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  1. Deekk

    Reapers [Crim]

    oh look a cult clan
  2. hi guys i dont know if you guys knew or joined to this event but anybody know which matt was the real one?? Matt without recruit title or it was random? anybody knows?
  3. Deekk

    New Way Of Making Money

    Yea pretty much mate also, LO making events so why not a bank robbery event too??
  4. Deekk

    New Way Of Making Money

    no mate this will be like crims will enter the bank enforcers will arrive the bank or spawn they will fight - defend whoever gets the most kill basicly wins
  5. Deekk

    New Way Of Making Money

    It wont be like open world there will be limits where they can go they wont be able to get in bank and do spawn kills. they will go there when the mission starts
  6. Hello all first off all i want to mention to cops (enforcers 255 goldy team up ones) busting newbs for who trying to make money. This mechanic is broken. they can team up, they can bust a newbie with ease, they can troll newbies, they can camp laundry and they can camp the contact cuz there are only few contacts with instant deliver. So either make a improved system OR Make weekly bank robbery events (maybe 2 days in 1 week) where crims and enforcers equal and making 10-20k each person (whoever wins) I dont think its so hard to do tbh all they need a place, delivery spot, and equal map to both side (also every criminal and enforcers might have like 3 lives maybe? so whoever lost their lives cant play anymore and just watch on above the map maybe i dont know im not dev i dont know what they can do about it) With that being mention im sure there are players thinking that normal way of making money is not broken its okay its fine meh... like so But imagine yourself as a newb with your star556(nb tho) and with that stupidly slow car. and enforcers against maybe pig - stun nade combo or 2-3 slotted any gun + 4x4 vegas for sure or pioner if you guys think a newbie and veteran equal in this position i dont have anything to say tbh. also, im sorry if there are grammar nazis my english isn't flawless BTW if someone thinking that i made this thread just for myself to get easy money im playing this game for 2 months and i got +10m worth of legends i dont need money as much as these NEWBIES.
  7. Deekk

    Cant Play

    but i just got it its not fair... ffff
  8. Deekk

    Cant Play

    why whats going to be???
  9. Deekk

    Cant Play

  10. Game closed again or its just me cannot connect
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