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  1. This just started happening to me today. Every so often I get disconnected and sent to the login screen, not sure whats causing it all of a sudden. Also I've had a persistent issue for a year or more now where my game will freeze, and stop responding upon dieing, and going to the responding screen. It doesn't happen that often, but it seem random. Sometime it happen after only 30 minutes of playing. Other times I can be on for a couple of hours or more and it'll happen.
  2. Well either way I thought I'd kill some time and level up my Enforcer a bit. As for the future, I feel certain they'll get things sorted out eventually. I doubt LO would've bought up the intellectual rights to APB without first knowing what they were getting into. Companies don't just go around buying up what would be considered a "bad investment" on an at the brink of death game without ulterior motives or a plan. The game may be 10 years old, but there is no shortage of other games out there just as old that are still very popular. (ES:S, WoW, Minecraft, GMOD, ect..) All in all so far, my experience playing now has been better than the last time I played. Threat segregation is gone, the servers seem more stable with no DDoS, and my hit registry seems better than before.
  3. I don't think I'll ever give up on APB unless it shuts down completely. Even then I'd probably seek out private servers if applicable. One of these days APB may make a turn around, who knows. At any rate I've got the itch to play, and by Odins beard I'm going to scratch that itch!
  4. Wasn't sure where would be best to post this, but just thought I'd say I'm working on getting back into the swing of things. If anyone needs another guy or just wants goof around, I'm game. I'm on NA west or whatever it is now lol. I'm rather rusty as I haven't played any shooters in awhile, months.. So unless your just playing for the fun of it, I may not be the best pick lol. Just here to have fun win or lose. Again.
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    No purpose at all, they'd just be there staring at your corpse after that grenade goes off thinking well shit, I'd rather be back at the shelter. It was just a random patootie idea that popped into my head for some reason or another.
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    I kinda had an odd thought, and no clue if it has ever been suggested. But a lot of MMORPGS have quirky pets you can buy to loot, or carry stuff ect.. So I was thinking perhaps pets in APB could be a thing. Not sure if they'd do anything other than follow you around, but they could be customizable with accessories, and the in game booths. More of a random thought than anything else. Could perhaps be a good perk for the Joker Ticket shop too?! Dogs, Cats, Parrots and parakeets, Lizards, snakes (perhaps you'd wear these).. I haven't thought of what purpose they could serve other than being more of a accessory, I haven't thought that far yet.
  7. I'll give that a try this evening. Though practically halving my resolution might end up reducing my memory usage. The only real pain is doing this on a 17" series laptop is going to make everything tiny lol. But so long as it's just for testing purposes I should be fine. ResMonprogram works pretty good for monitoring memory usage too, although it's impractical for me to use the graphs as a 400-600 Mb blip with an overall memory of 64 GB doesn't even show hardly.. Any who, I'll give it another go.
  8. RTSS worked just fine for me last night when I was setting it up. I also had windows resource monitor running in the background as well. Though when I popped into Waterfront last night I was getting some frame stutter for some reason. I'll have to get back on tonight and see if it happens again. I did crash again with the out of memory error when I tried to hop over to Asylum. Having a pain trying to monitor the exact RAM usage of APB though. Usually sits at around 2,600 Mb to 2,800 Mb, and my Vram usage is about 1,900 Mb to 2,100 Mb. Really wish I had a second screen, I may have to try it in windowed mode. Trying to catch the Memory usage at the moment of/before a crash, and it's being a pain in the butt. At least I'm starting to figure out how to use all these different monitoring applications. Now I just need to keep a closer eye on what's going on.
  9. In my experience it always seemed like the Enforcer side had more experienced/coordinated players on it than the criminal side. As when I play my Crim as I usually do, my Opposition more often than naught was playing in a group, rather than just randoms. I also got invited to play in groups a lot more on my enforcer than I ever did on my crim. Perhaps it's just a false perspective. I think the enforcers on Jericho/Colby tended to do better simply do to better cooperation and team play. Skill wise I didn't always feel outmatched, but in terms of team play on my crim, I've often times gotten my bum whooped. Good cooperation and communication makes a big difference in a match.
  10. Hopefully this evening I'll get a chance to get on, had some issues trying to monitor it so far. Got the crash a few times, but obviously when I tried to Alt/Tab or Windows out of the game it wouldn't let me. So next step I'm going to get RTSS setup to run with MSI Afterburner, and hopefully that will help. Wish there was something I could use to monitor the resource usage of an application over time, like on a graph or something. I'll have to do a little searching and see if I can find something. Maybe I can find something useful over at GamersNexus.
