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    bless the cfg god now we can fuel our addiction
  2. Sorry but im gonna need proof that you aren't a delusional silver with less than 100h in game
  3. Why not. people get mad and its just fun. Any server from any point in time. as long as someone can say "yeah i remember that guy" or " i know him, he is half decent" so semi known players
  4. yeah true, dont care about the nonames though
  5. Hello Hello, as some of you know i made a tierlist with most apb players. Well i wanna make it a bit better but i need some help since i only know like 100 players. So please fill in this form with 1 name at a time with. Please just use the name the player is most known for. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfecb2WRziGN1W6r1pJePmnEaX6_oVihI7AoD6cQrIH66XTZg/viewform?usp=sf_link if you post names in this thread i will just ignore them Thanks
  6. Great post. gonna need to read through all the sources though
  7. It does, QS has always been frown upon since you minimize the TTK / TTS Most weapons have a TTK around 1s and QS can cut that down.
  8. I've never struggled this much to play this game. I'm not talking about winning mission or getting kills. But I'm trying to max another character and i just cant. I try to find something in this game that feels fun to play but everything has been nerfed beyond the point of being playable. The balance between weapons is fine, sure. But the fact that everything has been nerfed with a the mind set "lets just add bloom" more or less. With the TTK increasing and the accuracy decreasing has just left most weapons feeling slow and clumsy. Can we at least try to move the gun play towards how it was. Maybe not QS:ing hvrs but at least bring it back towards the more arcade shooter feeling it had back then?
  9. Spillra

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    1. YES please! 2. might be cool in the future for sure. 3. Yes, would be great if you could make your own gun categories even 4. Never seen this as an issue 5. Don't see the use of this. Sure this is an MMO open world. but it doesn't play like it. So this fills no use at all. 6. Cool idea, I cant see it applied though. We have a very poor running game. Adding unnessesary interactions won't help 7. Nope, read above besides the first part. 8. changing of basic mechanics. Even if it wasn't a bad idea, adding more rng to the game is just bad. 9. I guess this would help with people just camping doors. but changing basic mechanics 10 years into a game's existence is.... weird. 10. nope 11. ^ 12. What purpose does this fill??? 13. just drop from the ladder.... 14. Defeats the negative aspect of happy landings and the good in hard-landing. 15. Fuck no. The physics are already broken in this game, let's not add more aspects to it.
  10. Let's be real. QOL is way more important than the engine. Fixing all the dumb issues in this game will bring back longer-lasting players than that shit. After the engine the pop will peak for about 2-3 weeks but they will leave after that, since its still the same game with the same old issues. Even bringing in a fucking queue system would probably boost the pop with 50-70 players.
  11. Honestly. I think this would kill the game. When I play I still have to wait 20-30 min for missions at timesand when i get a mission. Its still shit MM with a full silver team vs 4 per made golds. But It's still better than no mission at all. But going back to the old district types. What would that result in? There wouldnt be any full districts, most high threat golds would have to wait FOREVER for a mission but yeah, bronzes and silvers would have a bit more fun. for sure thats worth it....
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