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  1. Okey, now fixed. 10 - 15 min waited ^^
  2. I got kicked out of the game and I can't access my characters, do you have the same situation?
  3. Weapon Skin: Demoness I wonder if there is a light effect, glare in this skin? do you have any information? he doesn't have a video or a picture on the internet. if anyone has this skin, please answer it.
  4. Players put additional files in Game Files (3. party usage) by changing game files under the name config, they ruin players ' game tastes. They're demoralizing us. Looking at the rules of Little Orbit and APB Reloaded, while any changes to game files are the reason for the permanent ban, Why are these players not banned in any way? On the contrary, they show it live on youtube and via twitch. They continue to ruin our Casual Pleasure and are not banned in any way, why... Using Config or adding to game files is the reason why it is permanently banned. If I'm wrong, can an official explain? Why is it allowed? In the same way, I think Macro use should be strictly prohibited. I'm looking forward to your opinion on the matter, Sincerely Yours. I'm sorry if I made a mistake writing in English.
  5. Hmm like beta tester, Okey. hopefully a new chart update will come as soon as possible.
  6. I dont have high horse, only have a small, sweet pink horse. and what is " SPCT " ?
  7. Was this really necessary during the busiest hours of the game? I think it is very wrong.
  8. I waited patiently for 6 hours. please open the servers now. I miss my character's hip.
  9. the servers must be combined into a single server. with the new graphics update, hopefully the number of players will double.
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