  11. I've always thought rather than threat locked districts like we have, how about rank? Kinda like a newbie district where new players can learn the game without being steamrolled by high rank/threat players. Then the only way for veterans to get in would be to constantly roll new characters. And they could easily stop trolls from becoming a problem by adding time limit to how many characters you can create in a week and how soon you can delete a newly made character. Currently the threat is pretty broken, I'm a low gold to high silver, and I always play in the silver and gold districts unless they are empty. But often times I'll be gold when I log off for the day, and then i log on some time later and all the gold and silver districts are ghost towns with the exception of FC. There has been a lot of different suggestions about this issue tossed around for years. Hopefully after LO finishes up RIOT and the EU they can start fixing matchmaking, threat, and the segregation issue. Because until the population picks up, if it ever does, it's certainly a problem.
  12. I'll see about monitoring it next time I'm on, and see if that's the case. All in all having all the latest gen hardware is probably what's screwing me over, because on my old desktop sitting at home I didn't have this issue. My old desktop hardware was I7 3770k Ivy Core @ 4.6 GHz Z90 Asrock Mobo GTX 660 TI upgraded to GTX 1060 6GGB 32 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600mhz (if I recall correctly) Windows 10 Home Never gave me any issues on it, my laptop on the other hand runs the game at 144fps everything maxed no problem. But of course I crash periodically.. Whatever the case I'll try monitoring it and see if I can see what's going on like you said.
  13. I'm pretty much back into the swing of things now as well. Rarely been on in the past three years since I got into trucking. But now that I've got me a laptop, I can game from the road. I've popped onto the forums and in game here and there when I had home time. But I'm now working on trying to hone my skills again. Hardy played any games at all the past few years, so least to say I'm rusty. But I've still got a good memory of the maps and what not. Luckily I still have my characters and all my stuff. Best wishes, and enjoy your return to the game. Too bad Rust isn't as easy to relearn with all the new stuff they've added over the years. APB has become my new training grounds until then lol.
  14. Well I could give it a try but the crashes are pretty random. Sometimes I can play 3+ hours no problem, and others I'll crash repeatedly within the first 10-15 minutes. It only ever happens to me upon dieing, and going to the respawn screen. Game will immediately freeze and the error will pop up.
  15. I can kinda agree, I mean it's up to Little Orbit on how they want to run things. But they could take a leaf out of Facepunch's journal and do a development blog with frequent (biweekly/monthly) posts on what's going on, and what to expect. I like Little Orbit for keeping one of my favorite games alive, and would love to keep playing well into the future. But it's not like this game has much competition, and it's already an officially released title with a somewhat skeptical community following along. So I'm not sure what all the hush hush is about. I'm just being patient mostly, but it would be nice to have a few teasers here and there of what things are looking like. G1 already crushed our Hope's and dreams once, all the community needs is a good moral booster, especially with summer right around the corner. The current blog kinda lacks flavor, a little meat to chew on would be nice. Either way I'm still happy that Little Orbit is actually trying to fix the game. I've been around since RTW and it's been a bumpy ride, but things seem to be smoothing out slowly but surely.
  16. Its happened to me several times now the past few days since I got back to playing. Randomly when I die and go to the respawn map, I'll get a little error message saying out of memory. Its completely random, as sometimes it'll happen within the first 30 minutes of playing or after 3 hours. My PC specs are as listed: Windows 10 pro Z390 series mobo (Alienware Area 51m laptop) Intel i7 9700k @ 5ghz 64GB of DDR4 @ 2400mhz Nvidia RTX 2080 1920x1080p resolution @ 144hz (G Sync) If I get a chance to get back in game here soon I'll screenshot it if/when it happens.
  17. I was getting this issue yesterday along with an error saying my characters were possibly stuck in game. Haven't gotten to try today yet though, but I've a feeling it'll be the same..
  18. Well just an update, I'm no longer getting the error when I try to join a district. Now I'm just stuck at an infinite loading screen. Doesn't matter which character I try, it does it on both. Can't get in game at all.
  19. I was just playing on Jericho in Financial, and crashed with the error "out of memory." Just tried to get back in and every time I try to go to district select i get this error message. <img src="">
  20. Yeah depends on the scam, some are easy to spot, some not so. I've had tons of scammers try to contact me through Facebook for example, and most of them all use the same tactic and that makes it easy to spot. Plus most of them have obviously dubious accounts. In the case of this scammer his profile was 11 years old, over level 25, and had 100+ games on his account. It looked pretty legit. Like who would risk getting their account with that much in stow banned via criminal activity. I certainly won't let it happen a second time. Guess it goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. It could have been worse. In the forums I looked up several people lost there accounts to same type of scammer I fell victim to. Some scammers even gained access to accounts of people in their friends list and used that impersonate their friend. After this I obviously immediately changed my password, and set more things on my account to private access so outsiders can't see what I have from the get go. All in all I didn't lose much that isn't easily replaced, and I'll be more guarded in the future. On another note, back when I was in my late teens, I got ripped off by someone who I thought was my friend. Knew the dude for over 3 years, and out of the blue stole my gamecube and 30 games, plus some of my other friends stuff and skipped town. All my stuff was over at a friends we were hanging out at and gaming together. Me and several of my buddies left to go to the park for some disc golf, and when we came back hours later, a lot of our stuff was missing. We discovered who it was later, as he had started posting the items he stole on Ebay a week or so later. Being stabbed in the back like that made me leery for a long time, but it's been over a decade ago since then.
