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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Team, i'm from the old San Paro City Volunteers Program and my question is, if this program is still avaiable or not? What Program? This one: http://apbdb.com/track/372934/ What I still want to ask, if could maybe do it like in the past, that you will be tagged in chat to better help ingame people like that...
  2. Dear Little Orbit, your communication is top notch, keep it up! drinks to the whole team!♥ I‘d love to know, who‘s vision of APB‘s future you are following, if you have any? Is Tiggs still the pushing for Qwentle's(lead designer) vision? Is there any vision for APB? Again, I don‘t think releasing more weapons will be helping APB becoming a better game in any way. I should not address this, since it‘s normal human behaviour and probably can‘t be eliminated. Be aware of overly hyped players trying to help and volunteer. Treat with caution. We have a very rough past of ‚San Paro City Testers‘ doing too much then simply volunteering. I was a member, I participated to help get stats and numbers needed. I love to volunteer and help, it‘s normal business. But, be aware of the cuddly and friendly ones with weird ideas. If you ever add a volunteer program, be professional at all times. Do not do the same mistakes Gamersfirst did. APB Reloaded is a clusterfmess of weapons some extremely unbalanced and simply crazy and absurd. Some weapons not only ruin the game for the opposition but teammates as well. I‘d still prefer the rollback and change of concept, but I can understand it not happening. Be careful and good luck.
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