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  1. Yeah that's something I noticed too. My camo pants were camo now they're.. eeh. My car being darker sounds good on paper as it's mostly black but it feels off.
  2. Summary: My character became extremely skinny after switching district Game Version: 10/24 Beta (before and after the maintenance update) Description: My character was fine for a while then I switched to Waterfront for the first time coming from Financial (already had visited Social and Financial) After spawning, I immediately noticed my character was extremely skinny and kinda freaky looking. Steps to Reproduce: I only switched between two districts. Reproduceability: Unknown. One thing I noticed is I later rebooted the game, my character looked normal in the LOGIN screen, but after I actually spawned, was back to skinny. Results: N/A Expected Results: My character appearance shouldn't have changed. Glitched character: Regular character:
  3. Don't worry some people are still stuck living in 2010, it makes them feel good about themselves.
  4. Is it normal that my Beta launcher is re-downloading 6GB? It created a new "Client2.1.0.834943" folder within my Beta APB install folder.
  5. lol the amount of salt for a stupid virtual 3D model. God dang people find something to do with your day, and I say that with the upmost respect.
  6. AVX is a set of instructions CPUs can use. AVX is not supported on some older CPUs and if it's not, you couldn't play at all. AVX is not needed for the Live version of the game, and it also won't be for the beta. The graphic just shows having AVX or not enabled in the game code didn't have an impact on performance, so they could just remove it and have the maximum amount of people able to play.
  7. No Premium here either, yet. EDIT: Premium is now properly extended for me and my friend
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