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  1. Nice, can't wait to see the 3.5 upgrade make it's way onto the official clients. I'll be interested in trying out RIOT mode eventually too. Keep up the good work LO! I'm just patiently waiting for the big reveal.
  2. Still have my old RTW copy sitting in a bin collecting dust. Not of much use these days.
  3. Well my setup will be changing soon, I finally pulled the trigger on a laptop since I can't really make use of a desktop anymore.. Anyways I ordered an Alienware Area 51m through Xoticpc. These are the specs I'll be running once it gets shipped out. I7 9700k (??.?? Ghz) RTX 2080 (??.?? Mhz) RAM 32 GB 2666 Mhz (locked to 2400 by bios as far as I know) 1 TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2 TB Samsung 860 Evo 1080p 144hz Gsync monitor Tobii Eye Tracker (never tried it, but its there) I'm certainly excited, I haven't been able to use a PC hardly in the past 4 years do to my job. So this will change that finally. I'll be taking some pictures and doing an overview/benchmark of the laptop once I get it.
  4. APB isn't that bad, it's pretty similar to many MMO'S I've played in comparison. A car is equal to a premium mount in a RPG, and in most games I've played that's often times $15-$35. Skins for guns and what not are pretty much just cosmetic texture packs like in other games, and run $5-$20. The pricing is pretty comparable to many other free to play MMORPGs. It is a little pricey, but I don't see it changing very much. LO could reduce prices a little, to be more competitive with other games. But I only really expect a 10-15% reduction at most. There is a lot that can be earned in game for free, but just like any other F2P game it requires a considerable grind. Rather than reducing prices, they should just add more earnable content in game. Then people can either pay a premium to get it early, or grind for it in game and get it free. Kinda like how Warframe does it. It would also help to eliminate the P2WIN stigma that always pops up, even if the P2Win element is nothing more than an illusion. Either way people have to pay with either time or money.
  5. The APB community is fine by internet standards. Try playing Rust for example, in my experience it's a lot more toxic and has 80% less hackusations than APB. I still love both games, but the Rust community is certainly more toxic. APB is like a breath of fresh air in comparison. Now if only APB had a population the size of Rust.. https://steamcharts.com/app/252490
  6. If you live near a Denny's restaurant I'd highly recommend their Strawberry Lemonade. I tried it once, and now I get it every time I go. I kinda want the recipe for it..
  7. Man I've been doing some price comparison between Xotic PC and Newegg/Amazon. If I buy my SSD's and RAM separately I'd be saving around 150-300$.. I think when I do order the laptop I'll only opt for the TiM and Thermal Pad upgrade. I could save 30-40$ and do it myself, but it's a hassle to tear a laptop down. Plus if they do it then it's covered under their warranty. That and I'd rather have individual warranties for my drives, and memory so I don't have to send in the whole unit. Less hassle on my part then if a component fails. I've never bought a prebuilt computer before, so this is kind of foreign to me. I've always built my computers in the past. But unfortunately I can't do that this time.. Times change, and I don't have room for a Desktop, even a SFF one in my semi truck. Trying to keep the cost down as much as possible, and get the best value for my dollars spent. I don't mind spending $5000 I just don't want 20% or more of it going into royalties and labor fees. Every time I upgrade to a new PC it has been quite the adventure. It would be so much easier if laptops were more modular like desktops. I'm happy this year though, finally got most of my debts paid down, and I haven't even got my taxes back yet. Should give me a nice headstart on the year. I've learned from my financial mistakes of the past. Credit is sometimes a necessary evil.. but I finally beat it back into submission. A zero dollar balance on all my credit accounts put a very big smile on my face.
  8. I think they were talking about the last couple of years under G1 and up to the present. The game is pretty dead compared to the first few years G1 ran the game. 2012 to 2015 was when we had a moderate population. It dropped off significantly halfway into 2015. I've been playing on and off since the RTW Closed beta, and the game is dead compared to the past. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400 Once Little Orbit gets 3.5 EU out and hopefully stabilizes the client and servers. They'll need to do some more advertising and marketing to bring the playerbase back. As it stands right now, even if they fix the game, there just aren't enough people out there who know about it. Some of the veteran players might come back, but this game need some new blood to be revived. I'll never give up on this game, but not everyone is as optimistic.
