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  1. Let me start by saying that I was incredibly happy to see that this game has a new owner. It happened a little while ago, but I just found out about it. I started playing this game on day one when Realtime Worlds first released it. I have since logged a ton of hours in the game riding the roller coaster that has occurred since. Many things have changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same. APB holds the number one spot in the list of my all time greatest gaming disappointments. I'm sure you vetted the game. I'm sure you did your homework and fully understand the, as of yet, unrealized potential. I have played almost every single major mmo (both rpg and fps) released since I cut my teeth on Wolfenstein and Everquest. To this day, APB still has more potential in it's genre than any game current. For one, I have yet to play a game that I have had such an individualized character. Likewise, I have yet to play a game that can make my blood boil like this one can. Where most games are going early access, you will be setting the standard by picking the diamond in the rough and running it "late access". You can finally fix the issues that have existed since day one, do a bit of updating, and finally re-introduce the world to what could have been. This game has always had the potential and has always been worth the money. I, and many others, are fully prepared to support this endeavor. Please don't fall prey to the shortcuts that others have fallen into. Please don't follow the F2P, P2W cash grab trends that other games embrace. Please see the future potential that this game could enjoy and plan for the long term instead of the quick money. Please allow this game to finally become what it always could have been. You have almost a decade of ideas and suggestions here on the forums. Some of these were incredibly developed and you could cut/paste your way to success. Just believe in the future this game could enjoy, just like we all have for so many years. Signed: Original Fan
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