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  1. PatrickStarik

    Server status

    Hello everyone. APB PC Services has been in Partially Online mode for several weeks. Because of what periodically it is impossible to connect to the game or connection breaks occur. When will APB PC Services work in normal condition?
  2. PatrickStarik

    Server status

    Today tried several times to enter the game. But when trying to login, it gives an error 4.
  3. Entered the game after reboot. Problem solved, thanks.
  4. Good day to all. For some unknown reason, I again have no opportunity to create a theme in the section I need. But the problem lies elsewhere. When entering the game gives an error code 9. But on the forums I don't found a single maintenance record.
  5. I am sorry. But I am not a user of the OTW server. I created this theme here because other sections were not available to me. I have a problem logging into a normal APB reloaded.
  6. I can not enter the game. Error code 9.
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