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Found 3 results

  1. It's that time of the week to make this thread, ask the question and keep the dislikes coming. When can we get any news about 3.5 progress?
  2. To save little fingers; would the 'always run' idea be possible to implement after the update? Like, revert what we now have (optional). Would be nice. (yes yes there is a trick to edit existing config-files and bypass the LO launcher file-repairs to get a 'run-stickey'-key, that's not what is meant here and should be a no-no anyway)
  3. Simply put, what are you most excited for coming into the new year? 3.5 is being hyped by all the silvers lately so I figured I'd ask the community what they've been missing that's perhaps being reintroduced with the engine update. Personally I'm hoping bullet tracers make a comeback, I think it'd be really fun to see what Asylum would look like with all those stories of floors exchanging fire. That and better graphics but in all honesty I've never had an issue with the graphics the way they are now. Two "new" contacts (arguably old because they're reused files just being put back into the game). Are making their way in after 3.5 as well. I wonder if we'll see that R300 make a comeback as well? I dunno, what I genuinely hope for is that it'll be good. Whatever this engine update brings let it be a bigger community, this game has a lot of potential and at the end of the day when I ask myself "I'm bored, what do I want to do?" I want APB to be that answer, at least as long as it's here. Here's to hoping for a half decent 2019!
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