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Found 4 results

  1. @MattScott hi. I would like to know if it's possible that AutoIT and other Scripting Tools are added to EAC. I see several People Streaming with Hacks which are clearly scripted and detecting coulours to aim- or triggerbot. You can especially see that when they are using an scripted colouraimbot because it is always kinda lagging and the crosshair is shaking when it is on target. When you see that in slowmotion, the crosshair is locking on target for very short time and after that the targetlock is off for a short time til it's locking on again. I will provide you with some videofootage of stuff like that and specific Players using that.
  2. Hello. In the course of recent events, I have some questions. This appeal is more to the administration of Little Orbit, but the community (players) can also write their opinion. I'll start with the relationship of the Little Orbit to the community (players). When they banned the use of Launchers or configs, they blocked a lot of players without warning. Later, Matt Scott explained this situation, allegedly by the fact that they will block for some Launcher or configs. Matt Scott also stated that players will be unlocked for the first time. (Although before all this, as Little Orbit acquired this game, Matt Scott said that he would make amendments to the account of blocking. Even on forum here once man wrote, ostensibly block will the first time not forever and to example ranging from five months and ending one year, Ah and then already forever. Naturally, depending on the violation.) It's not even that, let's go back to the moment when Matt Scott said that the players who were blocked will be unblocked in the next few days. After that, they blocked my account, and a few days later my friend's account. But during this period, we did not use anything or any Launchers. We submitted an application in support of Small Orbit, they responded 25 days later using the template as always, saying "write in support of Easy Anti Cheat, because they themselves do not have the authority to check and proceedings". Well, we wrote to the EAS, they did not really give any answer and still ignore the support (this is about 4 + months). That is, I have been playing since 2012, the funds invested, but so much time is wasted. The administration does not understand at all. This game is already scary to enter, and also real money to pay you for this attitude. Online and so there is no. Let's move on to the next one. Just yesterday, about ~ 10 people were blocked again (this is according to the stories of familiar people). Two of them are my personal acquaintances. The person was standing in the social district he was kicked from the area, the reason for the blockage and the period are not specified. The second person just went into the game and the same situation. And these people have from 2000 to 5000 hours. What's going on? Why for about five months I see people with third-party software (cheat, software) play a full squad in each district from 5 people with cheats. Why don't you see it? Put a person in the area at least for an hour to check for suspicious persons. I don't understand what this attitude is, without knowing anything you just block ordinary players? Would make some exception for guys of high ranks, with a large number hours, also transactions. I of course all understand, there is cheaters and among such people, but here indeed brad.
  3. I found this on a site related to APB, tell me what you think.
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