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  1. Hello Little Orbit and people of San Pedro, You can say this is a rant, but its just me rying to get something off my chest. I've played this game since it was in open beta, I’ve had 3 accounts prior to this one, two on the US server because at the time I was a kid that had no idea that there are US and EU servers and had no idea what’s lag, and two this one included on EU. It was a rough ride, a lot of promises and a lot of disappointment, there is probably a lot of these posts but truth to be told Little Orbit, you should not disregard any of the long time players, the reason being, we have been playing this game for a long long time, and you are, truth to be told pretty new to this game. I will not bash or be rude or how the game is disaster I actually think the game is great, the best, been going on and off for a very long time and in a few days will come back on again. The reason I am typing this is so you can understand the people that play this game, if you got to this part I am glad if not, so be it. G1 did a lot of damage, they kept promising but not really delivering, People, including me, kept on playing this game because G1 promised the engine and the only reason people would play then stop and comeback days, weeks, years later just to see if the engine is up, it wasn't and people got sick of it and stopped playing, then G1 would give us a glimpse of the engine, screenshots and people would jump back on the hype train thinking well League of Legends updated its map, Worlds of Tanks updated its game but got the game just to be disapointed one more time. I really love your effort Little Orbit, I love the commitment you have for the game and it makes me feel like you really do see and understand the potential in this game and you are trying to get it to work , but you have to understand something, people won't believe, they can't believe, they've been lied to for years and years, we wanted better graphics, we got more guns, we wanted stable game , we got more guns nad now finalIy years later, it's coming, but too late, few years too late. I also can't point out how G1 actually made the game worse with "new" contect, The reason the "" is because its not new but its pretty much last big contect we got. But I am specifically talking about the ammo resuply, the respawn, the car surf, the 4x4 vegas and a lot of more that doesn't come to my mind right now. I understand not a lot of people feel the same but I’m sure some poeple do, the game became fiction, it was great before because people could literally compare it to Grand Theft Auto and some people, including me, thought APB was and still is better game. By putting respawn in cars, G1 destroyed these great fights on the middle of the street, people shotting at each other from cars and then going to the trunk to resupply, by adding car surfing, there is no more drive bys, hell, passenger can't even get out of the window if the person is on the car, by adding 4x4 vegas, almost no one is even driving the old vegas, the one that feels like a real muscle car the one where if you didn’t know how to drive properly would crash in seconds, I still remember the days at the waterfront at the gas station when people were ripping wheelies in it and launching each other in the sky. I know its optional, I know you can chose what you are going to drive, I know you can chose do you want ammo supply or spawn, but to be honest if you pick the normal vegas and ammo box and the enemy team has the opposite you are pretty much losing in that part so to say. I feel like people are gonna judging me, so be it, this is my first post ever since the game came out, 2011, and will probably be my last. The people want to believe the game will get better, but the game is dead saddly, I can see it being great once again as it was, maybe ask a few streamers to play it to get the popularity back after the engine update of course since know they probably won't be to excited now, I am sure APB will be great as it once was but also, piece of me feels its too late.
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