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Found 1 result

  1. Halloween knocks on our doors, finally. - While people obviously go with the flow of the mainstream, Halloween parties, funny horror shows, they don't know or don't care about what kind of symbols they play around with and sometimes it's even better they don't know much about their meaning, at all. Well, anyhow, with that sexy 'Pentagram outfit' it's the first time I see any symbol attached to armas-clothes (or am I wrong?) and even it's related to Halloween, I am wondering where this goes to... - While the pentagram's origin and usage is different, by today's mainstream the >inverted pentagram< is mostly known aligned to Satanism, for example combined with a goat in the middle it's the main-logo of 'The Church of Satan' in the U.S.: Satanism is by the mainstream mostly known for - black mass - blood rituals with animal and human sacrifices - Antichrist, demons, evil, and so on and so on... To mention also the Nazi-league already used to have satanic circles and celebrating occultism, not because black and red was also their favourite colour, lol So I am wondering, what comes next, at the Christmas event? 'Fundamental Christians outfit' or 'The Holy Pope outfit' covered with 'Holy Cross' symbols? I am asking Little Orbit: Why didn't you design the outfit itself demon-ish in its form or style which would be easily possible without any symbol instead? For example with some small extensions like the little claws at the Devil-Wings, to make em look devilish... I am asking Little Orbit: Is it in future really necessary to place any controversy, any religious, or any kind of symbols -at all- on certain clothing parts? And about Christmas event I have a suggestion already: as a counterpart to Halloween why don't you make a sexy latex/leather Angel-Suit (without any symbol) to complete the existing Angel-Wings/Angel-Halo as a set? Please think about it, Happy Halloween
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