  9. Yeah was just curious, my desktop at home has an I7 3770k if I recall (Ivy core), 32GB of DDR3 ram, and a 1060 and runs the game fine. But I've heard of some people running much better hardware than that and getting crappy performance. I know APB can be finicky at times, but I'm sure LO will sort it out before long. I'm not too worried though, the laptop I'll be getting would wreck my old desktop. Looking at the Alienware Area 51m, but still waiting for some proper reviews and benchmarks to come to light. Since it has a desktop CPU socket, I'm very curious as to how it'll handle the TDP of the processor. The 9900k is marketed with runs pretty hot from what I've seen in benchmarks. Personally I think I'll opt for the i7 9700k, as it runs cooler and I don't really need hyperthreading. It'll be interesting to see how the games I play perform over 4G LTE though. I've done some research on it and I'm impressed from what I've come across. I can't wait, it's been 3 years now, and I'm finally getting a PC I can bring over the road with me.. Makes me feel all giddy inside, like a kid on Christmas.
  10. So I've been looking around for a Topic like this and I didn't see one. I was just curious about fellow PC players, as to what hardware your running, and what kind of performance your getting in game. I haven't played in a while do to my job, as I'm away from home 2-3 months at a time. But here in a month or so I'll be buying me one of these RTX laptops as a desktop replacement. So I was curious as to what hardware people were running, and what kinda frames you are getting? So just your hardware and clock speeds, resolution your playing at, and average FPS in a district.
  11. I'm just waiting, patiently, still.. The population is still nowhere near where it was 5-6 years ago. Even then it wasn't super impressive, just good enough to slog along. If the Average monthly player base ever breaks 2,500 I'll applaud then, we'll be back to where we started at least. I have my hopes up that Little Orbit will turn things around, but there isn't anything to celebrate at the moment unfortunately.
  12. The way I've seen it the current threat system should be dumped. Just have a few action districts for players under rank 100. Give new players plenty of time to learn, and by the time they hit rank 100 they should be fairly competent at playing. If anything get rid of threat locked districts and hide threat as a placebo. The last few times I've played there's almost nothing for me to do being stuck at gold, other than roam vacant districts. The last time I played was November, and even then the game client and servers were still pretty horrible. Not sure if much has changed in game since. I have read the developers updates here and there on the blog, but not the patch notes here on the forums. I don't see the game being very entertaining until there is at least 500-800+ active players on a single server during peak hours. I've just been hovering around like a fruit fly waiting until the game is good and ripe again. I love APB to death, but it's pretty hollow compared to what it was in the past, and even then it was never huge. Once the game is in a more playable state, it would certainly help. Last time I played it was still quite laggy, and I had to reset the game every 90 minutes or so because my frames would slowly drop. I'd start at 120 FPS after logging in, and drop to around 40 after playing for about 90 minutes. A little off topic, but they have bigger fish to fry right now. I really just want them to fix the core issues right now so we can rebuild the playerbase back up. I've been waiting for this game to take flight since I started playing in 2010, and it's still just lurking in the shadows.. Pardon my ranting, I've just been patiently waiting for a long time, and I've seen this topic like 2 dozen times over the years. They did make changes to threat in the past, and it only seemed to have made things worse..
  13. It's been about 2 weeks now since we've had any real news to chew on. I know there was E3 and whatnot, but I'm starting to get a little antsy for something to quell my curiosity. Hiya Vicky, I've been on hiatus for awhile now that I've got a career truck driving. Hoping by August I'll have me a laptop, so I can rejoin the digital world again. I haven't really been able to game for the past 2 1/2 years, and I've finally had enough. Time for a mobile solution.
  14. Well it took me a bit, but I guess they did start a blog, I must've missed it. I didn't realize they were using the same one that G1 was in the past. Reading through it, the information is still a little vague at the moment. There was the interview that covered a bit, but it only really dusted the surface and didn't get too specific. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com
  15. So I wasn't sure if there was a topic for this or not, I searched around and didn't see one specifically. So it's just a simple question, will LO be doing a dev blog on current and future APB updates and plans? A proper road map of some sort would be nice eventually too. It's all in due time. A blog kinda like the Rust dev team has would be nice. Talk about the state of the game, include some little clips and pictures of current projects in the works, and perhaps some highlights on community creations and input. I'm just trying to be patient and wait, but even I'd like to have some news to chew on. A weekly or biweekly progress report would be nice.
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