sits at 83% with the same 1.5m spread while requiring 3 shots opposed to 2. Regular showstopper at 88% with 1.25m spread, 3 shots vs 2 aswell. If you check shotgun stats you can see the spreads vary wildly but the accuracy requirement remains in the 80%s Like the CSG at 80% with a 0.85m spread. Only possible way i can see to balance such discrepancy is to A) Positive Per Ray Damage Scale (First pellets deal less damage while damage increases per pellet until it reaches max damage with 100% accuracy) essentially forces a standardized accuracy requirement. Or B) Shotgun spread is based around the accuracy percentages , AKA, the less accurate you have to be the more spread it has. (Again, changing JG from 1.5m -> 2.5 , was an exaggeration to show the possibilities) 2. Grenades Im not asking for a nerf to the frag per se, Im asking for the frag to be specialized in the Anti Player role it should be. For instance, tweaking its hard damage from 500s -> 300 Still remains the Anti player grenade it is, but lets the Anti Vehicle Concussions shine out more in the current meta. As it stands, with frags being extremely good at anti player, and able to 2 shot/disable all vehicles in the game. PLUS the ability to carry satchel charges, it made the frag the go-to grenade for every occasion. 3. Volcano The volcano in its intended design did 1227 Vehicle damage until the questionable tweak it received Source : Keep in mind the volcano has a damage ramp up mechanic unlike the osmaw: While the osmaw does its full damage from 0-144m The volcano can only do that at 84-100m. Again, the volcanos intended design was for anti vehicle capabilities hence why the need for a nerf to Anti Player and a Re-tweak to its hard damage. Vehicle damage at 1100 would prevent 1 shoting the high tier vehicles while allowing it to be effective Anti Vehicle.
  10. I feel like some weapon categories need to be addressed regarding consistency and specializations. 1. Shotguns - While some shotguns feel extremely underpowered and underwhelming, some are just plain bonkers in terms of low risk high reward. For instance, heres the JG's stats : 0.65 TTK 12 pellets = 756 damage Minimum of 8 pellets per shell to secure a 2 shot kill at 504 damage. 1.5 meters pellet spread at 10m This means a JG player only needs to connect with roughly 66% of his pellets to secure a 2 shot kill. This also permits a gross combination where a missed shot with only 4/12 pellets hitting is still 2 shot kill territory granted the next shot is a 12/12 pellet hit. Comparably , CSG sits at 80% pellet hit for a 2 shot kill (17/21) Showstopper Thunder sits at 88% for a 3 shot kill (8/9) Thumper at 83% for a 3 shot kill (10/12) Shredder at 88% for a 3 shot kill (8/9) Nfas at 83% for a 3 shot kill (10/12) Heres my suggestion to fix this issue with shotguns : -Pellet damage should be based on a POSITIVE Per Ray Damage Multiplier to achieve a desired minimum accuracy requirement per shell in order to secure min TTK and reduce the reward potential on partially missed shots. (First pellets deal LESS damage while next ones deal increasingly more damage forcing accuracy over luck). -Shotgun effective ranges should be tweaked with spread rather than max range. For example, converting the JG's 1.5m spread to 2.5m 2. Explosives - Explosives lack specializations and/or require minimal aiming ability. 2.1 Grenades - Frags : damage = 750 Vehicle damage = 567 (1134 damage combined; enough to 2 shot most cars and disable the normal vegas and Pioneer/espacio) Radius = 4m Max , 7m Min (if we assume 30% min damage, it will still do 225 HP damage and 170 Vehicle damage at 7 meters) The Frag is an extremely versatile grenade especially when compared to other types of grenades , fact that has been made more apparent with the semi-recent car HP nerf. It effectively requires a serious tweak to its hard damage in order to specialize the Frag to the Anti player role to justify picking Concussions over it in this current vehicle meta + satchel charge existence. Low Yield Frags could also be tweaked to fill the versatile grenade role with a minor buff to its radius and hard damage. (Say, hard damage 376 -> 490 , radius 2m -> 3m) 2.2 Launchers OPGL - needs sound cues and visibility. Not only does the OPGL not have a very visible grenade model (it looking like a very thin kitkat bar) it also makes no sound regarding its existence. - Enlarge the grenade model and give it a grenade fuse sound cue. AAEPD Volcano - Like the literal description implies, the Volcano is effectively an "Anti Armour Explosive Projectile Device" however, recent tweaks to it specialized it in anti personnel which is just purely incorrect. Here's my suggestion to tweak the volcano in the right direction: Max Health damage : 1000 -> 800 Max hard damage : 800 -> 1100 Max Damage radius : 2m (No change) Radius : 7.5m -> 5m This should effectively specialize the volcano in Anti Armour like it should be and cut back on the abusiveness that is 100m airbusting
  11. After the Joker Store re-work where Armas clothing was put for sale for JT's I noticed that it also affected prices for clothing previously bought via the Armas Marketplace that got placed in the joker store. This essentially turned half of the clothing bundle to require APB$ and the other half to be free. Even non-bundle items suffered this new pricing, for instance, Cigar and cigarrete now cost 250$ when it used to be free. Is this intentional or a bug? Example :
  12. It seems like the VIP missions that used to be 2v2's still use the 2v2 lives (12 to 5) instead of the normal lives (25? to 8)
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