  21. Mmm scammers come in many shapes, I don't normally gamble at all, at least in the true sense. In this instance I for a moment was under the assumption my chances were fixed, and they were. The entire thing was just an illusion. None of the other people gambling there even existed. It was all scripted. If I were an actual online gambler, I would probably have had more experience dealing with a scenario like this. Everything seemed totally legit until the trap had already been set off. The scammer even seemed like pretty decent guy, until I came to my senses anyway. Some of these scammers are obvious from the get go, and others are seasoned con artists. It's not the first time someone's tried to scam me, this person was just a smooth talker, and got to know me for a few days before leading me into the trap.
  22. So I thought about creating this topic after recently being duped by a item scammer on Steam. I've dealt with quite a few scammers over the years both in games and elsewhere. This time I was caught a little of guard as the method used was unfamiliar to me, but I've now learned my lesson, greed is an easy weakness to prey upon. So the scammer a few weeks ago sent a random friend request on steam. They had several games in their inventory of games I played, so I though maybe it was someone I perhaps met at one point that decided to add me. Well about a week after adding them they struck up a conversation in chat. They told me they were a moderator of a Rust skin gambling site, something I was familiar yet unfamiliar with as I've never used them, but knew of them. Well they started proposing a sort of sponsor type of deal. They invited me to the website and showed they could rig the roulette to guarantee a win, and we'd split it 50/50 yeah. Well I finally decided to give it a go after being coerced into it. I played two rounds, and in the first of course I won a decent amount, but a catch. In order to claim my items, new members must win a minimum of two round supposedly to prevent fraud/bots. Well in the second round the supposed ballers show up and start dropping some seriously pricey items in the lot. So in order to prevent my win from looking 'suspicious' I need to put more in to boost my chances. So in the heat of the moment I do so, and the jackpot item value soars to around $5,500 or so, and I win. Another catch, I try to claim the winnings so I can split it up but it won't let me. The system wants me to 'verify' my account by paying 10% of the lot worth in items, and this is supposedly reimbursed afterwards, kinda like confirming a credit card on some sites. After that everything slowly goes down hill, and I eventually realise my error. Due to having been partially blinded by my own greed in the moment. I realized then after the verification wasn't working and my contact had gone eerily silent that I'd be made a fool of, and duped out of my items. This seems to be a newer phishing scam going on, and I thought I'd make a post of my experience to potentially prevent it happening to others. I did a little googling afterwards when my suspicions had risen, and found some reddit posts calling out the exact site I had been scammed with, and they're several others out there like it for variety of games that utilize the steam market. So to wrap things up, that's my story. As the saying goes fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I made a mistake that I won't make again. You might think your fool proof, that you've seen it all, but thieves have bait in a variety of flavors, and you might just take the bait without realizing it. All in all I only lost about 500$ worth which is a small price to pay, as I know others personally who've lost thousands to scammers. I'm normally leery of these sorts of things, but I let my guard down due to it being a different technique I hadn't experienced before. Stay safe out there, and don't give into temptation. Often times I deal to good to be true, isn't true after all. Has this sort of thing happened to you before? If so, feel free to share your experience.
  23. Cool beans, keep up the good work! I'll look forward to getting back online next week.
  24. APB is a decent game, that keeps me coming back. But I'd say the biggest thing APB has going for it is the customization. The combat is pretty much trash compared to any other popular shooter out there. The missions still need a lot of polish to balance them, as well as spawns are often horrid. The environments in game have too many easy to defend camp spots. Plus the servers are constantly laggy and frequently under attack. That and the game client is poorly optimized, for now. But even so, I still come back and play given a good opportunity. APB needs a lot of work still, even after LO finishes the 3.5 upgrade. I'll wait and see, as I'm not sure what all is going to change with 3.5. Right now I just want the client and servers to run smooth, as that's the biggest thorn in my foot when I do play. Just being patient and waiting for the "gem" to be polished a little more.
  25. Well I hope you guys find a solution eventually. I'll finally be able to play again here soon, but all I ever see here on the forums are tons of topics about these attacks. Jericho/Colby always seems to have bore the brunt of these attacks oddly enough.
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